The Other Woman Episode 19


A car pulls up behind him. Someone alights and taps his window, he raises his head and sees her. He opens the door, coming out. She could see he had been crying. Men rarely do cry except something bad had hurt them to their bones. And Adams was among the few men who had always been strong and confident.
“It’s over Doctor. It’s over. Sophia, she-she knows about Bella. It’s over and my world has just crumpled. Please help me, you are my last hope. I can’t lose her too. I can’t. I just can’t” he cried.
She remembered the first day she saw him broken like this too, years ago. And when he had asked for help, she had done something against her ethics, she had given him a solution to his problem. She knew one day it would blow up in their faces but then she knew it was the right thing to do for him and for his wife. That was the only way things could go back to normal.
“Help me get through to her. She won’t listen to me or give me a chance to explain. To tell her… to tell her everything” he cried. She touches his shoulders reassuringly
“Let’s go to her.” She tells him pulling him up
“She doesn’t want to see me” Adams offers, as he ran his hands over his face, showing his helplessness and desperation.
“Let’s go to her, She has no choice anymore. You can’t sit here and wait for her to come around because she won’t but I would talk to her and you are going to be there. All three of us, and we are going to make sure you both come out with less scars.”
*Presently.. Adams house..****
“Sophia?’ Adams calls her name, fear grips him, he takes a step towards her but she stops him with her hands, still laughing she sits down, hands to her face she wipes her leaking eyes and her drooling nose
“Really Adams, really? Is this the kind of bullshit you could come up with? I mean, you bring your doctor all the way down here to tell us that the same woman in those pictures who… OK OK, we know, has a striking resemblance to Sophia. NO biggy. I understand that a lot of stars look alike these days. I mean I have seen pictures of people who look alike too, like that Nigerian actress fondly called “Jenifa ” and that lady on empire, the badass mother “cookie”. They look alike and we know they aren’t twins. Even Sophia can tell you, as she just told me a second ago about some people who look insanely alike. Now you come here, waltzing in like one intelligent woman telling us the dumbest shit on planet earth.” Rebecca shakes her head,
“Hilarious. Wow!! Bravo!! Tell us something that don’t stink of bullshit and cat faeces …Please” Rebecca claps her hands.
Adams winces.
Later he would deal with Rebecca, but for now, he was concerned about Sophia and how she was taking this.
“Sophia?” He calls her again.
“Am sorry but… I think your good’ol doctor just became a comedian. Am sorry, but what Rebecca said, and I agree; this is bullshit and I think am done listening to you or her.” She points to the doctor.
“Like how am I sure you are a certified doctor. I mean you didn’t and couldn’t give me a cure for my headaches and sleepy spells, you kept saying am stressed even when I do nothing but sit around all day. Just get out of my house and take that cheating bastard with you. Maybe you are one of the many women he has been screwing too, that’s why you ran down here dropping everything to save his ass” Sophia spat
‘I won’t have you insult me Sophia!!” The doctor felt offended but she continued “I understand you are angry and hurt but for your own good, you should calm down. Your hysterical feats isn’t good for your health either.”
“Are you sleeping with my ma- erm Sophia’s husband too”?
Rebecca asked, her fists clenched. She could tolerate Sophia, but Sophia was out of the picture already. There was no way she would get back to Adams after this.
Bella? Whoever she is wouldn’t stand a chance. She may have enjoyed him for a while but she would kick her far away from Adams like she never existed. But if this Doctor who looked old enough to be his mother was banging him too, she would have no choice than to pull her hair and go streets on her. She wouldn’t mind breaking a nail or two.
“No hell No!! I would refuse to indulge that gibberish that came out of your mouth because it would mean me stooping to your level, and because I came here for a much more important issue, I would implore you to keep quiet and sit down, be a good friend and support your friend, but to me, you don’t seem so much of a good person but I have a better alternative; you can get out and allow the man and wife handle their issues.” she stated as she removed her glasses and wipes it with an hanky. She places her briefcase on the table, pulls the chair closer and stares at Sophia.
“Please ignore her Doctor. Please” Adams tells her. Rebecca was bad news but he didn’t want her to ruin amending the bridges with his wife for him.
Sophia stares her back in the eyes then she looks at Adams
Are they being serious right now? She wondered.
“Look, really. This isn’t some game. I think you both should leave” she gets up and points to the door. She wasn’t interested in whatever thing they had to say or what game they seemed to be playing.
“Yes, both of you should leave. Especially you old dry cu*t!” Rebecca spat, folding her hands. She could literally pluck out those eyes behind those be-speckled glasses.
