The New Girl Episode 26


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Skyler’s POV

I won’t give up that easily I wasn’t taught to give up a fight.

I kicked the one standing in front of me and bit the one holding me.

He let go of my hand immediately as he yelled out in pain.

“This b***h! Just bite me.” He held the spot which was bleeding already.

I grabbed the vase and throw it at them.

I kept grabbing anything I could lay my hands on.

I was caught unaware from behind by a different person.

I didn’t see him there.

He gave me a slap that sent me flying to the ground.

Grabbed hold of my hair aggressively and slammed me to the bed.

I kept trying to fight my way through till I became weary.

They tied up my hands against the bed while one was holding up a camera recording everything.

He brought his lips closer to my face but I ended up biting off his ear.

He yelled out in pain and back off.

Even if am tied up there’s no way am letting them succeed.

“You American bas***d!” He roared and wanted smacking me when someone caught hold of his hand and gave him a punch on the abdomen.

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? Kim Taehyung ?

I drove like a mad man to my mansion and just as suspected someone had broken into my house.

I dialed the 911 before walking into the house.

All the antique and electronics had been ruined.

I heard someone screamed from upstairs. That’s not Skyler’s voice.

I raced upstairs to my room just in time to stop that bas***d from touching her.

The four goons rounded me.

Even with my eyes closed I can still take them down. One of them seems to be looking for a route to excape but that’s not gonna work.

I grabbed hold of him and gave him a hard punch.

The rest tried to attack at once but I ended up breaking their arms and legs.

Let’s see how they’re gonna excape now.

I untied Sky and she hugged me tightly.

“Relax Barbie doll am here.” I whisper audibly.

” It was terrible. This niggas are gonna pay dearly in my own way. ” She said coldly and broke the hug.

” Before that let’s see who’s behind the masks. ” I said and went over to removing their masks.

WTF ? the three thugs are Jk’s boys.

Wait! Wait! I hope it’s not what am thinking?

I turned towards the last one which was trying to avoid getting exposed.

I forcefully took the mask off and guess who was behind the mask.

“Jungkook? How dare you bas***d!” I growled angrily and toss him across the room Angrily.

He grunts unable to fight back because of his broken arms and legs.

” How dare you even tried to lay your filthy hands on her ? Are you crazy?!!! ” I gave him a hard kick.

He cough out blood as he was in serious pain.

I trusted him. He’s my better half my best friend how could he do this?

“B… Brother please you’re hurting me.” He managed to say as I gave him another punch to shut him up.

” Am hurting you yeah!! You don’t want me to hurt you but you had the nerves to hurt someone special to me. ” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

” That’s enough V I think I’ve the best punishment for all of them.” Sky said grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re a disgrace to the Kims trust me I’ll make sure the family hears about this but In the main time I’ll let barbie doll handle it in her own way. ” I spat .

I feel like strangling someone’s child

Wow wow did you hear what Kim said?

To be continued