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Prof sat down, staring at his daughter.

“There’s no reason why I’m allowing you to visit Lagos but to refresh yourself. You are getting old everyday.

“Thanks Dad. I’m already set .

” But Feyi, this year must not run out without..”

“-Bringing the lucky guy.” She laughed, so did her father.

“Dad!” She exclaimed and continued laughing.


“Wetin dey for that envelope?” Tobi asked, pointing at the brown envelope he was holding.

“That’s why I said na because of you.. You’re invited for the Interview..” he laughed and handed him the envelope.

“Let’s leave that, I had a vision concerning you…” he stopped abruptly.

“Me? What did you see?”

“Me see you for hospital, you come dey cry say you don get aids…” he started laughing.

Shola moved closer to smack him while Tobi also ran for his life. Shola halted and began wondering, since Tobi got to Lagos, he had never been that cheerful.

“Thank God.”

“Idiot..” He kept running after him.


“Wait, you should tell me yours first.” Stella said to Tolani.

“I asked first, this is not funny because I’m AS.” He told her.

“Serious?” Stella was shocked as she covered her mouth staring at Tolani.

“Jokes apart, what’s yours?” Tolani was frank.

“Am really AS also and even O- negative.” She told him.

“Tell me you are joking.” Tolani was getting frightened.

“I’m really serious.” She replied, also breathing up and down.

Tolani was speechless.


She rushed forward and hugged her instantly on seeing each other.

“My aunty!” She grinned and hugged her again.

“Feyi the troublesome girl..” Tolulope laughed and offered her seat.


“Wait, Stella. If this is a joke, let me know now..” Tolani said as he drove on.

The forum was just completed.

“Jokes apart, I’m really serious.” She replied.

“That means..” he stopped abruptly and his heart skipped a beat. He felt like dying.

One of the most painful things is to discover you are not compatible with someone after many years. She was wondering how she’d begin again, Tolani was also AS. She remembered the story the man told them again, If one should give birth to children that will eventually be cursing one because they have no rest, there won’t be joy.

She was waiting for Favour so she could tell her what happened.

Tears kept flowing, she couldn’t control herself.


Episode 24

Tobi got dressed up neatly. He combed his hair and polished his shoes, looking different. That would be his first time of dressing as much, in Lagos. He looked handsome after he had completed his dressing and checked himself out before a full length mirror.

He smiled and turned his head. He saw his old phone on the bed. He remembered those days he’d have dressed up, rushing to David and Co and felt bad again. Stella…’he muttered and wore his shoe.

It was just some minutes to seven, he had gotten ready for the interview, as well as Shola, his friend who would support him there. Both took their various cars and headed to the company.


After some hours, the interview was completed and Tobi was employed. He was asked to come by the following week to start fully as the new accountant. In Nigeria, even a person who went to school to study Yoruba would work in the Bank once there are connections.

Tobi went back home. He was looking so happy he eventually got the job and called Shola to break the good news.


Tolani had been weeping since he got home too. He was remembering the story often and couldn’t hold back the tears. After a whole lot of years, the relationship must be scattered. It was another day, he didn’t go to his place of work.

He had been skipping his works since Stella was lost. The manager had called his father and got him informed about Tolani’s new attitude to work. He hardly slept overnight, wondering and weeping. The time they spent together, plag together and gist together.

‘Why on earth did we meet again!’

He was still weeping when his father called him and told him to come home, he needed to speak to him.


He left his father’s house shortly before his friends from Manchester arrived for the beautiful house he just bought. He had always imagined how Stella would be in the kitchen cooking for him while he might be washing their cars or doing another thing. He had always painted the picture of himself, Stella and their children on the dinning, eating.

‘Would this dream ever come to fulfillment?’ He kept weeping.

His father’s call made him leave the bed since he arrived the previous night. He took his bath and headed to his father’s house.


Without speaking, his father had read it that something was wrong with him. He scolded the gatekeeper on entering into his father’s house that he didn’t open the gate in time.

He walked into the living room trying to take off his sad mood but he couldn’t. It was so hard to do because it was a true love. He greeted his dad sharply and sat down.

“What on earth is your problem? The gatekeeper opened the gate for you immediately you hooted and you still shouted at him, even wanted to beat him. His father shouted.

“Nothing Dad.” He replied softly, trying to get hold of his face towel because tears had started dropping again.

