The Loverboys Episode 27


Jeanne’s Pov:

I woke up the next morning feeling a whole lot better.


But I was starving.

Molly was already awake and was just playing games with my phone.

“Nanny” she called when she noticed I was awake and I yawned and sat up.

“How’re you feeling, nanny?” She asked.

“Im fine baby” I replied and brushed my hand down her hair.

Thank God today’s Saturday. I can get enough time to rest.

And I hope I get completely better so I can resume my training on Monday.

But come to think of it, I have just one week before my training ends and the votes by the lover girls would take place.

Oh, geez!

“Come on baby. Let’s go to your room together so you can freshen up” I told her after a while and she dropped the phone and we stood up from the bed together.

I took a step and confirmed the pains in my leg had reduced drastically.

Hopefully by tomorrow, I won’t feel a thing anymore.

Molly and I left my room and getting to the sitting room, we met two of the Loverboys – Carl and Malcolm.

“Jeanne” Carl called immediately he spotted us.

“Good morning, sir.

“Good morning sir”

I greeted both of them as I drew near with Molly.

“Morning, Jeanne. How’s your leg?” Malcolm replied and asked.

“Does it still hurt?” Carl also asked.

“No sir. I’m getting better now. Thanks” I replied with a smile.

“Okay, Jen. Just stay in doors and take care of yourself okay?” Carl said and I bowed my head and left with Molly.

“I’ll be your nanny for today, nanny” Molly said and I laughed.

When we got to her room, I noticed Alex was in his and the door was slightly open.

He actually seemed to be playing his keyboard.

I went into the room with molly and prepared her brush and bath water and when she had gone into the bathroom, I rushed out and went to Alex’s room.

I stood outside by his door and had a peep into his room through the small space provided by the door.

I saw him sitting and playing the keyboard, facing the window.

As  usual, it was a slow sad tone and he closed his eyes while playing.

I watched and admired him and after a while, he started singing the lyrics.

Oh, my gee!

It was so beautiful, but touching:

Just hear what I’ve got to say.

I know I’ve wronged you bad.

A second chance is all I need from you.

You said you’d understand.

No matter the circumstance.

A second chance is all I need from you.

I almost felt like crying because of how touching it was and his voice was so divine and angelic.

But that was where he stopped in the song.

It seemed he was still working on it and hadn’t gotten a chorus yet.


But I think with such song, a high pitched chorus would be suitable.

Something like:

Don’t you walk away.

Remember all you promised.

A second chance is all I need.

A second chance I ask.

I promise to be true.

And love you till I die.

A second chance is all I need.

Just give me one more try.

Although, I only sang it in my heart along with the key he was playing, I’d have loved to suggest it to him.


If only it was possible.

Although he talked a little last night, I wasn’t sure if his attitude would still remain the same.

I didn’t want to get into trouble.

I watched him for a long time and after a while, he stopped playing and I quickly left and went into Molly’s room.

Mrs Percival’s Pov: (Kim’s mum)

I drove on a high speed as curiosity was eating me up. My hands were shaking on the sterling.

Oh, God! I really hope this is it. I hope I get to see Anna.

I’ve been waiting for this for far too long already. I need to find her.

I increased the speed of my car and finally, I got to the location.

I pulled over in front of the apartment and first looked around before coming out of the car.

There were other houses around, but the area was still kind of deserted.

I walked over to the house I was directed to and felt so nervous. My hands were sweating.

Oh, God!

Please help me. I hope I’m in the right place.

I rubbed my palms together and finally knocked on the door.

There was no response.

I took in a deep breath and knocked again and this time around, I heard a woman’s voice from inside.

“Coming” she said and I exhaled and joined my palms together.

I was so nervous.

Then, the door finally opened and a woman came out.


But it wasn’t whom i was expecting.

“Good day ma’am” the woman greeted as she came out fully from the room.

I looked et her in surprise as the whole thing niggled at me.

Could it be possible I was at wrong location?

“is something wrong?” She asked, taken abacked my stunned expression.

I cleared my throat and tried getting myself together.

“Uhm….sorry ma’am. Im…looking for the owner of this house. The person that stays here” I said, pointing to the house.

“Well, I am the owner of this house. Is there a problem?” She asked and it was obvious she was getting paranoid.

I huffed and itched my head.

“Uhm…its just that I was told someone else lives here – Anna Darius” I said and her eyes beamed.

“Oh! Anna?” She asked and I nodded immediately.

“Yes ma’am. Do you know her?”

‘Kind of. She is really the one staying here. But she parked out and I moved in”.

“Huh? Y…You mean she relocated?” I asked worried.


“Uhm…do you know where she moved to?” I asked.

“No, ma’am. I don’t have any idea.”

Oh, God! How do I find her now?

Why does she have to move out before my arrival?

I touched my head and sighed bitterly.

Then I turned back to the woman.

“Uhm…ma’am, when she was leaving, did you see a girl with her? Like, a young girl?” I asked curiously.

‘I don’t think so” she replied.

“I don’t think I saw anyone with her.”

My heart ached as I became hopeless again. Why does this keep happening?

“Thank you” I muttered weakly to the woman and turned around, walking away.

I felt a tear rolling down my cheek as I walked weakly to the car. I felt so devastated and bereft.

How long will I keep searching for her?

When will I see her?

It is all my fault. I never should’ve left her in the first place. I should’ve kept her with me no matter what.

Now I can’t find her again.

Oh, God!

Help me.

I wept as I got to my car. But just when I was about going in, I saw Kimberly standing behind with her own car.


What’s she doing here?

I quickly wiped my face and stood to face her.

“Kim?” I called in surprise and she drew near, holding some papers.

“What re you doing here, mum?’ She asked and I was startled.

She sounded strict.


“Are you looking for her?” She asked and held out paper to me.

It was a picture of Anna Darius.


Is she aware I’ve been looking for her?

Oh, God!

“Tell me, mum. Are you looking for her? Who’s she to you? Why have you been searching for her for years now? And why haven’t you told any of us? Talk to me, mum!” She spoke angrily and I busted into tears.

I knew this was bound to happen. I knew a day would come when I’d have to tell them the truth.

“Mum!” She called and I bent my head and wept more.

“I’m sorry, Kim” I whimpered.

Then she scoffed.

“Sorry?” She asked, confused.

“Sorry for what exactly? What’s going on?”

I tried controlling my tears so I could speak more clearly.

“Kim dear” I said ruefully, still whimpering.

“T..The woman I’ve been looking for – Anna – she’s…she’s with my daughter” I replied and she winced and scoffed.

Oh, God!

Am I ready for this?

I knew this moment was definitely going to come. I just didn’t prepare for it now.

“Wh…what’re you talking about? What daughter?” She asked nonplussed and I forced myself to look into her eyes.

“I’ve…I’ve been looking for your sister, Kim.” I said and the papers she held fell from her hands.

She stuttered as her mouth opened in shock.

“Mum?” She called in ultimate dismay.

“I…I have a sister?”