The Loverboys – Episode 46


Alex’s Pov:

Okay; I give up trying to hide my feelings anymore. I’m in love with Jeanne. Yes, I’m deeply In love with her and I can’t concede it any longer.

I know she must be pretty confused with what I’m actually doing.

I don’t know, but I can’t control it and it’s always been my fears.

This feelings; the urges; they’ve always been there and I had a feeling they were bound to overcome me at any time.

Oh, Jeanne! If only you knew I was endangering your life. I love you, but I’m scared it might get you into trouble.

I don’t know; this has always been the issue with me. I can’t control my feelings, and right now, there’s no way I’m stopping this.

Jeanne’s Pov:

My eyes were wide open in shock the whole time as Alex kissed me tempestuously.

It was filled with an unusual fervour.

But, what is going on?

What’s happening?

His fingers were still boring into my waist and I felt him moving them downwards.

I released a little gasp and tried pulling away from him. But he didn’t let me as his grasp around me was firm.

I managed to pull my lips away from the kiss and he opened his eyes and looked at me. My breath had become hard and fast.

His hands were still holding my waist and I couldn’t disentangle because of them.

But…did I want to?

I looked at his lips which had become red and wet.

He brought his head closer and went for my lips again; this time around, kissing me more slowly and passionately.

It tasted strawberry.

Oh, God! Is Alex really kissing me? Or am I just hallucinating?

What is going on?

The grumpy leader of the loverboys, kissing me?

I closed my eyes and felt him bite my tongue and a small gasp escaped my mouth.

It didn’t stay at the kissing point for long as almost immediately, he gently pushed me and made me fell on the bed behind us, with him on top of me.

Oh, my God! What’s happening?

He paused and placed his head on my tummy, as if thinking or something.

Then, he rose his head and placed his hand on mine.

“Jeanne…” he muttered into my ears and kissed me again.

I didn’t even know what to say or do. At that point, my brain was dormant.

I released from the kiss, breathing heavily.

“A…Alex,” I called faintly and he made our foreheads touch.

I couldn’t say any other thing and I felt him move his hand from mine and trailed them to . my waist. He pressed them softly and pecked my lips.

He resumed kissing me and this time around, he used his hand to spread my right leg apart and relaxed more in the space which had been created.

I kept breathing heavily into his lips as he kissed mine.

What am I even doing? Am I ready for this?

I’m still a vi*gin and never planned on getting deflowered anytime soon. But with what Alex Is doing, I can’t even control my thoughts anymore.

I want to resist it, but I can’t. I don’t know what’s happening.

Since I was putting on a long gown, it was still able to cover my p*nties; but not for long as soon, I felt Alex moving his hands slowly into the gown.

Oh, God! He was touching my thighs!

I felt him trail then downwards, all the way till he got to my p*nties!


I gasped and unlocked from the kiss and slowly, he brought his hand out of the gown.

He didn’t try kissing me again but slowly took his hand to the top of my gown and pressed my bo*bs slightly.

For the first time, I moaned and covered my face in his chest.

Then, he moved his both hands to my neck and loosened the rope that held my dress.

Oh, my God! He was about taking off my dress!

He untied the rope and I gasped as the bra-less gown fell freely from my chest.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and hugged him, trying to hide my bo*bs.

Then, he sent his hands to my bare back and rubbed it and his warm hands on my bare skin made me shiver.

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He held my hair gently and made me lie back on the bed and I became really nervous because my cheat was now exposed to him.

I couldn’t even look at him directly in the eyes and he relaxed his head on my shoulder and touched my left bo*b, squeezing it.

Oh, heavens.

I closed my eyes and released soft breaths and…   what the hell! He lowered his head and licked my nipple!

Holy Christ!

He bit it and suddenly started su*king from it like a baby.

I shut my eyes tight and tightened my grip around his neck and moaned for the second time.

This felt like heaven.

What’s happening to me?

I got lost in the sweetness of him squeezing and su*king my nipple and didn’t realise he was actually using his other hand to pull the dress off my waist.

I didn’t realise until it had gotten to my p*nt level and that was when I gasped and opened my eyes.

He also stopped the su*king and concentrated on the gown which he had successfully gotten to my waist level and all I could do was watch helplessly.

He dragged the gown down from my waist and took it off my legs.

Oh, God!

Is this really happening?

I was almost n*ked in front of Alex, and my p*nt was just the only thing keeping me.

He kept his head back on my shoulder and pressed my bo*bs again. Then, this time around, he sucked it roughly.

Oh, Alex! What’re you doing to me?

I moaned in sweetness and held his hair. And that was it. He went for my p*nt!

God! No, no. I can’t expose myself in front of a guy like this.

He held the tip of the p*nt and started pulling It down and when he got to my knee, I suddenly held his hand.

