The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 15


Its Saturday morning, i got up from bed, did my prayers as I thanked God for everything and asked him for many things.

I did some push ups as its my daily routine, i did some cleaning, washing, such as my clothes, the car, and dishes which are not much. I thought about going to our family Church tomorrow which is Sunday but, what about the car? Should I go with the car?? What am I going to tell whoever that ask me??? Or maybe i should just return the car, but what am I even going there for when i got enough money that’d last me till the end of the exams it will even remain ‘coz i don’t spend much.

Wait’o… after Sunday is Monday, I will go to School with a car? not just any car, a Range Rover Sport?? No way! that will caught the attention of many people, me like being on a low key, then i will get unnecessary friends or what if those cult boys attack me and made away with the car… i don’t know if i should return it or leave it at home at Mr. Abuh’s house that has fence, gate and a gateman.

Mirabel gave me her word that i can have the car as long as i want, that means she will be spending money everyday or maybe weekly for the car rent or is she the owner? No na, how can she be the owner besides she told me herself that it was rented.

Hhmmm… ever since i met Mirabel, I have been cracking my brain so much either by making decisions or academically by studying so hard, when we were competing against each other. And I guess I’ve improved so much in changing my ways for better or lemme say I’ve changed already, I mean common i resisted two hot chicks the other day, I refused to contact that attributed girl that gave my her number, yea what about Esther? I don change jare, I pray never to go back to my old self. I always pray that let the will of God be done in my life.

Too tired already to prepare hard food, so i prepared some noodles to help me for the morning. I don’t even have any plans for the day, aish… Yea, lemme call those that i missed their calls yesterday. I took my phone surprisingly no missed calls, only messages. Who else will send me message if not Mtn or 4100.

I dialled Promise’s number, but i was warned that i don’t have enough credit so I just flashed her. I waited for about 7 minutes but she didn’t call back. I threw the phone on the bed while I laid on it. I felt so bored, I took the phone again so I’d on my data chat on Whatsapp a little then check whats happening on facebook.

I don’t like seeing message icon at the top of my phone’s screen, so I decided to just read the messages so that it will disappear from there. On seeing the messages, I almost thought that I was right when I thought it was messages from Mtn or 4100 as I saw their 2 messages each, until I saw a message from Mirabel, her own was even the first since 6:48 am and my current time was 9:17 am.

I could hear my heart beating when I was about to open it. It read… Good Morning Cute, I know you will wake up to see this message so I thank God for that. I do hope U had a nice dream. Just wan’ to let U know that, I’ll be coming to your place today, dunno what time specifically ‘coz I wouldn’t like to disappoint but I’m certain it’d be around afternoon time. Please, no need to prepare anything, I will be coming with lunch. Till then, Byee…Love ya!

All this Love ya Love ya of a thing sef, are we officially dating already? Me myself don’t even understand again. We have to talk about it, I have to give my consent on it. No no no no… I should start the relationship, I’m the guy and I have to talk to her then ask her to be my date. But I don’t think I’m ready yet, I don’t know what I feel yet, I don’t even understand my heart beat yet,,,, WHAT THA’ H£LL IS LOVE? HOW DO I KNOW IT?? HOW CAN I FEEL IT??? SOMEBODY SHOULD TELL ME HOW TO LOVE!!!

I screamed out at the top of my voice.


My phone ringtone woke me up from my slumber. *Caller Promise*

Me: Promzy

Promise: How far

Me: I just dey

Promise: I saw your missed call Me: When?

Promise: Didn’t U call me?

Me: I did call U but when did U saw it?

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: See your life abi

Promise: Ehnn… what about it?

Me: U don dey get boyfriends up and down nau (teasingly)

Promise: *Laughs* no be only boyfriends. What about U? I called U yesterday but U didn’t pick up, where were U??

Me: I was driv… I was on my way home

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: What? Why are U humming??

Promise: Nothing jare

Me: Promzy

Promise: Sir..?

Me: U eh….if i catch U

Promise: Leave me jare, go and meet your olosho them

Me: Wetin?

Promise: Oppss… didn’t say nothing, byee…

Me: Promzy! *Hangs up* That girl eh… very stubborn, she’s almost a tomboy, if I catch her… she hasn’t even come to my place since I told her to. *Car horns* | horns again* Oh! I checked my time, its afternoon already… I think my visitor is here.

I got out and stood on my doorsteps, I saw her standing at the side of her car with her facing me. There, where she stood looking at me smiling, oh my goodness! she’s a beauty i just realised. Her stature, smiles, beauty, sophistication and uniqueness pleased me instantly. She really looks adorable, d–n… I think I’m in Love with this girl. ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.