The Loverboys Episode 15


Kimberly’s Pov:

My name is Kimberly Percival and in the only precious child of my loving parents.

Just so you know, I’m a queen.

I’m the prettiest, the most popular, the hottest, the richest and the leader of the lovergirls. I’m the best.

I always have things done my way and whoever opposes me can go to hell.

Everyone adores me – even the lovergirls. Although, I have just one best friend. And that’s Eva.

I walked into my mum’s room, putting on a shower gown.

But when I got into the room, she didn’t seem to be in.

“Mum?” I called but didn’t get any response.

Then I moved closer to the table and there I found some scattered papers on it.

I took one of the papers and had a look at it and expectedly, it was a profile of a woman – Anna Darius.

Mum has been secretly looking for this woman for years and I have no idea whom she is.

she’s been hiring secret agents to search for her and she hasn’t even told dad and I about it.

She doesn’t want us to know.

But who could this woman be? And why is mum secretly looking for her?

I heard a knob turning and I quickly returned the paper to the table and turned away.

Immediately, the door opened and mum came out of the bathroom.

“Kim” she called as she moved her hair backwards.

Then, she looked at the papers on the table.

Immediately,she came over and took the papers, fixing them in her bag.

“Do you need something?” She asked while zipping her bag and I stuttered a little.

“I…I just wanted to know if you’ve pulled the call through to Diego.” I replied and she sat on her make up table

“Yes, dear. And he wants you to send the files by weekend so he can work it out…”

She applied a red lip gloss to her lips and then a dark mascara and I watched her.

She was a pretty young woman and people always say I took after her.

We have the same bushy brows, big pretty eyes and moderate lips.

“Do you need something else?” She asked when she was done talking and I shook my head.

I felt like asking her about the woman she was looking for but felt she might not want to talk about it since she’s kept it a secret from us.

“I’ll be outside” I said and pecked her cheeks and left afterwards.

I went outside to the pool and there I met four of the lovergirls sitting under the shade.

“Hey, Kim” they called and waved at me but I didn’t even look at them as I just took off the gown I was putting on and dived into the pool.

I swam deep into the water and came out, taking a deep breath.

I stayed with my legs in the water for a short time and after that, I came out of the pool and joined my friends in the shade.

I was just putting on a red pant and bra.

“Wats up Kim?” Eva asked with a cigarette in her mouth as I took a seat.

“You look pale, Kim. Is everything okay?” Joyce asked but I didn’t say a word as I just collected a cigarette and lighter from Eva and lit it.

Then I started smoking.

“By the way, Kim; Stanley told me he has a crush on you” Alina said and the rest of them chuckled.

“Wow! Seriously? You mean Stanley from Beatz?” Caroline asked.

“Well, it’s not surprising. Every guy has a crush on Kim” Eva said.

“Not every guy, Eva. My Tony doesn’t have a crush on her” Joyce said and they laughed.

“Oh! So now he’s your Tony? I thought you were planning to ditch him?” Alina asked.

“Well…maybe. still working on it”

“But why do you want to dump him, Joyce? I mean, he’s handsome, rich…”

“He’s too boring in bed” she cut in and they roared with laughter.

“Oh, my God, Joyce. You’re making me get goosebumps. What do you mean he’s boring in bed?” Eva asked with laughter.

“Well, if he’s boring, why don’t you tutor him?” Alina asked.

“What? I’ve got no time for that, please. Although he’s charming and sweet, just that he’s weak when it comes to s*x.” Joyce replied and they laughed again.

“Hard luck, Joyce. Well, my Derrick’s such a darling” Caroline said Whenever we’re in bed, he rides me to heaven. He’s perfect…”

They went on chatting and laughing, but it didn’t really interest me because my mind was occupied.

I kept thinking about the woman mum’s been looking for for years and why she kept it a secret.

“Kim,  are you sure you’re okay?” Eva broke into my thoughts after a while and I sighed and smoked from my cigarette.

“I’m fine” I replied casualty, bringing out smoke from my nostrils.

“Hetty still hasn’t called in” Joyce said.

“It seems she really wants a division.

“What? She hasn’t called?” Caroline asked surprised.

“Yes. And Mia and Lea are with her.”

Hetty, Mia and Lea were the three remaining lovergirls and they were trying to make a rebellion against because they think I’m being unfair to the band by always taking the lead role in our duets.

Well, to me, I think they’re just being jealous.

“Wow! It seems she really wants to create a division and I can’t believe she was able to get Mia and Lea’s support” Alina said.

“Well, she can go to hell for all I care. And if she isn’t careful, I’m gonna have her signed out sooner than she expects” I replied and rolled my eyes and they chuckled.

“By the way, Kim, what do you think about the new trainees?” Eva asked and I clicked my tongue.

“Well…They all seem boring to me. But let’s see how the training goes” I replied and smoked from my cigarette.

“But I think that Jeanne has a nice voice” Caroline said and I made an irritated face.

“What stupid voice? She sounds ugly” I said churlishly.

“Come on, Kim. Just spill out the reason you don’t like her. Isn’t because she’s the only female worker in the Loverboys mansion?” Caroline asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Wait; you mean she’s one of the trainees?” Alina asked.

She wasn’t there with us.

“Yes, Alina. And you needed to had seen the way Kim treated her when she came to her as a loyal fan” Joyce replied with a smile.

“Oh, my gee! I really missed out. So she’s one of the trainees?”

“Yes. But I really felt bad for her . She had just come to tell her she loved her and her songs. But Kim had treated her like a piece of garbage.”

“Awwn, Kim; that was harsh” Alina said and sniggered.

“Kim is scared she might take her Alex away from her” Eva said and looked at me and I scoffed.

“Is Kim still dreaming on Alex? He hardly even talks to her” Caroline said and I snapped.

“Shut up, Caro! Very soon, he’s going to be mine. I’m still working on it” I replied and rolled my eyes and she chuckled.

“But…If you and Alex ever get to be together, aren’t you scared of the fact that the two girlfriends he’s had in the past four years ended up dead?” Joyce asked.

“Well, I don’t give a damn. My case will be different.

Besides, it’s possible what happened to those girls was just a coincidence. And it’s possible they probably died because I’m the right one for him.” I replied and they laughed lightly.

“By the way,” I continued.

“I’m thinking of making arrangements for dinner and a sleepover at the Loverboys mansion. What do you think?”

I smiled and winked at them as their eyes dilated in disbelieve.


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