The Loverboys – Episode 45


Jeanne’s Pov:

My eyes widened as I tried to get a clearer view of him.

Alex was still in the car.

He really looked exactly like Theo. Or…could I be mistaken?

But, I don’t think so. And why’s he staring this way?

Suddenly, he opened the door of the black flashy car he was standing beside and walked into it and that was when Alex came out of the car.

“Hey” he called as he turned around to meet me, but my eyes were still fixed on the black car which engines had turned on.

I kept looking keenly at it and wished I could have a view of him again.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked, surprised.

He turned to the direction I was staring and also saw the car which was now moving.

He joined me in staring at it until it finally drove away.

Then he turned back to me and tapped me.

“Hey…is there something wrong?” He asked and I cleared my throat and shrugged out of my thoughts.

“I’m…I just thought…” I paused and looked at the direction the car had taken.

“I thought I saw someone i knew. But…its nothing. Don’t worry about it” I replied, hoping I sounded convincing.

But, seriously, I was still worried and confused.

Wasn’t that Theo?

“Are you sure?” Alex asked, his hand still on my shoulder.

“Y…Yeah” I stuttered and cleared my throat again.

He.looked behind, as if not satisfied. Then, he looked back at me.

“Okay. Let’s go in” he said and I managed a faux smile and we walked into the magnificent building together.

He held my hand as we walked in and we were warmly welcomed by the receptionists who took us to a special VVIP room. It seems Alex already made preparations for this before now.

They served us drinks and snacks. But seriously, my entire attention was so not there.

I was so confused.

That guy really looked a lot like Theo.

Or could I be mistaken?

But what if I’m right and he’s really Theo? Then, why was he there, staring at us. Could he be spying on us?

And why did he leave quietly?

Oh, God!

Why do I have a feeling something is wrong?

And Alex…I don’t know, but i feel scared telling him about it. What if it gets him upset, especially since its just a guess and I have no idea Where Theo had driven to?

What if it changes his mood?

“Jeanne” his calm voice broke into my thoughts and I lifted my head to look at him.

“What’s the problem?” He asked in an unfeigned perturbed voice as he placed his hand on mine which was on the table.

I sighed and stared downwards.

“I’m…fine. I’m fine” I said in a deep breath and managed a smile.

He looked at me and still looked worried.

“Then, why looking this way?” He asked and I forced out a dry laugh.

“I said I’m fine, okay? Don’t worry about me” I.replied and took up my glass of wine and drank from it so I seem relieved.

We spent a long time in the lounge and since Alex had become worried, I decided to brighten up my countenance so he doesn’t feel bad anymore.

When we were done from the lounge, I asked him to take me to a plaza so I could get some gifts for Molly, just like I had promised.

He agreed and took me to a mighty plaza and we got to the kiddies section and there he assisted me in selecting some lovely items for Molly.

“if you get married, I’m sure Molly would want you to take her in as your first daughter” he said while we were taking out toys from the toys section and I laughed.

“That’s funny” I remarked.

“I’m serious. She told me herself” he said and I gasped.


“Yeah. She’s really grown fond of you, you know?” He said and I smiled happily.

“Well…she’s a cool kid. Although, she’s kind of grumpy-just like her brother. But, I still love her” I said and he laughed.

“Woa! Are you really saying that to me? I’m not grumpy. I’m a good boy. I know it” he proclaimed,  spreading his arms apart and it made me laugh.

But, seriously, I was just trying to put on a lively mood to make him happy.

Innerly, my heart was troubled.


When we were done from the plaza, we drove straight home and he assisted me in packaging all the things we bought.

“Uhm…Alex,” I called after a long while when we were together in the sitting room.

He was drinking and watching the tele, while I just sat absent mindedly with a plate of cookies on my laps.

“Yes?” He answered without looking at me.

Okay. I really need to do this. I think it’s high time I knew already.

“Can I ask a question?” I asked nervously.

