The One I Love Episode 20



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Danie.

Welcome!” Favour ushered Stella in.

“How was the day?” Stella asked smiling. “

“Why do I always meet you at home? Does someone bring you home?” Stella asked Favour.

Favour chuckled. “The M.D.”

Stella winked at her, laughed and clapped her hands together.

“M.D’s wife.” She continued laughing.

“Tobi’s wife.”


Feyi sat down in the living room reading a magazine when her father walked in.

“Do you know I’ve not changed my orders. You are not leaving this house, in fact I should stop you from receiving and making calls..” he said, giving her a stern look.

“Dad… It’s really not fair.” She felt sad.

“You think it was fair when you treated the lady like a nobody?” He scoffed.

Feyi shook her head wondering what she had gotten herself into.


Favour and Stella sat close to each other as they spoke with Tobi’s grandma in her apartment. Stella had asked her where Tobi was but she told her she didn’t know.

“I wouldn’t do that. He didn’t tell me why we should leave. And are you sure you people are in good terms?” She asked Stella again. She had been asking her since she entered into the house.

“Yes ma.” Stella replied.

“Then, only God knows why he did it. I don’t know.. I really don’t.” She sighed.


Episode 20

Tolani and Stella met again the following day. Stella hadn’t stopped trying Tobiloba’s number but it wouldn’t go through. She gave him the ticket to the singles’ forum they were invited to and both discussed about it and finalized that they’d attend the forum.


It was evening again, Tolani had picked Stella up to drop her off at home. It was then he loaded a recharge card and also gave Stella hers. Both parted happily and Stella walked in.

It was just 15 minutes after there were severe knocks at the gate. Favour rushed out to get who was at the gate when he saw a guy inside the house already and was holding a knife.

“Open the gate for others.” He instructed her, threatening her with the knife.

She had no choice but to dance to their tunes.

She opened the gate immediately, shivering. She was pushed forward to head them inside the house. One of the guys stood by the gate, looking so scared. He was Paul, who just joined the gang forcefully because he had to pay for a kidney operation for his only left sister in the hospital.

He had told the guys he didn’t want to join them but had no choice when he was threatened and his sister was dying.

Not quite long after, the guys returned carrying Stella and left with her that night.


“Stella?” Tolani rushed out of the house on hearing that she had been kidnapped. He had a short knicker and a white shirt on him when Favour called him and got him informed about what happened. He rushed down to her place that night, sweating profusely. What next would he do? Who would have done that?


Early in the morning the next day, he went to the station with Favour to report the case. The cops followed them, they said they wished to check the house in case something was forgotten that might be used to trace them.

Just then, they searched the living room and found an MTN recharge card that had already been used. It would at least serve as a source of investigation. One of the cops headed to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) for further investigation on the recharge card used.


“Did she fight anyone?” Tolani asked Favour.

“Not at all. I don’t think so, asides those that embarrassed her and she told me it has been settled.” Favour replied.

“I don’t think Feyi and Kate could have done that, it’s not even possible.” He hissed.

“I also don’t think Tobi could do this… he didn’t look like that when I saw him.” Favour expressed herself.

“Who’s Tobi?” Tolani quickly asked.

“He’s the guy that wanted to date Stella before you guys met again.” She replied.

“And you said he didn’t look as if he could have done that?” He asked again.

“Yes. Moreover he should be in Lagos.” She replied.

“Wait, were the guys masked?” Tolani asked Favour.

“Yes, all of them.” She replied.

Tolani sighed and drove on, both heading to the station again that afternoon.

They arrived at the station and both walked in. They demanded to see their boss to know how the investigation was going on because Stella’s mother must not know her daughter was missing.

They were told to sit down as they gave them the printed list of her last call logs and phone number of the person who loaded the recharge card.

“Hope you aren’t Mr Tolani?” The cop asked him.

“Yes, I am.” He replied as he stared at his phone number as the person who loaded the recharge card in question. It was his exact picture that was printed again as the owner of the mobile number.

How come that happened?


“How did it happen?” Tolani was questioned by one of the cops.

“How would I know? I loaded a recharge card yesterday and I can’t tell if the recharge card was with her but I’m sure I threw it away. I’m seriously sure!” He said again.

“But if you had done that how come we found it in her house?” The cops asked again.

“How would I know? It might be a set up for me. I might be set up by some people- maybe the guys who love her and had always wanted her.” He replied.

“You think so?”

“I’m sure.” He replied. “Besides, I also bought her a recharge card but she kept it in her bag. Do you know where her bag is?” He asked Favour.

“Sure.” Favour nodded slowly, still shocked.

“Then, this case is getting solved little by little. Tell me where the other guys and the lady in question are!” The cop exclaimed.

“Excuse me!” Tolani stood angrily.

“I’ve told you it might be a set up! Immediately I heard she was kidnapped, I heeded to the call and I’ve been running helper skelter just to get things right. How would I have kidnapped her?” He was getting cheesed off.

“Sir, be patient. I’m just asking you questions, you’ve not been detained or arrested so be calm.”