The Loverboys Episode 16


Jeanne’s Pov:

I returned home with Molly and after showering and eating, we stayed together in the sitting room and watched a movie.

But I wasn’t really interested in the movie as I just focused on the book.

Mrs Tristan was out and the loverboys were yet to return.

But not long after, I heard the sounds of cars driving in and went to check it out and expectedly, it was the loverboys.

I turned away from the window and sighed.

I felt so scared seeing Alex. I don’t think I’m ready to face them.

I quickly left the sitting room and went into the kitchen and there I found the cook busy as a bee.

“Hey” he called as he shot me a stare and quickly took his eyes back to what he was doing.

“Hi. Good evening” I replied and took a look around.

About three different burners were in and pots and frying pans were on them with contents inside.

“The loverboys are back, aren’t they?” He asked as he poured some carrots into the frying pan.

“I totally lost track of time. Now I don’t know what to do. Who’s meal will I make first? Sir Malcolm’s hash browns? Sir Daniel’s poached eggs? Sir Alex’s coffee? Sir Carl’s…gosh! I’m foxed” he said with a flurried look and I smiled and drew closer.

A mug and tin of cocoa was on the table and he went to them.

“Let me help you out with the coffee” I told him as I took the spoon from him.

“Oh, dear. Thanks a lot” he said happily and returned to the pots and frying pans.

I opened the cocoa and poured some quantity into the mug and adding other ingredients, I started making the coffee my own way.

“Don’t you have an assistance?” I asked as we both acted busy.

“I actually had two. But they lost jobs three days before he got here” he replied and I flinched.

“Really? What happened?” I asked curiously.

‘Well, one of them had mistakenly spilled a drink on sir Alex’s expensive white dress just when he was about leaving for a show. So, he fired him.

“And the other had made sir Daniel’s meal a little too salty and as a result, sir Daniel had to throw up. So he got fired as well”.

“Wow!” I said, surprised.

“So you’re just the only one left right? Aren’t you scared you might be next?”

“What? Hell no. I’ve been with them for a long time now and I’m already aware of their likes and dislikes. So I’m sure there won’t be an error” he replied.

“Wow! You sound so sure. Uhm…how long have you been working here? Were you here during the time of Theo?” I asked and he clicked his tongue.

“Nah. I only got hired about three years ago. I didn’t get to meet Theo” he replied and I nodded.

Too bad.

Soon, I was done with the coffee and I left it and helped him out in dicing some onions.

“Could you help me deliver the coffee to Sir Alex please?” He asked and I widened my eyes.

“What? Are you kidding me? Do you want me dead?” I asked and he laughed.

“What makes you think so? Sir Alex isn’t all that grumpy” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“Well, I guess that’s because you’re probably a guy: I said.

“So what do you think of the loverboys?” He asked after a little pause.

“Well, they’re okay- especially Carl. He seems very friendly. And Malcolm- we haven’t really spoken much though. But that Daniel, it seems he doesn’t like me” I said and he chuckled.

“Trust me, Jen. That was what I also thought the first time I arrived. He’s just a bad tempered guy and yes, he’s pompous. But in time, when he gets to know you, he’ll change and become friendly. He just doesn’t like to associate with strangers at first sight” he said and I shrugged.

“I hope so”.

“I’d better deliver this coffee to Sir Alex before it gets cold. Just help me keep the gas on a low heat and keep stiring” he told me as he took the cup of coffee in a tray and left.

I continued stiring the contents in the pots and after a short while, he returned.

Then he turned all the contents from the different pots into separate plates and arranged them in trays.

“Could you help me with one of the trays, Jeanne? Please?” He said in an appealing tone and I scoffed.


“Come on Jeanne. I really need your help. It’ll be faster please?” He said and I scoffed and shook my head.

How can he ask me to do such a thing? I’ve been running away from the loverboys and now, he’s trying to get me back to them.

Hell no.

“Fine. Since you said Carl’s friendly, you can take his tray. At least, you can be sure he won’t bite” he said and took two of the trays and left the kitchen, leaving me stuck there.

I sighed and looked at the tray. Do I really have to go there?

But I didn’t want to face them.

I dallied a little and finally took the tray, going out of the kitchen.

I walked slowly and nervously and when I got to the sitting room, I met them all there – the four loverboys.

Alex was operating his phone with the coffee beside him.

Daniel was smoking. Carl and Malcolm weren’t doing anything in particular. They were probably interested in the movie playing on the TV screen.

Evans was there as well, arranging their meals.