“Sure. What’s it?” He replied, still not looking at me.

His eyes were just fixed on the TV which was playing a Korean movie.

“Uhm…promise you won’t get mad at me” I said and that was what made him look at me.

“What is it?” He asked, surprised.

“Promise me first” I repeated and he scoffed.

“Fine. I won’t. What is it?”.

I took in a deep breath and adjusted to look at him.

Oh, God! I really hope he doesn’t get mad at me.

“Wh…What transpired between you and Theo?” I expounded and immediately, I saw a spark in his eyes.

The drink he held fell from his hand to the floor and I winced.

He fisted his hand and stood up.

Oh, no! You promised you wouldn’t get mad at me.

“What prompted you to ask this question?” He asked angrily, his voice coming out croaky.

He wasn’t staring at me, but just stood backing me.

“A…Alex” I stuttered and stood up.

“I’m…s..sorry. I just…wanted to know…”

“Well, you don’t need to know!” He interrupted me raucously as he snapped and faced me.

Oh, God!

I felt my heart becoming two.

Is this how he gets when he’s angry?

“Just because I let you talk to me doesn’t give you the right to invade into my privacy!” He yelled at me and I could feel his hot breath on my face because of how close he was standing and shouting at me.

I gasped in fright as a tear escaped my eyes.

Why did I have to ask him about it?

“I’m sorry” I said in a faint voice, looking into his eyes.

Then, just as if something melted him, he took in a deep breath and bent his head.

He turned around and headed for the door, but just when he got there, he stopped and placed his hands on the door.

His voice came out more calmly now.

“I did something bad to him” he said in a tone that wavered.

“I offended him badly and it’s an offence that might be difficult to forgive. It’s an offence that gives him every right to be mad at me, but I still pray someday, he finds a place in his heart to forgive me.”

And with that, he opened the door and stormed out of the house.

I remained standing for a long while, just staring at the blank door. Alex’s words replayed in my head and they kinda hurt me.

But what really happened between him and Theo that angers him this much?

What could it be?

I plonked myself on the chair and thought bitterly about it.

This is the reason I didn’t want to tell him about seeing Theo at the lounge. I knew it’d change his mood. If I had known, I wouldn’t had asked him this question either. Now, it ruined his entire mood. I wonder where he’s gone to.

I stayed quietly in the sitting room for a long time, then, I went to the bedroom.

I opened the window and looked through it and there I found him sitting and drinking alone by the pool in the dark.

Oh! poor him.

I never should’ve brought up that question in the first place.

I stood and watched him from the window for a long time. I felt like going out to meet him, but felt scared of what his reaction might be.

Too bad the last night I have to spend with him has to be ruined.

I laid quietly on the bed, facing the ceiling. So many thoughts kept flashing through my mind – so many unanswered questions – and I so badly needed answers to them.

I stayed in one position for a long time. Then, I left the bed and went to the wardrobe, deciding to get him a cloth.

He was just putting on a vest and since he was sitting by the pool, I was guessing he might be cold. I needed to get him something warm.

I took out a thick shirt from his bag and was about going out when the door suddenly opened and he came in.


He paused at the door and stared at me and I moved away from the wardrobe.

“I uh…was about coming to give this to you” I said and held out the cloth to him.

He sighed and walked in, moving close to me.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. I didn’t mean any of it” he spoke calmly and remorsefully.

“it’s okay. I understand” I replied with a light nod.

He exhaled softly and drew closer to me, now standing very close in front of me.

He didn’t say a word and slowly, he lifted his hands and placed them on my waist.

What in the name of…

My eyes were lost, staring into his; my heart racing heavily.

“S…Sir?” I called as I gulped nervously.

Then, slowly again, he placed his forehead on mine and closed his eyes.

“Stay still” he said in a soft breath and the next thing I felt, he placed his lips on mine and kissed me.


My heart leapt out of my chest as he went deeper and pressed his fingers into my waist.