The Loverboys Episode 28


Kimberly’s Pov:

Okay; this woman’s really got to be kidding me.

What the hell is she talking about?

I was spying on her and had gotten to know she had gotten the location of Anna’s department.

So, I secretly followed her and now she’s giving me this bullsh*t, telling me I have a sister.

What the heck?

“Kim” she called softly and took a step closer but I drew back.

“Please baby. Try and understand”

“Understand whet mum?” I cut her off sharply.

“Understand what exactly? That I have a sister? What sister? Wh…Where’s she? How come you’re looking for her? What happened to her” I asked impatiently and she sniffed and wiped her face.

“Its along story, Kim” she said tearfully.

“But it isn’t my fault.

“The life you see me living today – this wealthy popular life – wasn’t the life I was living years ago.

“i grew up as a poor orphan; staying with my cruel aunt. I went through the worst part of life, darling. Believe me.

I…” she paused and wept. “I even got raped in the process”

She paused and wept again and I couldn’t help but watch in amusement.

My heart was melting.

My mother was raped?

“I was raped, Kim. And that was how I got pregnant. Although, my aunt didn’t send me parking, she made life unbearable for me that sometimes, I think of suicide.

“One day, someone killed my uncle – my aunty’s husband.

I was in the kitchen when I heard him scream and I ran into the sitting room and found him lying dead on the floor with a knife stuck into his chest.

“Before I could even scream, my aunty came in immediately and after crying and wailing, she accused me of killing him.

“She wanted to get me arrested, but I ran away before the corps arrived.

Then I was left alone in the streets.

“I had to eat from the trash, beg from others, sleep on the cold floor, gutters or anywhere I was lucky to find. And at that time, the police were searching for me.

“Then, one fateful night, I gave birth – alone – to my baby girl.”

She paused to cry a little.

“She was so beautiful and adorable and her coming into my life was like a blessing which I didn’t wanna lose.

“I so wanted to keep her, watch her grow and take care of her with love . but at that moment, I couldn’t because I had nothing.

I couldn’t even feed or clothe myself. And the police were after me. I had no other option.

“Anna was a close friend of mine and she lived alone. I took my baby to her and pleaded with her to take her in and keep her safe till I returned. I wanted to go out, clear my name and make a living, and when I was done, I had promised to return for my baby.

“Anna agreed and took her in and immediately I left, the police caught up with me.

I was arrested.

“I stayed two years in jail for a crime I didn’t commit.

But one day, one fateful day, I came across your father.

He had visited the station and when he saw me, he felt pity for me.he worked on my case and cleared my name and I got released.

“I started Woking for him, as his cook, at first. But after a year, we got married.

“Then I went back to Anna’s house for my baby. But…on reaching there, I couldn’t find her anymore. And I discovered her house had been burnt down.”

She paused and cried again.

“And I’ve been looking for her since then, to get my daughter back.

“I’m sorry I kept it away from you and your father. I…I was just scared and didn’t know how to tell you. I just wanted to find her first before showing her to you.”

She sniffed and took one of my hands.

“Please Kim. Don’t be mad at me. It wasn’t my fault. I was just in a difficult situation. Please, baby”

I didn’t realise she wasn’t the only one crying. I was crying as well.

The whole thing was just too shocking and I can’t seem to believe it.

“Baby” she called tearfully and embraced me and I felt like pushing her away, but couldn’t.

I felt kind of angry, but pity at the same time.

She’s been through alot and I felt bad for her. But she shouldn’t have kept it a secret from me.

I can’t believe I have a sister.


Jeanne’s Pov:

On Monday morning.

We all sat together at the dining – I, Molly, Mrs Tristan, and the Loverboys – for breakfast.

Even Alex was there, but he wasn’t saying or contributing anything to the conversation we were making.

“Are you sure you’re strong enough to go out, Jeanne?” Mrs Tristan asked again and I sighed and looked at her.

