How Shatta Wale, M.anifest, Chase Others reacted to the Sarkodie-Charterhouse Fracas


When Sarkodie began his two day long rant, no one knew what started it and knew not where it could lead. Fast forward 8th April, some industry folks took time out to add their voice to the issue.
Acts including M.anifest, Shatta Wale and Chase registered their support in the following commentary.

“e norr that RT @sarkodie I just want my profession to be respected where am from … And they should stop acting like we not that important” -@manifestive

“I wrote hits 4 artists neva saw CHASE in songwriter category,I’m not bitter bout an award,I’m bitter bout their inability 2 recognze talent” – @Chaseforever

“It’s not about them changing their ways they’re 16yrs old they need to get dissolved before they kill our craft,art needs motivation” – @chaseforever

“For example Grammys awarded beck and Kanye dint know beck that tells you it’s not a popularity factor it’s what goes into the music” – @chaseforever

“Any award show that awards solely popularity and not the music is not credible to me period!!!!!!” – @chaseforever

“I told yall if you’re an upcoming artist perfect Ur music and your art charter house they don’t award music so don’t watch that” – @chaseforever

“If Ghana doesn’t stand up now we will never rise entertainment wise” – @chaseforever

“There comes a time in life, where you have to speak your TRUTH, drop the mic and exit stage left. I think you did just that.” – @lilianblankson

“any artiste that doesnt support wat @sarkodie is saying is a goat, animal , monkey” – @shattawale


Credit YFM