The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 18


The past hours has been so boring for me ,,, worst thing no light, just thinking and thinking about how to go with all the sh!t that happened today. There is no need to apply wisdom in this, Am I even wise? They say the best comes out from someone in a rough situation.

Well, me I’m naturally stubborn, I find it difficult to admit that I’m wrong and need to apologize. As it is right now, I dunno how to meet Mirabel and start apologizing. Apologize for what? What did I even do?? I know she’s done a lot for me already but,,, I appreciate tinz and I f√ckin hate tinz. I thought I Love her but….. F√ck Love mehn!! Maybe ‘coz I dunno much about it. I like her though, she’s good and d–n hot,,, but I can’t beg na… No!

I can’t go to Church today so,,, I just stayed at home. No friends, no one to talk to, no girlfriend, what a day! I tried to play my video game but its boring… I can’t social network that moment ‘coz I felt like, I hate everyone. It would be of no use in calling Promzy ‘Coz she must be in the Church right now, she doesn’t miss that for no reason. And I’ve disowned my semi-friends, its only yoghurt I got right now.

I ate one indomie noodles and drank two yoghurt and slept off instantly. I woke up feeling lazy, disturbed and unhappy. I felt like taking a walk but its sunny and the hot weather is not conducive for reading. That moment, I felt like disappearing from the surface of the earth and never came back.

This new me is not helping at all… I thought it was the best thing to do but it doesn’t seem so, I’m going crazy…. Arrghh!!

Night finally came after waiting for like 4 years, I took a long walk to my favorite suya spot, I bought #500 suya and a medium sized hollandia yoghurt. That’s what I ate and drank whenever I’m down or having some money. I don’t watch football but I did that night, I went to the nearby football house to watch thinking that, it might probably be lively due to the presence of people and their discussions but I didn’t even wait till it ends before I left there ‘Coz of the noise.

On going home, I walked passed a brothel. One thing in me wanted me to go there but the other don’t want me to… after much mind-argument, the other mind overcame the situation and I continued walking home. I walked pass a bar, there was music and dancing there, the place was full of life. It interested me, I didn’t wait for my mind to play tricks on me so… I went there.

The happenings there impressed me so much that I ordered for a beer, even though its been a while since I last drank it. The bar-man brought it and opened it up when I didn’t ask him to do so. I hesitated in drinking it ‘coz I was enjoying the dances I was seeing, it was tempting though but hey…Its fun, I’m having fun which matters most to me that moment.

Moving my eyes around the place, there I sited a fair lady staring at me. She winked at me when my eyes met hers but she was seated in the middle of five guys in black actually. She kept staring and smiling at me which made the guys turned their face towards me. I didn’t do nothing, I started feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. I was thinking of what to do then I realized that I don’t have money on me.

I forgot that I already spent the money on suya and yoghurt sh!t which kinda life na… I raised my head up to face the lady that’s been staring at me all this while in front of me.

Lady: Hi

Me: Hi

Lady: Having a good time huh?

Me: Yea,,, I guess

Lady: Wanna dance? Or maybe hang out?

Me: Errrmm… Before I could make a decision, a fierce looking guy one of those she was seated with came uninvited…

Guy: Stand up and take a walk (referring to me)

Me: **Silent**

Guy: I’m talking to U f√cker!! (Kicking the chair I seated on)

Me: Why?

Guy: What?!

Me: Why should I leave?

Guy: Are U new here?

Me: Who wants to know?

Guy2: E be like say this guy need arranging, Cap how U see ‘am?

Guy: (To Guy2) Wait first… (To Me) U are questioning me with question? Are U that dumb to realize what’s going on here?? Huh???

Me: I dunno what else is going on here rather than some buzzing insects that needs to be insecticide

Guy: By that, I hope U’re not referring to me?

Me: Are U that naive that U can’t understand words?

Guy2: Cap!!

Guy: (He gestured his hand to him meaning wait or stop) Watch your tongue bro, watch it Even though I changed my ways, there are so many sh!t that I can’t take… I haven’t even sipped my bottle yet this ba$tard is telling me to leave. For what? Is it ‘Coz of their girl seating with me?? I don’t care!! I’m too stubborn to allow anybody within my age-group to influence my behaviour No way!!

Me: You’re interrupting my peace

Guy: Really? Your peace??

Me: Do I need to spell it out for U? He couldn’t say anything again, he looked at me from head down to my toe…

Guy: Why are U wearing that red bangle?

Me: What do U think?

Guy: Hhmmm… are U here alone?

Me: What is it to U?

Guy: Nothing bro,,, just nothing, enjoy yourself (Getting up)

Guy2: Cap!

Guy: Shut up! U dey craze?? U wan put me for another problem with them?? They left grabbing the girl out of the bar. Good thing I wasn’t high yet, if not… fight for happen ah swear.

Done for the day’s lecture, as we had only one because other Lecturers are through with theirs. I tried to meet Mirabel in the class after the lecture but she stood up on seeing me and went outside.

Promise didn’t come to school and I dunno why, I’d call her later. I went outside, I saw Mirabel seating in one corner,,, one mind made me to make another move which I did but she stood up and left the School entirely. Mehn… this is another sh!t I can’t take it.

She ignored my calls and avoided me when she saw me. I respect girls but they should respect their self first. I left school and got home, I called Promise to ask her what happened,,, fortunately, she’s well. She didn’t come to school ‘coz she knew there was nothing much to do and attendance doesn’t matter anymore.

**Knock on my door **

Me: Who is it? (Silent)

Me: Who is it?? (Silent)

Me: Who’s there?

To Be Continued.