“I’ve told you, Auntie. You don’t need to worry about me. The medicines did help a lot and I’m perfectly fine now” I replied, hoping she’d be convinced.

She’s been insisting I stayed home for enough rest. But the truth is, I’m fine now. I’m able to walk without stress and everything’s normal.

Besides, I don’t want to miss a single day out of my training, not when we have just one week to go.

“I can’t believe something that hideous happened in my daughter’s school” Mrs Tristan continued.

“I mean, what if something bad had happened to her? I had actually intended changing her from there, but Mrs Hudges the proprietress has pleaded with me not to.

She almost went on her knees, begging me. And considering the fact we’ve been friends for a long time, I decided to listen to her.

But I’m sure she’s only interested in the huge benefits she’s been getting from me.

“But I’ve made it clear to her, if I hear as little as a broken glass incidence in that school, I’m getting her out of there as soon as possible” she said a little angrily and I was forced to chuckle.

Then, a brief silence stepped in.

“Your training’s rounding up this week, right?” Carl asked and I nodded.

“I wish you the best, dear” Mrs Tristan added and I smiled and bowed.

Then, Alex cleaned his lips with a napkin and stood up, ready to leave.

“I’ll be leaving now” he said as he stood on his feet.

“Hold on, Alex” Malcolm said.

“Hope you’re aware we’ll be attending classes today?”

Alex flinched and looked at him.

“What class? It isn’t tuesday…”

“Yes. But today’s vocational class will be handled by Mr Leonard. So we’ve got to be there” Daniel said.


“What?” Alex scoffed.

“What stupid vocational class? I’m not interested”

“You know we can’t skip Mr Leo’s classes, Alex. He’s capable of doing terrible things to us. So, you’ve gonna spare this one. It’s a catering class…”

“And whoever said I was interested in cooking sh*t? I don’t give a damn and I’m not going” he replied and walked away.

He sounded so irritated.

The Loverboys looked at each other and shrugged.

But, is Alex really going to afford missing Mr Leo’s class?


After breakfast, I dropped Molly off at school and proceeded to mine.

We received the normal morning classes and by 10 am, it was time for the vocational class.

It’s really happening and Mr Leo was the one coordinating it.


So that means Alex was bound to come. But he had bluntly said he wouldn’t be coming.

Hm. Let’s see what happens then.

Everyone got set in the big hall and since we were combining both the science, arts and commercial classes together, three of the lovergirls were present – Kim and two other girls.

That was when I got to know Kim and I were grade mates, but different courses.

She was putting on a bum shot and a blue jacket and I can’t believe she can wear something like that to class.

I heard there would be practicals and different catering equipments filled the entire place.

Just when Mr Leonard was about to commence, the loverboys walked in majestically.

But Alex wasn’t with them.

The students all started day dreaming on them as they found a place to sit.

“Good morning students” Mr Leo said buoyantly as he stood in front of us.

The whole class became silent and focused on him.

“Today, like you all must have known, we’ll be making a practical on chocolate cake”.

Then, suddenly, he paused and looked around.

“Where’s Alex?” He faced the loverboys and asked and they looked at each other.

“I asked a question. Where’s Alex?” He asked again in a more demanding tone, staring keenly at them.

“Uhm…We have no idea sir” Daniel replied and Mr Leonard sighed and brought out his phone.

He moved some distance away and made a call and obviously, it was Alex.

He spoke angrily on the phone, but the only thing I could hear were the last lines of the call:

“If you don’t get here in the next ten minutes, you can be sure of staying out of school for a year”.

And he dropped the call.

Gosh! This man’s too strict. No wonder the loverboys are scared of him. I think he must be someone who holds a strong position in the Alpha records.

“Sorry for the interruption” he said as he returned to us.

“Okay. So can we proceed? Get your books and pens ready as I do and explain the first practical myself. Then, after that, you’ll do yours yourself.”

I quickly brought out my notepad along with the other students and Mr Leo started the practical.

He demonstrated each step for us and I was surprised to see a man so good at baking.

“Now remember” he said.

