The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 13


Today’s gon’ be great! Well i hope it does. Wait i don’t understand, what is she to me? Are we friends already?? Where is this heading to??? Hhmmm… I was so excited that moment, why i was so excited? I’m gon’ drive a Range Rover Sport baaby! I rushed out immediately to test it… i got there, checked under the tire and got the keys, entered the car then start it.

Its been a while since i drived so… i should be careful. I moved the car, believe me it was awesome! what ah ride!! Wait… Am i going for a date or what? I got back in, no need for me to prepare anything to eat, i’d just have a yoghurt.

Exam is around the corner, i need to go home and get more money ‘coz i guess i’d spend alot today. *Phone rings* | *Caller Lola*

Me: Hi Lola

Lola: Victor, whats up with u?

Me: I’m fine

Lola: No, not that. Why Haven’t we heard from u?

Me: Oh… i’ve been busy really Lola: Is that so?

Me: Yea

Lola: U know… why don’t u come around so we’d hangout

Me: Ermmm…

Lola: What?

Me: I’m kinda going out to see a friend

Lola: By that, u mean Mirabel?

Me: What are U talking about?

Lola: Never mind, its nothing…

Me: But u were tr…

Lola: (Interrupted) Gat to go, see ya

Me: Lola wait… *Hangs up* Ok now i’m totally confused, Whats going on? How the hell did she know?? I hope its… well we’ll see. I took my bath, did the necessaries and got myself ready wearing one of my nicest clothe. I looked myself in the mirror, damΠ! I look good also smelling nice while its not even a date or like going out with my girlfriend hmmm…

I took a bottle of yoghurt, got out, locked my door then went to the side of the car, no one was there to give me some shots so i took some selfies. I ignited the car, off i left for the bank to withdraw some money before going to Mirabel’s place.

On the road listening to some cool vibes, smooth driving chai! Big boy kowai! I got to the gate of their building and called Mirabel, after a few minutes the gate open. Who opened it? Her two bodyguards of course. I guess i forgot their names already.

I saw how the male one was looking at me, not a good way though it was like when an enemy is looking at his opponent. I no send ‘am jare, no be just guard him be? See me driving rangey abegi!

They directed me to Mirabel’s place, omoh… no wonder its first class. The surrounding was awesome, well maintained, clean, gardens, the swimming pool was awesome. Can’t mention everything jare… the lady guard ushered me in while the male one was behind me looking like something i dont know infact i don’t like him.

The lady guard told me that Mirabel is inside, that she’d be with me shortly. She told me to sit but didn’t, i chose to look around her beautiful home. Who is her father or mother by way that got her all these as a student.

Looking at the pictures on the wall, there i saw a portrait of our newly elected President and its not even his official picture. I saw a portrait which seems to be her family picture, i was about to go closer to get a proper view before she called me from behind.

Mirabel: Victor…? I slowly turned around and saw her the way i’ve never done before. Mehn… she looked beautiful, she stuns in the dress she wore. I didn’t know when my mouth open and said something unintentionally…

Me: U look gorgeous

Mirabel: Thanks dear But i’m glad i did…

Me: U got a nice place here

Mirabel: Thanks

Me: So ermmm… Are u ready?

Mirabel: Yea, U’re right on time

Me: Hhmm… shall we?

Mirabel: *Smiles* Sure She told her bodyguards to stay back but the male one tried to object. She shouted at him which shut his mouth. I really dunno whats wrong with that guy, when i burst him face eh… he go know.

We got to the car, i opened the door for her, she thanked me.

Mirabel: So… where are u taking me to?

Me: Where would u like?

Mirabel: Remember u are the one that’s taking me out

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Then take me out

Me: Hhmm… Yes ma We gisted a lot before getting to our destination, like the car being borrowed to be returned tomorrow or next. I got out from the car and she is still in. I just laughed and shake my head before opening the door for her.

On stepping down, she smiled while thanking me. We got into the place i took her, it was a nice place which i’ve never been before. I only saw it while passing by and wish to be there someday. Well… today is the day, Thank God.

I drew the chair for her to sit, i guess i’ve watched too many romantic movies to be acting this romantic. An attendant came over to us and handed us the menu to select. She ordered fried rice and chicken with red wine. I love fried rice, so i ordered same. We were served the meal, we started eating and talking at the same time. One talk led to another then we arrived at this….

Mirabel: I actually know what happened that day between U, Lola and Cynthia.

Me: I dunno what u’re talking about

Mirabel: U don’t need to pretend, they told me everything. The food, their sexy acts to seduce u, your gentle and coolness, the call?

Me: What?

Mirabel: And I’m 100% sure that the call was fake. U made that up just to run away from them…

Me: So they are your friends?

Mirabel: My best friends

Me: I dunno what to say

Mirabel: U don’t have to say anything, actually i want to confess

Me: What?

Mirabel: I just hope u wont get mad if i should tell u this

Me: Well i will if u don’t tell me

Mirabel: Ok, i actually… ermmm… i’m the brain behind all what happen between U and the girls

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: I sent them to u the first time u met them to get your number and address. Everything that follows was planned and I’m really sorry

Me: But why did u do that?

Mirabel: Because… i found myself liking u already. I tested you with my friends to know how gentle you are ‘coz i don’t want to be with a bad guy and go through another heartbreak… please understand me Victor

Me: Woah… just wow! I never saw this coming

Mirabel: I know its hard to believe but its true and as it is right now… i trust u.

Me: I’m sooo lost of words right now like seriously

Mirabel: I’m in love with you Victor… *My eyes opened wide*


We alighted from the car in front of her apartment, i walked her to the door then i held her hand which she faced me eyes to eyes. She then put her both hands round my neck while i placed my hands on her waist… our heads drew nearer, our eyes closed, slowly our lips locate the other..………… ☆☆☆

To Be Continued ☆