Magdalena goes to take a shower and whiles in the act, she cries all her eyes out and one could tell that she wishes to have said “had I known, it’s always at last”.

Since veronica insists to go to Mexico to check on how Magdalena is doing, because she is having a strange feeling at the pit of her stomach for Magdalena, Martin accepts to allow the doctor check on her first and if he confirms that she can travel, then he will allow her to go and Veronica agrees but unfortunately, the doctor after examination reveals that Veronica can’t travel yet since she still has a bit of tumor in her head.

Daniel continues to fake things about Virginia’s sickness that though she was in a critical condition he’s been able to calm things down and Jorge and Emiliano become so happy with the information.

Alfredo advices Martin to deal with his jealous act against Emiliano and any man that comes closer to his wife if not he is going to lose her for good since marriage without trust is bound to end in failure but he tells Alfredo that he is actually afraid of Veronica going to the city since Emiliano still has feelings for her but is only getting married to Virginia out of spite.


Manuel continues to beg Raymunda to forgive him and accept him into her house because life on the street seems very awkward. He again asks her to speak to her husband Joaquin to give him a job at the mine and whiles talking, Polo arrives and tells his mum to get rid of Manuel since he is a wicked person but Manuel goes on his kneels to beg Polo to forgive him for all the harm he’s done against him and accept him back as his cousin and through his mum’s plea, Polo forgives him and they hug each other. Raymunda informs Joaquin but he tells her that Manuel is only pleading and proving to be a good person all because of desperation and therefore needs to be studied but Raymunda thinks he’s a change person.

Jorge and Salma enter the ward to check on Virginia and Jorge asks her to forgive him for doubting her love for his son and that, from now onwards he is giving her  his full support to marry Emiliano.

Virginia then begins to shed crocodile tears and tells them that is the most happiest moment of her life after hearing those words comes from Jorge.

Dussage calls Claudia and they are able to rekindle their friendship but after the call, Claudia says to herself that she wishes that he will ask her back to be his girlfriend.

As planned by the two schemers (Virginia and Daniel), Daniel goes to ask Emiliano if he can really tell who the father of Virginia’s child is and Emiliano admits and tells Daniel not to look elsewhere since he is the person he’s looking for because he’s the person who has slept with her. Daniel then tells him that the child became affected with the malaria and died therefore, a DNC has to be carried on her to take out the fetus. Emiliano then goes to tell Virginia about her lost baby unknowing that it’s a plan thing. Virginia then begins to cry as if it’s indeed true and continues to say that she wishes to die after losing the child and Emiliano urges her that they can still try if it is her wish to have babies.


Nanciyaga goes to her community to speak with the elders to speak with the gods again because Emiliano is marrying Virginia and that proves their prophesy wrong but the elders still insist that what the spirits have said is the truth and therefore she should stop doubting the spirits.


The day arrives for Pablo to ask for Ana Perla’s hand in marriage and everyone gathers in Mr. Crescencio’s house for the occasion as well as Pablo’s mother who also arrives to back her son.


Magdalena pressurizes Aaron to tell her where her daughter is and he explains everything to her about why he faked his death just to free himself from all the debt he owed but before that,  made sure to allow some rich people adopt their daughter Veronica for her to have a good life and Magdalena’s heart jumps in surprise.