The New Girl Episode 27


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Skyler’s POV 

Am gonna make sure I make him suffer for ever trying to hurt me.

“Let’s see what I can actually do for fun.” I said I went through all my prank stuffs.

V had helped me move him outta to the stable. That’s the perfect place for people like him.

” And do you think am scared of your petty punishment? Go ahead and do what you want. ” He still has mouth to talk.

” Shut up JK or am gonna have to do it forcefully.” Tae said in between clenched teeth.

“I know you’ll definitely say anything in the favor of your sire . I’ll never be submissive to any lady. ” He was still making noice when I sprayed his eyes with pepper spray.

That’s just phase one of his punishment.

He shouted and fell to the group as he tried to get it outta his eyes.

I pulled off his trousers and added some inching powder. The best quality. Inching powder doesn’t go well with heat so I wore his trouser back.

He was now fairing for his eyes and forbidden zone.

I would pay a million dollars to see the look on his pathetic face as he rolled over the place .

” Be right back barbie doll , I think the cops are here. ” V said and walked away. I know he must be angry and won’t say it.

He came back shortly with the cops but the unexpected happened.

” Officer please take me away from this woman I don’t wanna die. ” Jk pleaded as he crawled to the inspector’s feet.

The inspector was sure as hell suprised.

“Take him away.” The inspector said and his boys took him away.

He happily followed them as long as he is away from me.

It was just me and Tae , he walked back into his mansion leaving me there.

I guess he’s having a hard time with what just happened.

I took all my stuff and hid it somewhere in the stable before walking away.

Kim Taehyung V

I Went upstairs to one of the master’s bedroom.

I poured myself some tequila shots and gulp down everything.

How could he stoop so low as to trying to rape Skyler.

I don’t even know what to say to her or how to even look her in the eyes.

I ran my fingers through my hair faustratedly.

I don’t get why I feel pained. My heart always skips a beat whenever she’s very close to me.

Maybe am going insane I can’t even think straight.

“There you’re.” I heard her sweet voice.

” How did you know I was here.” I asked .

” Well the door was slightly open and you were nowhere to be found. Are you okay?” She. Moved closer and sat down beside me.

I sighed tiredly as I made sure not to break eye contact with her.

My eyes fell on her intoxicated bloodshot lips.

” I’m fine whenever you are around .” I whisper audibly and claimed her lips in mine.

She responded to the kiss immediately and deepen it as we kissed passionately.

To be continued