“Your intelligent words felt like shafts I dusted them off my shoulders” Rebecca smirks referring to the doctor who just smiled.
The doctor was used to such arrogance from people.
As a woman in her late forties, she had had her own fair share of bad eggs as friends, family and even in her career. She really didn’t need to indulge her. She wondered how Sophia became friends with a woman who obviously didn’t care about her happiness. But, she wasn’t here to trade small talks with the lady. She was here for Adams, For Sophia and by God she hoped to salvage the situation. She ignored the lady.
“For once, for once in your despicable life Rebecca can you just shut up? Can you just shut up and stop all this. We are here for Sophia and not for you. If you can’t shut you can get out!.” Adams shouts on her, she gasps as she felt the sting.
“Sophia for Pete’s sake, if you won’t listen to me, even if you hate me just please listen to her and if you still don’t want to talk to me I would leave and never bother you again. Please… please just listen to her” Adams turns to his wife, pleading
“What! Me, Adams?” Rebecca asked in shock. Adams raises a finger, cutting her off. ..
“Don’t!!” He was trying to be calm, but Rebecca was pushing him to breaking point. If she doesn’t stop, so help him, he would..
She began to open her mouth to say something but Sophia stops her.
“Fine, Say whatever you need to say and leave. Because quite frankly, I feel a bile rising up in my throat for the made up shit you are about to spew. But because I really don’t want to ever see your face again and yours too doctor, I am definitely not going to be your patient anymore. So spew” she folds her hands
The doctor gives her a weak sad smile.
“Take a sit Sophia” She says
“Please” she pleaded
“Fine whatever!” Sophia sits, Rebecca shakes her head.
“I can’t believe this shit. You are actually going to listen to them, really? You going to let them convince you that white is black, come on!!”
“No, am just going to let them try and then watch them swallow their words and get out of my life.” she stated and urges the doctor to start, Adams doesn’t sit but He stands by the corner and waited.
The doctor collects the pictures and stares at them one after the doctor, then she began
“This is Bella. The woman Adams has been seeing. ”
“We know that” Sophia and Rebecca states matter-of-factly
“Please don’t interrupt me.” she looks at them
“This is Bella, the woman Adams has being seeing. She is none other than you Sophia”
Rebecca scoffs, Sophia shakes her head.
“That again?”
“Do you know why you have multiple headaches, sleepy spells and sometimes amnesia and then you wake up confused about your whereabouts?”
“Well you are the doctor, you are supposed to have all the answers. Really are you sure you got that doctorate degree?” Rebecca was talking but she was ignored again. She wished she could slam her head to the wall.
“Well I have been seeing you concerning that but like always…you kept saying” you are stressed. Take it easy, take aspirin and blah blah bullshit. Now what does that have to do with anything?”
She collects a file from her briefcase. .
‘October 5th, 1978, what do you remember about that day?” She flips it open.
“What sort of question is that? That’s my birthday. Is she for real Adams, Really?”
“Please, just let her” He said, sitting on the ground while his back was to the wall, legs up, his head bowed.
“What about December 17th, 1994?”
“My parents died. What is this about doctor?” Sophia’s countenance grew dark
“How did they die?”
“They-they died.” Sophia said, frowning.
“I know. But how did they die?
“They -in an accident. Why are you asking me that, It happened a long time ago. They died. Left me alone to fend for myself. They died.” She screamed. Rebecca looks at Sophia.
“Calm down Sophia” she turns to the doctor “Are you insane? Why you asking her about her late parents. What does that have to do with anything? You want to talk about the lady in the picture do so, why are you delving into the dead and buried bones?”
The doctor sighs
“Sophia, please calm down. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but it’s necessary, I need to you remember certain lapses. Don’t you want to understand why and how of certain things you can’t explain?”
“I do” she turns
“But why are you asking me about my parents?”
She sits back down. She darted her eyes to Adams who hasn’t raised up his head.
“February 4th, 2008. Do you remember?” This question came as a whisper. Sophia shakes her head. A sob escapes from Adam’s lips as Sophia and Rebecca turn, Surprised.
“Ok..I -I am sorry but is there something I am missing here?” Sophia asked, wondering why Adams sounded as though he was crying.
“February 4th 2008? Do you remember anything? How about July 13th, 2012? Anything? Think Sophia think!!”
Her head began to throb. The pain increasing on her temples, spreading,
“No I don’t. No I don’t. It doesn’t ring a bell. It doesn’t mean anything to me those dates.”
