The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 17


I heard someone from outside knocking on my door, I recognize the voice.

Titus: Where that ba$tard?! They didn’t wait for me to tell them to come in or not, they just barged in.

Titus: Guy put game for person jare, see your stu… (seeing Mirabel) babe even dey here no wonder, babe howfa… (opened my fridge and took two yoghurts out) Guy, yoghurt no dey finish for your fridge oh…

I was just looking at the ba$tard, he shared my yoghurts with the other ba$tard that accepted it without hesitation. A tear almost dropped from my eyes, these guys aint good at all. They didn’t respect me or the fact I’m with someone.

Mirabel’s presence couldn’t make say or do anything, I just kept my coolness. All this while,,, Mirabel was looking surprised if not shocked, seeing what my so-called guys were doing.

They switched on my light then switched off the cool music that was playing just to play P.S (Video game).

After fixing it, Titus turned to me…

Titus: Guy U go play? I didn’t say nothing, I only shook my head with that gesture that means no.

Titus: Wait o…. Na Mirabel be this?

Mirabel: Hi Titus:

Hiii… how duin? (The idiot started using phonetics)

Mirabel: I’m fine… how do u do?

Titus: Am good Am good (offering her his filthy hands) I’m Titus, What can I call U pretty one?

Mirabel: Mirabel (offering her hands) Titus: Woah… pretty name for ah gorgeous breath taking lady (kissed her hand)

Mirabel: (blushing) Thank U…

Me: **Coughs** Ok, enough of the introduction…

Titus: (Ignored me) So… what are u doing here? Lets go outside and talk more u know…

Na now i know say thunder never strike this guy before,,, this guy don craze finish. Na to kill ‘am oh… for more stories

Mirabel: Actually, I’m about leaving

Titus: Ok, lemme walk…

Me: **Interrupted the idiot** Lets go dear She stood up, I took her hand and walked out with her with a Not-Cool face.

Mirabel: **Smiling ** wow, your friend is really romantic.

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Me: Yea

Mirabel: Are U Ok?

Me: Yea, sure. Why?

Mirabel: U look disturbed

Me: Nah… I’m fine

Mirabel: Sure?

Me: Sure

Mirabel: Ok,,, U can talk to me U know

Me: Yea

Mirabel: But, is that how U guys do?

Me: What?

Mirabel: U know, your friends barged in with little or no regard whatsoever

Me: I still don’t get U?

Mirabel: Seriously? I thought you’d be mad for the interrup… U know what, never mind.

Me: I just need to get your point

Mirabel: My point? What point do U need? Are U that naive?

Me: Excuse me?

Mirabel: Forget everything Ok? I’m outta here.

**Opening her car**

Me: Whats wrong with U? She ignored me, I saw tears dripping from her eyes. She got in then zoomed off leaving me. With rage and anger, I got in to my room.

Titus: Guy, U don hit o… why U no tell us na?

Me: Which kind life una do so?

Frankkay: Na wetin I dey reason o…

Titus: Bone jare, no be our person…? Guy, U don bang her?

Me: Wetin u for do when u tell her to go out side with u?

Titus: I for straight ‘am for u na,,,u no understand, me know say u no dey blend well…

Frankkay: Who for send u?

Me: Make una clear from here

Titus: U dey joke?

Me: Your papa laff? I no wan see una here again shey una dey grab
Titus: E no reach that level na

Me: Shey your papa na’im don reach the level?

Frankkay: Make una calm na… make we just settle this matter, we be paddy na

Me: Guys!! No more friendships here!! Get out from Abuja jare!! (I wanted to say from ‘here’ o)

Titus: U dey mad! Na your papa be presido? Even though your b…

Me: (Interrupted ) Get out!! Before I change ‘am for una ah swear!

Frankkay: Guy make we dey move
Titus: For your mind now u dey date pres…

Me: Just go jare! Guy? wetin be your problem?!! They left, I tried calling Mirabel 3 times but she didn’t pick up. Now Mirabel is mad at me, stupid guys!! Msteeew… Sh!t.



To Be Continued.