The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 14


Our lips was about to touch the other before one mumu is it Frank or whatever interrupted the mood…

Frank: Miss Mirabel, your father wish to speak with you (handing her a phone) We adjusted ourselves when we heard his horrible voice. He really doesnt like me neither did i like him, he really s√cks.

Mirabel: (collected the phone, looking at him with an angry eye) *Hello dad I can’t hear the caller, just Mirabel *I Just went for a walk *No Dad, i don’t walk with them, besides i didn’t go that far *With my friends *Yes Dad *OK Dad *I Love U too Dad *Hangs up*
Mirabel: (handed him the phone) U may leave He left without saying a word, but the way he looked at me says it all. Does he think he can scare me? This guy no know me oh… make him forget say he huge anyhow and i small. Small body no be sickness at all, i go i go i go just hmmm… the guy too big sha.

Mirabel: Sorry about that

Me: No its nothing, U had to speak with your Dad I understand

Mirabel: So…??

Me: Its getting late already, i guess i should hit the road now

Mirabel: Its not that late, or u can crash here if u want

Me: That wont be necessary, I need to take care of some things at home

Mirabel: Ok *Sad face* Me: So uhmm…. i will return the car tomorrow?

Mirabel: U can keep it longer if u want

Me: (I looked at the car) No no no, i will just return it tomorrow

Mirabel: C’mon i insist *Smiling | holding my hands*

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yes of course

Me: What about the owner?

Mirabel: Lemme worry about that

Me: Alright, thanks for this…

Mirabel: Its Ok

Me: Yea, so urrmm… good night?

Mirabel: Seems so

I moved my head closer to her, she closed her eyes drawing her lips closer, i just gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Me: Good night

Mirabel: Good night

I walked backwards facing her while moving to the car. I faced the car, got in, started the engine then got out. So many thoughts popping around my mind… –

Did i acted too gentle to her? -Would she be pleased with it or get bored? -What if i had slept in her apartment? -Did she get disappointed when i didn’t kiss her? -Am i moving too slow? -Is she still testing my integrity? I have got to know about girls but this one is really something else, i can’t understand Mirabel.

She’s different, there is something about her which i need to know, my heart beats when i’m around her. Is it that i’m shy? ‘Coz my heart only beat when i’m scared, but never beat because of girls. I branched a store to purchase some items ‘coz my packaged water (pure water) butter, air freshener, yoghurt, detergents and some other things are almost exhausted. I got them then headed home direct.

I got home, parked the car very well i even put some heavy things around the car before going into my room. I opened my fridge and got myself a bottle of Yoghurt then laid on my bed to rest while i reminisced on how my day went…

***BACK IN THE RESTAURANT*** Mirabel: I love U Victor

Me: (to distract the mood) Wow! This food really taste good, what do u think Mirabel?

Mirabel: Yea, its good.

Me: Go on keep eating… We continued eating speechless,,, she excused herself going to the rest room, then came back to eat after spending a couple of minutes.

After eating, the attendant came to pack the dishes…

Me: How much is the bill?

Attendant: Its been taken care of

Me: By who? He faced Mirabel, I also face her, she just smiled… well, that answered the question. I guess she paid it when she excused herself.

Me: Why did u do that?

Mirabel: I don’t want u to spend all your money on me

Me: But i wasn’t complaining

Mirabel: U didn’t have to

Me: Hhmmm…

Mirabel: Shall we leave now?

Me: Yea, hmmm… We left the there, got to the car, i opened the door for her then we left. I got to the fuel station to get some fuel.

Attendant: How many litres?

Me: 8 litr…

Mirabel: 20 litres (she interrupted) I looked at her, she faced another direction smiling. I didn’t say anything. After the refuelling, she still paid for the fuel. This girl is really something, thats how we got back to her place before that human animal spoilt the mood.


I off my clothes and put on something light then I checked my phone that has been silent all this while and saw missed calls, from Promzy, Titus, Esther and Mirabel few minutes ago. I guess she wants to know if i’ve gotten home.

What does that idiot Titus want? I will just call Mirabel today and talk to the rest tomorrow ‘coz i’m really tired now. I dialled Mirabel’s number, it rang and she picked it almost immediately.

Mirabel: Hi

Me: Hi

Mirabel: Are u home already?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I called but i guess u were still driving then

Me: Yea, i actually stopped by a store to get some stuffs

Mirabel: Its alright

Me: Yep Mirabel: Ok I just called to know if u got home save

Me: Okay… Goodnight then

Mirabel: Goodnight

Me: Alright *About to hang up*

Mirabel: Wait! Victor Wait!!

Me: Yes?

Mirabel: Its seems like You’re not comfortable around me

Me: Why would you say that?

Mirabel: Yes na, you were just somehow, behaving like i’m new to u

Me: Its not like that

Mirabel: I dunno what else to think Victor… wait, do u like know anything about me?

Me: How do u mean?

Mirabel: U know… like my personality, relationship, family background and all that

Me: Well,,,no, not that i know of…

Mirabel: Okay…

Me: Or is there anything i should know?

Mirabel: No, not really,,, not yet actually

Me: Alright if u say so

Mirabel: Yea, but u can ask questions about me if u want

Me: Ok, that won’t be a problem

Mirabel: I mean anything at all

Me: Ok, Alright i will

Mirabel: Ok cute! Just know that u can feel free to ask me for anything and be very comfortable around me Ok?

Me: Yea, Ok

Mirabel: Good…! Ok, Bye Cute, Love ya!!

Me: Ok thanks Bye… *I hang up immediately* I can’t tell her that i love her na, what if its a lie? Like how i use to play the game before, no, no more lies, but would it be a lie? She is the first girl that made my heart beat. Doesn’t matter, i need to be sure.

Any dirty-minded guy would think that when a girl say such things as ‘U can ask for anything’ their mind would directly go for s£x, yea i know that ‘coz i was one of them. Go meet Nextangel and tell him that na, your ***** will never remain the same. ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.