Sophia touches her head, stating.
“Why do you like lilies and red roses?” The doctor leaned forward.
“Because, because they smell nice. Lilies, white lilies and Red Roses are my favourite” Sophia smiles dropping her hands and relaxing.
“February 4th, 2008. Does it ring a bell?” she asked again, pressing her more this time.
“She already told you that she doesn’t”
Rebecca states standing up. Doctor ignores her again, concentrating on Sophia, whose face features had begun to change to confusion, her hands touching her head yet again, rubbing her temple as the headache increases
“Lilies, lily… do you remember? Do you remember?”
“Stop” Sophia whispers
“Try Sophia, don’t block it out. Lilies or Lily. White flowers and red roses. Are they just your favourite flowers or they have a sentimental value too. Lily/ Lilies, What do you remember? Do you remember Sophia, do you remember?”
“Stop it. Stop it. STOP IT”
Sophia screams falling to the ground. Covering her ears, screaming and crying. Adams rushes to her. Rebecca takes a step back in shock
“Ok what the actual fxxk is going on here” she watches Sophia go off
“Ssshhhhhh it’s okay Sophia it’s okay”.. Adams calms her
“Let go of me. Let go” she pushes him away.
“I don’t know what you both are trying to do and I don’t know what you intend. But leave me alone… I don’t know why your questions cause my head to hurt more than it ever did. Just stop.. I don’t know why I hurt in here, in here when you keep mentioning lily, white roses and red roses. It hurts. Please stop”
She cries, as she pulls at her head, hitting her chest and rubbing her temple.
Adams couldn’t stop the tears trekking down his eyes, he cleans it
Rebecca was lost.
“Ok what the hell?” She exclaims, confused she turns to the doctor…
“What the hell?” She repeats pointing at Sophia on the ground screaming and crying as she curled herself up
The doctor continues…
“Have you ever heard of DID?” The doctor leans back, she cleans her glasses again.
“What’s that?” Rebecca and Sophia asked, as she calms down, and her cries were a tiny sob. Adams didn’t let go of her and for some reason unknown to her, she didn’t push him away… she felt… Safe.
“DID is a Dissociative identity disorder (DID), which was previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD)” she continues..
“It’s a mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states, that alternately shows in a person’s behaviour, accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness. These symptoms are not accounted for by substance abuse, seizures, other medical conditions, nor by imaginative play in children. Dissociative symptoms range from common lapses in attention, becoming distracted by something else, and daydreaming, to pathological dissociative disorder.
“Please speak English” Rebecca states cutting her off, feeling very impatient. What the hell was she talking about?
“I don’t understand what you are trying to say doctor”
Sophia says, a tiny fear grips her,
‘What I am trying to say as simple as I can is that… Sophia, you are suffering from multiple personality disorder. Which is called now dissociative identity disorder, which means that you have multiple personality traits. One being Sophia, the sweet natured woman married to the love of her life who Lives in a serene and plush environment and her husband is the rich handsome bloke in the area. Whose parents dies and leaves her alone with an uncle who trained her.
And the other personality is Bella feisty, replace the words replace the words $3x with $3xy seductress who became an orphan when she was 16 years old. Woke up in the middle of nowhere after her parents had an accident with her in the car. They die making her an orphan. She was taken to a foster home in another city. By the time she knew her way around she runs away to become a waitress in a little town. She meets a vixen who teaches her the ways of the world and then she becomes queen of the night and the fantasy of all men. By the time she made enough money and fame for herself. She takes the next bus out of that dead town and ends up here. Runs into Adams, Chemistry and fire sparks. They became lovers and the story continues.
In Sophia’s personality, her parents die in an accident making her an orphan. In Bella’s, her parents die also in an accident making her an orphan.
Sophia is trained by an uncle, who eventually molests her with Bella, there is a vixen who teaches her the ways of the world, introduces her to the world of fantasy, men, replace the words replace the words $3x with $3x. Which is molestation of it’s on for a child that was just blossoming into an adult.
Sophia meets Adams, falls in love and is married to him. Bella meets Adams after leaving town, falls in love and you know the rest of the story. Two different personalities but also the similarities are there but stated differently. Bella is Sophia as Sophia is Bella. Sophia the primarily personality and Bella the secondary made up personality to suit Sophia. Split personality. Alter ego. DID or MPD, whatever you want to call it. Same thing.
Now, Two women, same man. Or one woman same man, depends on how you want to see it or put it” she states.
But there was dead silence..