The One I Love Episode 23



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Credit Temitope Daniel.

“When on earth is your dad going to forgive you?” Kate asked Feyi.

“I don’t even know. I’m really bored and i feel I should just travel.” She replied.


The lady’s Rhesus factor was O- negative while the guy was O- positive. They were also advised in the hospital not to venture into any marriage but didn’t listen until they gave birth to their first born as ‘SS’ and afterwards, couldn’t give birth to any other child again because the lady failed to receive an important injection needed to be given to an O- negative patient immediately after birth, so that she would be able to give birth again.

After seventeen years, the child they gave birth to was given an admission and a scholarship to a popular university but didn’t live to witness how it would be.  After all the money that had been spent on the child,  she later died.

“What’s your genotype?” Tolani asked Stella quickly.

Both glimpsed at each other curiously.


Episode 23

Prof sat down, staring at his daughter.

“There’s no reason why I’m allowing you to visit Lagos but to refresh yourself. You are getting old everyday. Ladies are just like flowers, they blossom in the morning but when it comes to the evening…” he smiled.

“Thanks Dad. I’m already set so I don’t know if you…”

“-If I can allow you to take your car.” He completed the statement laughing.

“Well, immediately you told me that you would visit Lagos, I changed my mind. Your bank accounts have been released and you’re now free. But Feyi, this year must not run out without..”

“-Bringing the lucky guy.” She laughed, so did her father.

“Dad!” She exclaimed and continued laughing.

“What? That’s the reality.” He kept laughing too.

“But do you know I have to look before I leap so that i won’t fall my hands.”

“What does that mean?” Prof asked.

“Don’t worry. I don’t know why mum couldn’t join you to come and wish me journey mercies. Mum loves her business more than me right?” She hissed dryly, picking up her bandbagas she stood, ready to leave.

“We have to pray.”  Prof said.

“That’s my pastor..” they both laughed and prayed.


“Didn’t I tell you Dad is going to allow me?” Feyi laughed.

“You don’t mean it..” Kate was smiling as she approached here friend.

Both hugged each other. She was just about leaving for Lagos when she called Kate to meet her at the front of excess building to bid farewell before leaving.

She was dressed in a blue trouser and a black blouse with a gold wristwatch. She had applied her make up and looked so beautiful.

“Let’s enter into my car.” Feyi said, grinning.

Without hesitation, Kate joined her in the car so they could gist before she would finally leave for Lagos.

“Something happened before I left the house. Dad said I should return with a husband.” She chuckled.

“Wait, are you ready for any relationship?” Kate asked her, smiling.

“I think so… I really want to settle down and make my parents happy. Its high time we started making them happy.”

“You’re right but how do we know the right man? Those guys are devilish.” Kate hissed.

“What of the ladies… see, no discrimination,  we are the same!”

“Do you remember I told you about a man that can talk to us about future partner stuffs?” Kate asked shaking her right hand continuously.

“Sure, but you said he was fake na..” she smiled.

“I think we should visit him..” Kate said.

“That’s when I return, not today.”


“Mr lover boy….” Shola grinned into the house.

“How far? My womanizer…” Tobi stood up and shook his friend.

“Why didn’t you come home last night?” He asked Shola.

“It’s just because of you… just because you.” He grinned and sat down.

“Wetin dey for that envelope?” Tobi asked, pointing at the brown envelope he was holding.

“That’s why I said na because of you.. You’re invited for the Interview..” he laughed and handed him the envelope.

He had been helping him to seek for job opportunities before he finally found one, in a computer company. Tobi stared at the brown envelope, his eyes were unblinking as much as he was surprised.

“You dey mad… So na because of this you never come sleep for house..” Tobi smiled happily.

“Na you dem suppose call ingrate. Me wey dey hustle around because of you, una dey me say me dey lie..” he smiled too.

“Let’s leave that, I had a vision concerning you…” he stopped abruptly.

“Me? What did you see?” He asked with concern written all over him.

“Me see you for hospital, you come dey cry say you don get aids…” he started laughing.

Shola moved closer to smack him while Tobi also ran for his life. Shola halted and began wondering, since Tobi got to Lagos, he had never been that cheerful.

“Thank God.” He grinned and remembered what Tobi just said.

“Idiot..” He kept running after him.


“Wait, you should tell me yours first.” Stella said to Tolani.

“I asked first, this is not funny because I’m AS.” He told her.

“Serious?” Stella was shocked as she covered her mouth staring at Tolani.

“Jokes apart, what’s yours?” Tolani was frank.

“Am really AS also and even O- negative.” She told him.

“Tell me you are joking.” Tolani was getting frightened.

“I’m really serious.” She replied, also breathing up and down.

Tolani was speechless.


Peter and Prince ushered Feyi in as she parked in the compound of her aunty. The two boys were the children given birth to by her aunt, Tolulope.

“How are you?” She grinned, pulling their cheeks.

“Fine.” They chorused and helped her with her bags. She stood looking round the house, it had been painted. The last time she came there, it had not been painted.

“This is good!” She grinned and picked her mobile phone.

She called Kate and got her informed that she had gotten to Lagos,  she’d call her later. She also called her parents and told them she had arrived in Lagos safely and was already in her aunt’s place. It would be nice spending some days with her, she thought.

She walked in, adjusting her hair and smiling. She could pay anything to know how her aunt was. She had always argued with her that she’d grow fatter and everytime she saw her picture on the Facebook, she’d tell her she had grown fatter just to tease her.

She rushed forward and hugged her instantly on seeing each other.

“My aunty!” She grinned and hugged her again.

“Feyi the troublesome girl..” Tolulope laughed and offered her seat.

“You don’t ask of me.” She said.

“I do.. don’t we talk online?” Feyi grinned.

“Prince, get me my bag.” She said continued discussing with her aunt.

Her husband had gone to work while the children were on holidays. She handed Prince and his brother what she bought for them and went in, to freshen up.


“Wait, Stella. If this is a joke, let me know now..” Tolani said as he drove on.

The forum was just completed. Both hadn’t tasted the snacks they were given, they were just quiet as they didn’t believe each other.

“Jokes apart, I’m really serious.” She replied.

“That means..” he stopped abruptly and his heart skipped a beat. He felt like dying.

Stella’s system had changed. Her head was already aching as they proceeded. If they had known, they wouldn’t have started the love.

Stella laid on the bed gently. As she was dropped by Tolani, she just started weeping. ‘So everything the man said was mine…’ she kept crying.

One of the most painful things is to discover you are not compatible with someone after many years. She was wondering how she’d begin again, Tolani was also AS. She remembered the story the man told them again, If one should give birth to children that will eventually be cursing one because they have no rest, there won’t be joy.

She was waiting for Favour so she could tell her what happened.

Tears kept flowing, she couldn’t control herself.


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