Then, he brought his face close and kissed me – a snogging kiss – and it made me unaware of when he finally took off the p*nt.

Oh, my God!!!

I was lying stark na*ed in front of Alex!

I finally looked at him in the eyes as I gulped nervously. The air conditioner was on, but I was sweating already.

I kept looking into his eyes and kind of wished he wouldn’t look at my body.

He came close and kissed me again on the lips. Then, he left me and knelt beside me on the bed and that was when I knew we were really doing this.

He started taking off his clothes!

I lifted the duvet and covered my body with it and tried not to watch as he undressed.

In few seconds, he was through and he took the duvet from my body and resumed his position – in between my legs.

I could feel my heart beating like a party drum as his shirtless tattoo chest pressed against mine.

He leaned his head on mine and…sent…his…hand…to my v*gina!

I gasped and held his hand, trying to stop him. I suddenly felt scared.

He let out a light scoff and held my hand, taking it away from him. He made my hand lie on my chest, then he went for it again and I shut my eyes as I felt him rub my clit.

Oh, God!


Then, I felt him slipping in a finger and a light scream escaped my lips.

“Wait…” I moaned with my eyes closed as I wrapped my hands around his shoulder and felt him slipping the finger in and out.

I didn’t realise when he made it two, but it hurt as hell and I shrieked. But that didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted.

Gently, he pushed in the two fingers again and the pain-sweetness didn’t make me realise when I opened my legs wider.

I moaned deeply as he continued with it for some time, but after a while, he stopped and brought his hands to my boobs, squeezing and su*king them. Then,; he went for my lips and kissed me roughly this time around.

I opened my eyes as I tried recovering from the pains of fingering me. I had no idea he was about doing the main thing.

He rested his head on my chest and didn’t make a move for a while.

“Jeanne,” he called softly after a while.

“Are you a vi*gin?” He asked and my heart beat increased.

Why’s he asking?

I couldn’t speak, but just nodded and he lifted his head and su*ked lightly from my nipple.

Then I felt something hard against my pu*sy and that was when I realized it was his d*ck.

Oh, my God!

I held him tight as I felt him rubbing it up and down my clit. I folded my lips and wondered what penetration would feel like. I’ve heard it’s usually painful.

He pressed it hard against my clit and the next thing I felt was him finally pushing it in.

“No! Wait!” I moaned loud as I held him to myself.

He didn’t move it, but adjusted close to me and rested his head on my bo*bs.

He placed his two hands on my hair, holding it tight.

My eyes were still closed with my hands clutched around his shoulders. His d*ck was still stuck in my pu*sy.

Then, he moved in and out and immediately, I felt a sharp pain- one that felt like a razor cut and I screamed and held him tight.

“Argh!” I screamed as the pain drove me wild and he paused and smooched my lips.

It seems he was trying to prevent me from screaming.

I breathed heavily as I felt a liquid rush out of my v*gina.

Then, he covered his face on my chest and with his hands still stuck in my hair, he started thrusting in and out of me, slowly at first.

It felt so tight and painful and I felt like my pu*sy was tearing apart.

“Alex…wait…Oh…God…wait…Alex…Please…” I moaned in deep breaths and soon, he started moving faster.

He held my hair tight and moaned into my ears.

I kept begging him to stop while I held him tight to myself and in the meanwhile, tears flowed down my cheeks.

He kept going faster and deeper and I felt from my waist level downwards was damaged. Why does it have to be this painful?

I hope childbirth won’t be as hurtful as this.

Finally, I felt something liquid pouring Inside me and next, Alex pulled out. I took in a deep breath as he left my legs and I noticed I couldn’t even close them easily.

I had to go through pains in making my legs lap together, then I turned and laid sideways so I could back Alex who was now lying on the bed as well.

I cleaned the tears off my eyes, but more kept rushing down. The pains were excruciating. I couldn’t even move my finger.

Then, I felt Alex drag the duvet up and cover me with it. He brought his head close to my shoulders and I could tell he was looking into my face, although my eyes were closed.

I felt him use his palm to wipe the tear that rolled down my cheek, and next, he pecked me and I didn’t feel any other thing as I suddenly dozed off.

Alex’s Pov:

I covered her with the duvet and watched as tears streamed down her cheeks. I felt pity for her.

She was going through pains, and I knew it. I actually had no idea she was still a virgin!

It’s a good thing I asked her before penetrating, else, I’d have badly injured her 10 times the pains she was feeling right now. I can’t believe someone as pretty as she is was still a virgin. No wonder she always acts naive.

I cleaned her tears and pecked her cheeks.

I’m sorry, Jeanne, for making you cry. I know what I’ve done today was bound to get you into trouble, but I promise to be there for you.

Although, I don’t know how possible your safety is right now, but I just want you to know I’ll fight for you until my last breath.