The New Girl Episode 28


Skyler’s POV

When he had crashed his lips on mine , it was then I realized that I was actually inlove with him.

Mrs Lee was right after all. I can’t hide it anymore.

I encircled my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss as he made me lay down.

We kissed like never before, he planted soft kisses all over my face down to my neckline.

He left hickeys on my neck. I moan softly as his lips found my ear lobe.

It sent dangling feeling down my body.

He fondle with his hair as he brought his lips to my cleavage pressing kisses all over it.

He used his tongue to tease my belly button. I shuttered into his touch.

My hands found its way to his shirt as I pulled it off his body.

He unhooked my bra and toss it aside.

A moan escaped my mouth as his lips came in contact with my ti*ts.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hands on my panties. He pulled it down slowly.

Soon I was naked and fragile infront of me him.

He stared at me for a moment before claiming my lips again and pulled off his shorts.

This is it sky there’s no going back.

I encircled by long legs around his waist as he slowly got into me.

I held on to him tightly as my fingers dug deep into his skin.

Yeah am still a virgin.

He stopped immediately he noticed I was in pain.

” Am sorry for hurting you barbie doll , maybe I should stop.” He whispered audibly kissing my eyes.

He was looking worried.. I shook my head telling him not to stop.

He made sure not to hurt me as he move in and outta me tenderly.

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Kim Taehyung 

And we had sex , no we made love. It was different from anything I have ever done before.

Feel bad because she’s a virgin I’m scared I might have hurt her.

I carried her in my arms into the bathroom and mixed a bath for her before coming back into the room.

I took care of the sheets that was stained with blood.

When she was done I took her to the bed and wore her one of my shirt before tucking her into bed.

She looked weary and paled too.

I need to do something about it. Made sure she was asleep before planting a kiss on her forehead.

I got dressed and left the room.

Bumped into mrs Lee.

” I told you my boy you can’t run away from love you can’t fight, it will only get stronger. ” She said with a smile like she was reading my thoughts.

” Are you some sort of psychic now ?” I scoffs.

” I know you’re scared she might break you just the way Mia did , but I can tell you Skyler is the only person that can love you unconditionally. Don’t be scared dear and let love lead. “She said brilliantly.

I sighed and looked at her.

Maybe she was right , Skyler is different from all the girls.

” Okay thanks ma’am you’re the best.” I said and pulled her into a hug.

To be continued