Remember i promised to post movie reviews and summaries here, well i’m not just going to post anything here, i’m only going to post movie reviews that can put a message across, that can explain to people how fortunate they are, how to run their lives among other things.

My first movie i’m going to put here is GOOD DEEDS. My main target audience is single mothers so i’m concentrated on  Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton) a single mother and her six years old daughter  Ariel (Jordenn Thompson).

Please watch this movie to see what some single mothers have to go through and also have to put their kids through, just maybe you’ll be proud of yourself and thankful that you can do better, thank you. Watch the Trailer below

NB. My main point is the struggles Lindsey had to go through as a single mother.


  1. This movie is doo touching that I have been watching it daily as from last year October its really good deeds for the CEO though he manages to do all this with a lot of difficulties demagnified by his own brother but still manages to hold all that pleasure it’s very nice one