The New Girl Episode 5


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Gosh I’m made. This has been my little secret. I lived a life of an introvert all because I don’t want anyone to see my weak side. This freak just did I pray she doesn’t tell the whole school about it. I stood and picked up my backpack. Without saying anything.

“You must not say this to anyone.” I said Sternly.

“Huh? Are you sure you’re okay? Nah you have something in your brain. A simple thank you would do. ” She glared hard at me.

” What were you expecting? A hand written thank you or a banner for you? b***h don’t expect any favors from me. ” I said and walked away leaving her boiling in anger.

On my way I bumped into Kim Mia. The school busy body. Always everywhere maybe because her dad is the prime minister Kim Namjeon.

I wasn’t schooling with her before, she was also transferred here few days ago just so she could be close to me. Have been through alot because of her. That I won’t go into details.

Kim Mia was my ex girlfriend tho she’s still telling the whole school we’re still dating. I wanted to ignore her but she stopped me.

“What were you doing with that lowlife huh?” She asked like she own me.

” That’s non of your concern now if you don’t mind I have somewhere to be . ” I shun her and moved away.

” Look V stop acting like you don’t love me anymore I know you do. Okay I admit I made a mistake and am sorry please let’s end this and go back to the way we were. ” She said proudly and that’s my problem with her.

She feels nobody is better than her. She can hurt me whenever she feels like and come back because she knows I love her.

“Stop this drama Mia and get outta my way.” I said in between clenched teeth.

” I won’t go anywhere V stop pushing me away. I came back to Korea all because of you my love.” She said and tried touching my face but I pushed her away.

“Get away from me b***h I don’t love you and I’ll never will.” I barked at her and walked away angrily.

I walked to the VIP parking lot and got into my sport car and drove outta the school. I don’t think I can stay A-little bit in the school.

Girls are so annoying.

? Skyler ?

Is this ugly freak for real? I just saved his a$$ and all he could was walking away not even a thank you.

You see why I hate Koreans they’re so full of themselves.

I picked up my sketch pad and left the garden.
It was time for biochemistry class.

I took out the things I’ll be needing and went straight to the class.

Oops turns out am Abit late. I walked quietly into the class as everyone kept staring at me and whispering to themselves.

The problem with this ugly beings that they have nothing to do other than exchanging glances.

I went over to the seat at the back but someone placed his or her leg on the way and I fell to the floor. The whole class roar with laughter.

I pity for whoever did This.

“Take a seat miss Cortez.” The teacher said.

I cleaned my dress and took a seat at the back but not before identifying the culprit turns out it’s the fool from earlier.

Seems she has not learn her lessons. Well I have something for her.

I waited patiently for the class to be over.
Didn’t see Mr grumpy throughout I guess he left.

I went to my locker and picked up my backpack and walked towards the parking lot and got on my bike.

I rode outta the school but I didn’t go home yet.

I waited somewhere for that b***h luckily I sighted her car from afar.

I rode a few meters and stopped my bike infront of the road.

Her car came to a halt infront of me.

She stepped out angrily and walked towards me.

“Hey you! What do you think you’re doing ? If you wanna get yourself killed then it’s not gonna be my car now get outta the way .” She barked at me.

I smirked evilly and stepped down from my bike.

“I warned you not to mess with me right?” I smiled and moved closer to her as she became scared.

“Stay away from me b***h!” She said Abit frightened.

“Yeah of course I’ll right after I do what I want.” I smirked evilly and brought out a scissor from my bag.

She became very scared.

“What…do you wanna do with that.” She shuttered.

I grabbed her and led her to her car.

Made her sat down before cutting off her hair.

I gave a sexy haircut before leaving her to mourn her rubbish hair.

“This is just little of what i can do to you. Stay outta my way or you gonna have yourself to blame.” I said sternly and got on my bike before riding away.

That should teach her a lesson.

To be continued