“You said nothing and you’re weeping this way? Answer me! If you don’t tell me, you won’t like my next action.” He said.

He started explaining everything to his father without stopping the tears from flowing. He really loved Stella, true love is so scarce.

His father also felt bad because something of such has happened to him before when he was young. He pampered him and told him to wipe his tears, he’d like him to get over it soon. It wasn’t easy but it has to be done.

“Just like that?” He kept asking his father, trying to control himself but it was difficult.

“In this case, the best thing to be done is to distant yourself from her so as to get over it as soon as possible. Would you like to go back to Manchester?” He asked him.

“No, though I wish to leave this state, but not Nigeria.” He replied still gasping.

“Alright, will you visit my younger brother in Lagos for months?” He asked him.

“What of the company?” He asked.

“Your brother will take over..” he told him.

“Alright, I’m going to leave tomorrow then.” He told his father.

“Help me call him, i’ll do that too.” he added.

“No problem, my son.”


“You can’t be like this forever!” Fave cheered her friend.

Her own situation was even worse. She hadn’t left the room and didn’t sleep likewise. Fave had been persuading her  but she didn’t even answer her.

“After how many years?” She kept asking her friend.

“God knows the best!” She kept telling her friend.



A PREGNANT WOMAN was rushed in by two huge guys. It was on friday morning, the nurses were busy with other patients. The nurses at the reception hurried and helped the lady into that labour room.

Stella and Favour entered into the hospital smiling. They just got their admission into the university and were still having their registration. None of them knew their blood genotypes neither did they know their rhesus factors.

They came for their remaining tests because they’ve been parading the hospital since the day before- Thursday.

“We came for the last phase.” Stella told the nurse that was on duty.

“Alright, the nurse smiled amd dropped the pen she was holding. She lead them to the Doctor who would complete the test for them. The Doctor welcomed them with a smile and told them to sit down.

“We came for..”

“-the blood test.” The Doctor concluded the sentence with a smile.

“Yes sir.” Stella and Favour chorused.

“Alright..” The Doctor said and brought out two cards. He enquired their names and wrote each of their names on each of the cards. “To the lab.” He said and handed each of them their cards.

Stella and Favour stood up, both headed to the laboratory for their tests.

As they were about to enter into the lab, the laboratory attendant received a call about the demise of her brother. She wasn’t herself any longer and called on the microbiologist to come and carry out the test, she needed to leave instantly.

“You better carry out the blood test because I’m sure If you leave now, you may not return in a week’s time. Wait, your grandma died a month ago,  now your brother. You better find something to do to this!” The microbiologist scolded her and hissed out of the ward.

The lady felt bad and was already weeping. She told Favour and Stella about her brother, he had been battling with tetanus till he died eventually. She told them to sit, she’d carry out the test and leave instantly because she’d be needed. The ladies didn’t want her to carry out the test but she insisted. Was she the only laboratory attendant?

“Where are others?” Stella asked.

“Were sent to another hospital by the Doctor. The hospital is a new one that was opened yesterday and students like you have to run tests and no source for now.”

She was shivering, but she had to carry out the test because the microbiologist was a desperate lady, she almost caused her to be sacked the month her Grandma died.

She rushed as fast as she could and told Stella and Favour to wait for her outside, she’d given them their cards to take back to the Doctor to interpret the result.

Not quite long after, she returned and gave them their cards. The ladies went back to the Doctor to give him the cards.


“Hey gey! I’m sure you are AS. You were told to confirm again when you got here!” Franklin told Tolani.

Both had been discussing on mobile phone for seven minutes now. “I’m also sure, I’m really sure. I’ve done it before and did it again over there.” He replied.

“Don’t worry, but tell that your babe to go and redo hers..” Franklin told him.

‘That’s true…’ he remembered. Alright, thanks.” He replied and ended the call.

He didn’t want to call her. Hearing her voice may cause her more pain, as well as him. He remembered he had Favour’s mobile phone number. It was her mobile phone number she used to call him the day Stella was kidnapped.

He dialed her mobile number instantly and told her to take Stella to a private hospital to redo the test.



Stella didn’t want to go any longer. She just received a call from her mother that she had gotten back home, hale and hearty. She felt like seeing her instantly, that was what that could bring her joy at that time but Fave insisted because it was Tolani that called him.

The test was redone in the hospital. Stella had already taken her mind off the test because can a miracle happen to change one’s blood?

Both sat at the front of the Doctor for the result of the test.


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