Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 1


However, the unfortunate thing for them was that, they came back to meet Ruby standing in front of the house waiting for them.

Ruby watched on as Fred got down from the car. Without any utterance, all Ruby did was to make sure Fred and Baaba had noticed that she had seen them.  As soon as Fred got out of the vehicle, his face was filled with guilt.  Ruby however just went back into the house without saying anything or confronting anyone.

“I guess you have a lot of explanation to do” Baaba who was still in the car said.  “Anyway, I will be on my way. Don’t forget our appointment” She continued and drove off leaving Fred behind.

Fred found himself in a situation he never imagined himself in. Upon all his resistance, he had gotten back with his ex-girlfriend, Baaba.

Now entering the house was even a difficult thing to do.  He was supposed to be with Ruby at this crucial time of her life and not to be spending time with his ex-girlfriend.

He felt the need to manipulate the situation and find a way to maintain his relationship with Ruby.  He finally had the guts to enter the house and join Ruby’s family.

Nothing had really changed since he left. Ruby had come back to where she was seated and everything was normal as  the way it was before he left.

To his surprise Ruby didn’t say anything or even confront him about what had happened.  The least he expected from Ruby was a question, but Ruby kept quiet about the issue and this made him more nervous.

Ruby had left Fred to fight with his own conscience and that was an easy way for her to get the upper hand and that will however expose Fred eventually.

Fred with his own discretion decided to stay at Ruby’s Family house to keep Ruby company.  Ruby on the other hand  spent more of her time with her mother and  Adzo.  Her attention was not on Fred as it used to be. She preferred to be with Adzo rather  than with  Fred.

During this short period, Ruby became very close to Adzo that she even treated her like her own sister. Ruby’s mother was too busy mourning her husband and waiting impatiently for the autopsy. She focused on this to the extent that she didn’t even notice how close her daughter was bonding with Adzo.

Fred was still battling with his conscience. Day in and day out, he wished that Ruby would say something about what had happened but that never came to pass. Notwithstanding, the more he continued to stay in the house the more he grew fond of Adzo and kept admiring her from a distance.

Adzo in these few days was undergoing rapid change. Ruby actually paid particular attention to Adzo’s dressing and appearance. In other words, she was treating her like the way sisters treat each other.

She began to get the attention of family visitors who came to the house to offer their condolences to  Ruby’s family.  At this time, her beauty had really begun to show.

Fred however couldn’t bare the fact that Ruby’s attention was on Adzo instead of him. He was determined to confront Ruby about it.  He looked around the house only to find Ruby and Adzo sitting in the garden having a  conversation.

He interrupted them and asked Ruby to see him in his room. They didn’t share the same room because at this point in time, they were not married.

Fred went to his room and patiently waited for Ruby to show up.  In no time Ruby came in and found Fred seated on his bed.

“You called me, Fred” She said.

“Ruby, what is happening to us, I know you are going through a lot  but so am I and that’s why I’m here” Fred said.

“I know that, but I don’t get what you are driving at. There is nothing happening to us” Ruby said.

Fred stood up and went closer to her, held her by the hand and said.

“Ruby, I don’t feel us anymore. It’s like you have taken solace somewhere else. I’m your guy and am suppose to be there for you. Yet I don’t even see my use any longer in the house”

Ruby looked at him and shook her head.

“I understand you Fred. But you should have thought of that when you ran off with your ex Baaba” Ruby just spilled the beans.

Fred was stunned. He couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth.

How did she know that Baaba was his ex? He thought.

He stood speechless as he did not know what to say.

“Fred, we all have cobwebs in our closets, but once we get rid of it, we don’t rare spiders there” She said and left him in his room.

Fred was indeed in a mess. He kept on wondering how Ruby got to know this and that made him very restless.

Ruby got out of Fred’s room to find her mother waiting for her at the living room.

“There you are, I have been looking for you all this while.” Said Ruby’s mother.

“Is everything alright mother? What is going on? Ruby asked.

“Sit down, there is something you need to know” she said.

“ Ruby, are you sure you really know who this your new found friend is? She continued.

“To be honest, there is still more I need to know Mum, but my instincts tell me I’m doing a good thing and so far she has really been helpful” Ruby answered.

“Instincts you say, and I suppose your instincts are obviously not telling you that she is pregnant? Ruby’s mother asked.

To be continued Tonight.