Today’s stuff goes to my beautiful ladies in relationships out there. Have you ever at any point in time felt that your man is not paying much attention to you Suddenly, looks like he’s ignoring you, not really answering your texts or calling you, maybe you have talked and he doesn’t show signs of wanting to break up but he just seems to be avoiding you?

Well he could be, but that is not the case for the majority.  My dear ladies, do not forget this, no matter how much your man loves you, MEN NEED SOME ALONE TIME. The fact that he loves you doesn’t mean he is going to be clinging to you 24/7. If your man did tell you “Baby you know what, can you give me a few days to be by myself, I need some alone time”, there would be war.

You’ll think he’s probably seeing someone or doesn’t want to see you or something along that line, well, that could be, but most of the time, he just needs some time to come around so please ladies, let’s not make a case out of nothing, it does more harm to ladies than men to worry about non existent problems.


  1. my lady should be the one reading this. She likes nagging too much & it’s becoming an obsession. What are u doing, when will u close, what have u done etc they are all nice things & it shows how caring u are but making it a daily routine makes it boring. Thanks Miss Jasmine

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