The New Girl Episode 4


I can’t believe I ran that far, I was so tired by the time I got to the house.

Will go back for my bike but not right now.

I Walk sluggishly to the living room only to meet mom seated on the couch looking into space.

Apart from JoJo am also scared of Mom and I love her so much.

“Mom am home.” I mumbled.

She turned towards me and smiled weakly I knew instantly that something was wrong..

“Are you okay Mom? Who upset you.”, I asked angrily ready to pounce on them.

“Oh no it’s nothing, I really want to talk to you dear come have a seat. ” She made me sat beside her.

” Am all yours mom tell me what’s bugging you. ” I said Calmly.

” I really worried about you dear, I don’t like this attitude of yours. The principal had called me today that you had set a fire extinguisher at his door to prank him and also publicly disgraced your class teacher . Is this true? ” She asked sadly.

” Mom I was just having fun. ” I rolled my eyes.

” Look sky there are other ways to fun but not looking for trouble. I really don’t want you to get hurt my dear. ” She touched my hair and I was unable to say anything.

” You have gone to jail five good times and I won’t want it to repeat itself again, am your Mother baby I get hurt whenever you get into trouble..

” I want you to promise me right here and right now that you won’t make trouble with anyone again. Your Dad has threatened to throw me outta the house because of you. Please am begging you sky promise me you won’t look for trouble anymore. ” She sobbed..

I was touched I hate seeing mom in tears and I hate being the reason for her tear.

“Mom….” It came out like a whisper.

“Please dear I want you to stop all your boyish attitude and focus more on school for my sake please. ” She sobbed even more…

” Okay fine mom I promise , just stop crying please. ” I blinked back my tears.

I don’t think I can ever be in good terms with Mr Cortez.

“Come here dear.” She pulled me into a hug.

We stayed like that for awhile before disengaging from the hug.

“I made your favorite spaghetti meat ball. ” She smiled as I wiped off her tears.

” Thanks Mom let go freshen up.” I said and rushed upstairs to my room.

This is it sky, you just have to limit trouble making and try focusing on getting good grades.

I took a shower and change into something comfortable before jogging downstairs to the dinner.

Jake was seated already munching on his lunch .

I pulled his cheek playfully before taking a seat. He glared hard at me before focusing on his meal.

I guess he’s not gotten over the wax prank yet.

We ate quietly ,Jake didn’t even spare me a glance.

I stood up and went upstairs to get my Jacket. Need to get my bike back home.

I know you all are wondering what chilli pepper is doing in my bag. Well I always get prepared for anything.

I went to the garage and picked up a gallon of fuel before leaving the house.

The next morning.

I got dressed up in a baggy Jean and a white tank top. I packed my hair in a bun and wore my sneakers before walking outta my room.

Mom was happy to see me well dressed today. Dad snort and focused on his breakfast.

“Good morning dearies am off bye mom I love you.” I peeked her cheeks and took a sandwich before walking away.

I had fixed my bike last night so it should be fine.

I got on rode away. I hate looking girlish but what choice do I have.

That doesn’t mean there’s no chili pepper in my bag. If anyone tries sh*t with me am gonna give them a taste of my Chili’s.

I rode into the school premises and parked my bike somewhere to avoid drama.

I don’t really get why this Korean dolls like staring at me.

The last time I checked am not the only American here.

Maybe it’s part of their tradition to stare.

I hung my backpack and walked proudly to my locker only to meet angry stickers all over my locker. So many lipstick stain and bitchy words Written all over it.

“Who did this !!!! “I yelled everyone became scared only one ugly looking doll decided to speak up.

” I did so what you gonna do?” She said nonchalantly as she walked towards me with minions who’re probably scared of me.

“Hey Korean BBQ I don’t know you and you don’t really know me! Kindly take everything off.” I said trying so hard to control my anger.

” Oh so the trouble maker is being calm today. And if I don’t take it off what will you do?” She asked proudly .

I looked at her ugly face thinking of all the bad things I could do to her then I remembered mom but still am gonna teach her a lesson.

“This is just a warning for you to stay away from me jungkook.”she smirked.

“I said take it off!!!” I growled angrily.

Her minions ran away outta fear leaving me and her alone.

“You can’t force me to do it.” She said fearlessly.

“Ever had of seven position in seven minutes?” I asked.

She looked at me confused before answering.

“No what does that mean?” She asked I could tell she was becoming scared but didn’t wanna show it.

“Wait let me show you.” I grabbed her by the shirt and used her lips to clean the whole thing. The next was her face then her shirt and her hair till my locker was looking good.

“You b***h!!” She roared like a wounded lion only she’s not a lion but a wounded chicken.

“Yeah have had that alot.” I smirked evilly as I dropped my backpack and took out my sketch pad.

” You’ll pay dearly for this b***h do you know who my father is? Just wait and see.” She said angrily and scrawled away.

Good riddance.

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I took my sketch pad and went to the garden I saw yesterday.

I don’t really feel like attending classes today because am scared I might hurt someone.

I Walked quietly to the garden and sat down on the clean grass.

I saw a beautiful butterfly I decided to draw a butterfly.

Apart from being a pain in the a$$ I love sketching.

I had drawn so many cartoon characters. All my favorites.

I was busy sketching that I didn’t notice someone was in the garden too.

“Hey you, what are you doing here?” He groan.

This guy again? I don’t get why I keep seeing his ugly face everywhere I go.

“Oh hi.” I muttered dryly as I focused on what I was drawing.

“Kindly go away I don’t welcome visitors here.” He barked at me.

“Take a chill pills. I didn’t know anyone was here plus I just came to relax that’s all.” I explained calmly.

” Whatever. Just know your limits.” He said and stood a small fountain without saying anything to me.

It’s like I don’t even exist in his world. How can you be in the same place with someone and don’t say anything.

“Do you have a name?” I asked him.

He scoffs and looked at me with a straight face and looked away.

” My name doesn’t matter to you.” He said coldly.

“What’s your problem? I was just tryna be friendly.” I rolled my eyes and perfected my work.

He didn’t say anything as he held his chest and groaned softly.

At first i thought he was actually joking till he started coughing out blood OMG. I stood up immediately and rushed to his side.

He fell to the ground holding his chest in pain .

Have seen this before , I think I know what’s wrong with him.

It’s called cardiogenic shock. This stuff killed my sister Carrie.

He was finding it hard to breathe or say anything.

I helped him up and made him rest his back on the oak tree. There’s a syrup for it I better check his bag.

i went through his backpack and luckily I found it and injected him immediately.

Few minutes later he became calm but unable to move.

I made him lay down on the grass and used his backpack as support.

“You’ll be fine in few seconds.” I said and sat down close to him and focused on my sketch.

Hmmmm so V has a weakness too.

And Skyler also has a soft spot ??? are you thinking what am thinking????