The Mystery Of Love Episode 27


Mrs Williams Pov

I was on a call with my husband that morning, when i saw Lucas and Tina drove in, I came downstair to greet since I knew they were coming, I saw the four of them, Lucas and his fiance, his wife to be with two of my Maid, i guess the maid must have seen them before me and as its normal they collected Tina’s bag while they all came in.

“Tina my wife” i greeted while coming downstairs, she came for a hug, lucas greeted while the maid left to do their necessity. After some minutes, one of the maids came to inform me that the food is ready, we all ate together, later Lucas went to the bar, i guess he was bored of our talk and gist, it’s woman talk so i expected such thing, we gisted and spoke about the families and preparation for their up coming wedding,

After an hour Lucas came again, I noticed that he had something to say, but he didn’t know how to say it,

“what do you want Lucas” I said. he was about saying something when one of my maids came in.

“hello ma, a lady is waiting for you outside she” said.

“Okay let her in” She went to go call her, I noticed Lucas searching his body, i guess he must have lost something important

” my phone” he said, I must have forgotten it at the backyard, he went ahead to go pick it.

Linda Pov
I was still at the security post when the same Maid came to meet me again

” You can go in now”, she said.

“Okay”, I stood up I followed the direction that led to where Mrs Williams was.

After a minute of walking , I entered the house, the room was beautiful, one could really tell that the house was worth billions of dollars. the interior there was superb , I entered to meet Mrs Williams and a lady in her 24, maybe she must have been the lady the maid was telling me about, that she was the wife of her son, but the truth is i didn’t see anyone apart from Mrs Williams and her, and seriously I don’t expect Lucas to be here, and even if he were to be around, maybe he came to celebrate with his so called brother.

I greeted, but i noticed Mrs Williams plan, she stood up from her seat,

“oh you harlot, so you still have the guts and courage to come to my house, after my warning, I thought you had listened, so i was wrong” she continued talking, “I will make you regret coming to my house” she picked up her phone to dial a number.

“I came to talk to you, it’s not what you think” I said. “I came to beg you to let my Mom go, she has no reason to be in your captive”.

“You’re a fool to talk to me that way, harlot like you, about to spoil a happy home you don’t deserve to live, you’re really gonna regret your actions, and to your mom, she will remain in my captive after i lock you up, till my son gets married to this beautiful damsel sitting here.

“Who’s she” the lady asked.

“Oh my wife you don’t have to stress yourself, she was the lady i told you about.”

“Oh you” she pointed at me, seriously everything here seems strange to me, I don’t understand what wass going on here, the two came up shouting at me.The argument continued, then he came in from one corner of the house.

“Lucas” I called his name while seeing him. He was shocked to see me, I guess he didn’t expect to see me here. Series of things started running through my mind, was he the one Mrs Williams was talking about, saying he’s getting married soon, does that mean Lucas was using me to get what he wants, I remembered last night, so he must have been with her, is that the reason Lucas decided not to pick my calls, I was been used, I cried.

So Lucas has betrayed me, I’m a fool to have believed him from the start. He rushed down to me holding my hands.

“Linda it’s not what you think, I’m sorry, we can talk about it later, please lets leave here” he said

“No” I forcefully released my hands from his “you’re a traitor, I’m not going anywhere, I want to see my Mom, she’s is the only one that i can trust right now” the other lady shouted at him,

“Lucas are you out of your senses? I’m here and you’re there talking to that harlot, gold digger trying to steal your heart” Mrs Williams came up again,

“This exactly what i have been telling you, can you see she has been using charm on my son, but today, you will regret your actions” she speaks to an unknown number saying he should come right now. I was really embarrassed. Lucas came up with it again.

” Linda trust me, I love you, I can explain this to you, it’s not what you think, please lets leave now” he forced me out while holding my hands, the lady shouted at him.

“You wanna leave me here for her, can you see that” this time she was facing Mrs Williams, who only smiled.

“You don’t have to worry much my dear. I know what to do” We drove out of the estate, I really couldn’t stop crying, I have been a fool, I had lost trust for him and now he has given him my trust and he went ahead to turn I and my family down, he was talking but, all he was saying wasn’t really sounding good to me. I just wanted to relax, my head was spinning, I just wanted to be myself.

“Stop the car” I said to him.

“Linda it’s dangerous here to stop the car he said, I screamed louder this time.

“STOP THE CAR..” He parked on the shoulder of the road while i opened the door. Now walking down the road, I didn’t ’t have a destination but i felt relieved walking like this, i can’t be fine sitting in his car, he’s wicked I concluded.

“Stop following me” I said after noticing him follow me.

“Linda it’s not what you’re thinking”, he said,

” Then what’s it” I asked angrily.

“I was doing this for a reason” he retorted, I smiled.

“Do you think i am a fool that you can just toss anyhow, you’re getting married soon and you’re still here lying to me that it’s part of the plan. Cmon I’m not a fool, just stop following me and go meet your wife to be ” i said whiles I walked on,

“Linda please believe me, I have no reason to turn against you, you know we’re into this together, what i did right now is gonna cause me trouble you know, that’s the lady i told you she wants me to get married to, which you know i don’t want to, but the only way i can get your mom out is to play along , please believe me he said”, is he saying the truth? I stopped for a while.

” How will i believe you’re saying the truth” I asked,

“I swear with the love I’ve got for you. He answered. I went up to him for a hug.

“I’m sorry Lucas for misunderstanding you” I said.

“It’s okay, let’s go back to the car, I know she is be looking for you right now” he said.

“Okay” i answered while i followed him to the car.

” we’re going to hide for sometime” he concluded.

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