“When turning your mixture into the pan, be careful so it doesn’t touch the sides of the pan, is that understood?” He asked as he turned his mixture into the pan and we all replied simultaneously.

“Good. And now, all you have to do is bake your cake on a low heat” he said as he fixed the pan into the oven and closed it.

“Any questions?”

At that moment, Alex came in.


The whole place became filled with whisperings and side talks as he showed up in his classic appearance.

But he looked really angry.

“You missed the lectures Alex” Mr Leo said.

“I wonder how you’re gonna cope in the practicals”.

“Like I care” Alex said – lowly though – as he walked to where the loverboys were and sat beside them.

All the ladies that had an opportunity to be close to him all looked like they wanted to collapse at any moment.

I wish they were there when he had carried me in his arms.

“Okay” Mr Leo continued audibly.

“Now, the practicals begin.

But it’s gonna be done in pairs – a boy and a girl. And the pair with the best result gets the highest score.

Oh,  really? We’re going to be in pairs? Who will I be paired up with?

“Now,” he continued.

“So it doesn’t look like it’s my fault you got paired up with someone you don’t like, I made it more like a lucky pick.”

He paused and brought out polythene and emptied it on the table. Little wrapped papers poured out from it.

What does this mean?

“These are the names of all the girls present here. Now, each boy will come out and make a pick and when he opens it, whoever’s name he finds on the paper is going to be his partner” Mr Leo explained and the hall automatically became noisy as excitement crept in.

They all started noistering to each other and there was only one reason behind their excitement – who would be the loverboys partners?

“Quiet!” Mr Leo said on top of his voice and the vibration in it made the whole place dead silent.

But I was also curious. Who would get paired up with the loverboys? That person would be so lucky – working hand in hand with a loverboy!

“Okay. Shall we begin? The first boy on the row, come out quickly and make a pick.”.Mr Leo said and the first boy went out and picked a paper.

He was very cute, but apparently, most of the ladies were praying he doesn’t chose them. They were all hoping on the loverboys.

He opened the paper and called out the name:

“Ivy Jack”.

The students giggled as the ivy of a girl went out with a little frown.

She went to  stand with her partner and the next boy came up.

Finally, it got to the loverboys turn.

First, it was Daniel.

All the ladies went drooling around him and Mr Leo had to throw angry glances at some to keep them cool.

He went over to the table and picked a name and called it out:

“Eva Chrislann” he called and I turned to look at her.

It was one of the lovergirls.


How lucky.

I knew if it wasn’t for the fact she was a celebrity, she’d have screamed and fallen on the floor.

She smiled happily and rushed out and went to a stand with him.

Next, it was Carl’s turn and the drooling resumed.

It’d have been nice if I get paired with Carl. I mean, he’s friendly.

He picked a name and opened it and all the ladies eyes beamed.

“Elena Anderson” he called and the lady screamed from where she was and ran out.


She was so lucky.

She ran and stood in front of him and her hands actually started shaking.

Then, he scoffed and held her and they went to a stand together.

Then, it was Malcolm’s turn and the drooling went on for him and he chosed another lucky lady’s name:

“Andrea Jones”.

And finally, it was Alex’s turn.

Believe me when I say this, but the drooling and suspense the other loverboys had created were nothing compared to the ones Alex was creating.

To my ultimate surprise, some of the ladies were even crying.

I mean, this was a golden opportunity for them to be so close to their favourite superstar.

He huffed as he stood up and walked to a table. I saw a lady holding her chaplain and making a prayer.

Even Kim was anxious and twitchy and was obviously prayingpraying she gets chosen by him.

He picked a name from the table and rolled his eyes before opening it and some of the ladies ended up falling while trying to peep into it.

He paused and stared into the paper for a long time and with the way he looked, it seemed he was surprised.

Well, his expression was unexplainable.

“Alex?” Mr Leo called.

“Who’s name did you pick?”

He was obviously also curious.

Oh, God!

Who’s name did Alex pick?