“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 2


“Instincts you say, and I suppose your instincts are obviously not telling you that she is pregnant? Ruby’s mother asked.

Ruby’s mother was the second person to know about this pregnancy. Efe was the one who actually informed her. Adzo had confined in Efe about the pregnancy; that was a big mistake on her part. However she felt that it wasn’t the right time for Ruby to know about her pregnancy since she was getting married again.

She then had no option than to involve Efe. Efe didn’t keep her part of the promise to keep the pregnancy a secret. She rushed and told Ruby’s mother immediately and this gave Ruby’s mother a good reason to send Adzo packing.

“Mum, are you saying Adzo is pregnant? Ruby asked.

“Oh so you don’t know? You see the kind of people you have opened your doors to” She said.

“My daughter, I warned you the very first day I set my eyes on this girl. Ever since she came to this house, everything has gone from good to worse. Just look at what happened on your wedding day…..” She continued but was interrupted by Ruby.

“Mother, please, that has nothing to do with her. Adzo has nothing against us Mum. The question I should even be asking you is what you rather have against her? Ruby said.

As much as she was very disappointed with the news, she was still fighting for Adzo against her own biological mother. It was amazing the way her love had really grown towards Adzo.

“I am your mother Ruby. Maybe it’s about time I make things clear to you in this house. Adzo is not going to live under my roof. I want her out by the next morning” She said and walked out on Ruby.

Ruby’s mother was technically the head of the house and the mother of Ruby. Ruby felt obliged to obey what her mother was saying. Perhaps she had to do well for her at this moment since her husband (Ruby’s Father) had just passed away.

However, the pregnancy of Adzo had placed Ruby in a delicate situation. Already, her conscience would not judge her right if she should send her packing knowing very well that she has nowhere going. And now that she is pregnant, it will be insensitive on her part to even send her away.

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To her, that was inhuman. She had only one option.

Adzo was in her room all this while until Ruby came in to join her. Adzo immediately noticed from the look of Ruby’s face that she was feeling disappointed.

“Sis, What is it? You don’t look cheerful” Adzo asked.

“You know I’m still mourning, Adzo” Ruby said. She wanted to change the topic because she was even finding it difficult to ask Adzo about the pregnancy.

However Adzo knew that she was not being transparent to her with the answer she gave.

“Sis Ruby, I feel there is something else you’re not telling me” Adzo said.

“I should be the one asking you that question Adzo” Ruby replied.

Adzo quickly noticed that Ruby had gotten to know about her pregnancy.

“ Oh no, Efe told you about the pregnancy” Adzo said.

“Efe? Efe too knows that you are pregnant? Adzo why would you hide such a thing from me, and am the last to find out in this house? Ruby said looking very disappointed.

Adzo just fell on her knees and looked up at Ruby.

“I’m truly sorry Sis, I Just wanted to tell you after your marriage ceremony, please forgive me” She begged

Ruby understood her in a way, she held her up and there Adzo told her the whole story without leaving anything out. This totally turned the tables around. Ruby was not ready to let Adzo go anywhere after hearing what she had been through in the hands of Mr. Abdul.

Her only problem was to get an accommodation for Adzo since Ruby’s mother was not ready to live under the same roof with her. Ruby however had gotten it all figured out. She had a plan in mind.

She quickly began the arrangements for Adzo’s accommodation. Her first point of contact was Fred. He was her only option. Ruby wanted Adzo to temporarily move in with Fred.

That was the only option she had now.

To be continued On 14th March 2016