The Mystery Of Love Episode 28


Lucas POV

I called Henry on phone whom I briefly explained what happened, he told me to come meet him at home, we drove to his house. He accommodated us and seriously Henry has been a good friend.

I noticed Linda seemed quite since our arrival, I guess the shocked from what happened at Mrs Williams house still baffles her.

“It okay babe” i said. She nodded her head . Later that evening, i explained to Henry everything about my family, how the Williams family killed my own parents in my presence and how they have been taking care of me, and how they had Linda’s mom in captive, everything seemed strange and shocking to him.

“Anyway Lucas I’m going to help you, first you need to get your right first. That company was supposed to be yours because it was your father’s share of the money they used to invest in the business”

“but how do you intend to do it” i asked him.

“Just do what i ask you to do, everything will be fine. Where do you say her estate was?” He asked. I told him about the place.

“Don’t worry, I’m going there tomorrow, just stay here while i get some information” he said.

“Okay bro, but you need to be very careful i said.

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Henry Pov
The following morning, I drove to the address given to me by Lucas, I parked at one corner of the road, though it was very close to the main entrance of the house after about an hour of standing, I went back inside the car, now planning to leave, then something drew my attention, it was a lady coming out from the building, she was holding a bag, she was one of the maids working in that house, she seems beautiful i guess she was looking for a taxi

I quickly started the car, at least I can get some information about the house and the wicked Mr Williams.

“Hey guess you’re going out” I rolled down, “do you mind if i give you a lift!” I said to her.

“No sir thank you, I’m only going to get some stuff at the market post”

” Okay come in let me help you”.

“Thank you sir” she said while i opened the door for her. She came in and I drove off,

“I guess you work in that house” i asked.

“Yes sir” she replied. “I’m the cook”, she said jokingly, I smiled

” Well you can call me Henry, do you have a cell phone.

“Yes she” replied.

“Okay here’s my card, you can call me anytime” She collected the card whiles everything seems strange to her.

” You just gave me your card” she said.

“Yeah i will like to be a friend and probably we can hangout someday”

” Really” she said, “but i don’t have time

“No i stay in the same estate with you, at least once in a while you can come around to say hi” I lied. She smiled.

i dropped her at the market , we both entered the store she took what she needed then i paid for her bills, she thanked me before she left . I drove back home too, thank goodness i was able to get her, at least I will be able to get more information from her.

But another problem is the fact that i only gave her my card, i just pray she calls me. I got home around 4pm that evening, Lucas and Linda where in their room, it was Lucas that came to meet me first,

“So how was it”. I smiled, “we need some more time”, we were still talking when my phone rang, I looked at the screen, it was an unknown number, I guess she’s the one, I picked up.

” Hello sir, I’m the girl you gave your card to, I called to tell you that i have gotten home” I smiled just like i thought

” Okay dear”. The line went off.

“Who’s she” Linda asked,

“The maid from Lucas Mom’s.

“How did you get inside” she asked. I smiled,

“She was sent on an errand and we got along”. Lucas smiled