Just for laughs – Madam colapsed!


One early morning in a primary 3 class. It was a Religious & Moral Education lesson.. The class was very quiet,  all pupils were busy learning.

Good morning, class. Good morning, Madam; the students responded.

Teacher: The one who is able to answer this question correctly gets my 2  I phones, Galaxy note, Laptop and GHC200.

Pupils: wooooow!!! And positioned themselves well in their chairs.

Teacher: How many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes.

All the students said a whole lot of numbers from 1-500 and decided not to talk again.

One timid and calm pupil (Atwuro) raised his hand and said 5000.

The teacher shouted; clap for him and all the pupils did. The teacher realising she is going to loose all the items she placed on said, Atwuro u too ask me a question, if I get it correct I take back my things.

All the pupils became sad to hear that because no question a pupil can ask a teacher for him/her to get wrong.

Atwuro cleard the throat and asked, Madam, please mention the names of the 5000 people Jesus fed.

Madam colapsed!