I’m mad at myself, very mad and yet what I have in my heart is punishment enough. I was a strong woman and many a time, I had been deemed heartless, lots and lots had entrusted their hearts to me but it had meant nothing, I had thrown it all away not caring who got hurt in the process, I had been there, I had survived, surely they would survive too, I wasn’t cut out to love anymore, after the first experience that left me burnt badly, I was repentant and proud of myself for my heart was under lock and key, then I met him and I laughed it off. I was safe for there was no way I was going to let him in. Suddenly I am beginning to feel forgotten emotions, emotions I didn’t want to feel ever again, the way he touched me took my breath away, and just looking at him made me desire and wish for things I had no right wanting, he had made me someone else, someone who craved his love, it felt terribly embarrassing for a time past, I had called those who talked about love foolish, here I was now, thanks to him, I had become the queen of the fools.


  1. i am enjoy reading you stories . Infact u are good in writing and you skill un framing sentences make loving keep it up