Good day beautiful people, today, I’m going to address an issue that goes both ways, both for the ladies and the gentlemen. Ok, so to the ladies, I want you to know, that we have overrated cheating (though I believe it means different things to different people). Some people say when their men send another woman a message about how sexy she looks, it’s cheating, some take it from when he starts having feelings for another, some from when she catches them kissing, some when she catches them in bed.

Well, one thing I want our ladies to know is that, men don’t cheat because they don’t love you, some cheat and move on with the other woman, but most of the time, some men cheat but don’t want to leave you, yes, we’ve accepted that men cheat and when they do, we should try to forgive them. Now, I’m not talking about chronic cheating where one man wants to jump into every pant that looks like it belongs to a woman, I’m not talking about those ones.

I’m talking about you catching your boyfriend or husband or partner cheating for the first time or very few issues, you can sit and find out from him if you did something wrong or if he had a reason for doing that to you, or if you prefer, you don’t say a word about it.

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Now my dear men, pay attention to this, your woman can forgive you for cheating, but the very moment you cheated, you changed something, it varies with every woman. Some will forgive you but will suspect you with every girl you smile at, some will lose their trust in you, some will never look at you the same again.

Do you know how women value a man who doesn’t cheat on his woman, I know a couple of men that are not too close to me (some are) but I admire because they respect their women, it’s beautiful to know you have a man who doesn’t sleep with other women. (there’s nothing wrong with your man finding another woman beautiful). It’s cool to look at a woman and for you and your man to agree the woman is pretty.

Women, please think hard when you decide to leave your man because he cheated, good men are really REALLY(lolz) very hard to come by. Men , you are free to do what you want, but think about it, how would you feel if your woman starts to lose the trust she has for you, if she starts to disbelieve you even when you haven’t done anything wrong, it is a recipe for disaster, and once trust is broken, it’s not easy to be gained back.  Think about it, have a nice day.


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