I gulped nervously and walked in, standing in front of the loverboys.

“G…Good evening, sirs” I greeted with a bow. .

“Good evening, Jen.”; Malcolm was the first to reply.

“Good evening dear. I guess that’s for me?” Carl replied and asked and I nodded and placed the tray in front of him.

“Good evening” Daniel said simply and my eyes beamed.

Wow! He did reply me.

I looked at Alex and his eyes were still fixed on his phone. He didn’t even bother to look at me, not to mention replying to my greeting.

I kept the tray properly on a stool in front of Carl and just then, Molly came in.

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“Nanny, could you help me out with my assignment, please?” She asked and I nodded and we went to the dining to Sit.

The dining was behind the sitting room and sitting on it, I could have a side view of the loverboys.

“I’ll be needing some more cream cheese, Evans” Malcolm said and Evans left the sitting room.

I opened Molly’s textbooks and started directing her on the assignment.

“Have you seen Mira’s new dance video?” Carl asked and I looked at them.

“Yeah. That lady’s such a stripper. I can’t believe she was almost dancing nak*d. And her video’s actually pulling the highest likes online” Malcolm replied with a scoff and Carl laughed.

“Be careful how you talk about her, Malcolm. You know she’s Alex’s ex” Carl said and Daniel pouted his lips.

“You’re insane, Carl. She was never my girlfriend in the first place” he said.

“Come on, Daniel. She often spends most weekends with you and you’ve slept with her uncountable times”.

“Well, having sex with her doesn’t make her my girlfriend. I never asked her out. She just cheaply and stupidly kept giving her body to me”.?

“But, you shouldn’t had broken her heart by kissing her best friend in front of her”.

“Well, I just wanted her to know she wasn’t my girlfriend. I’ve got no time for love and commitment, guys. So, any girl who gives her heart to me is only playing a dangerous game. I’d just fu*k and go”

“Woah, Daniel. That’s harsh. But, trust me, when you find true love, it’s definitely going to change you”.

“True love. Does that even exist?”

“He’s talking as if he has one” Malcolm said.

“Don’t worry, Malcolm. I plan on taking a girlfriend this week and when I do, I’m gonna make sure we have an agreement that she wouldn’t be the only ass I’ll be fu*cking” Carl replied and they roared with laughter.

“You’re crazy, Carl. Then what’s there to signify she’s your girlfriend?” Daniel said and he shrugged.

I smiled and looked at Alex and his eyes were still buried in his phone.

He hadn’t said a word and didn’t even react to a thing the boys were saying.

He was so cold and I wondered if he’s ever smiled or laughed in his life before.

“by the way, guys.” Daniel said.

“Kim called me earlier and told me they’d be coming over for dinner tomorrow”.

“You mean the lovergirls?” Malcolm asked.



The lovergirls will be coming here for dinner tomorrow? So, I’m…I’m gonna see Kim again?

Oh, my role model!

But she had been rude to me today at the studio. How am I going to face her?

“Kim is such a pretty lady” Carl said.

“And I’m surprised she still doesn’t have a boyfriend”.

“Take your eyes off her, Carl. She’s Alex’s crush” Daniel said and my eyes dimmed.

Alex’s crush?

“Hmmm. I’m still waiting for that special day when Alex’s gonna have a girlfriend again.” Malcolm said.

“Alex has always been a master in the game. He’s just on a break for now” Carl said and they laughed.

But Alex didn’t even blink.


so Alex was really a flirt? But now he doesn’t even want to touch a lady.

I wonder what happened.

Not long after, Ambrose – his dog – came walking down the stairs.

He wasn’t running; he just sauntered and looked kind of weak.

He got to where Alex was and Alex carried him up in his arms.

“Is Ambrose sick?” Daniel asked.

“Yes.. maybe I’ll get a veteranian to check him out tomorrow” Alex replied and tried giving him some of his coffee, but he wouldn’t take it.

Then he drank from it.

Just then, Evans came in with more foods in trays and served them to the loverboys.

“By the way, Evans” Alex suddenly said.

“I love the new taste of my coffee. But, it tastes different from yours. Was it really prepared by you?”

My eyes dilated immediately.

“Actually, sir Alex” Evans called happily with a smile and glanced at me and I felt my breath seizing.

My mouth opened in shock.

Oh, God!

Is he going to tell him I made the coffe?

No, no, no.

This is not happening.

Alex has warned me never to touch what’s his and if he finds out I made the coffee he just drank, he’s definitely going to kill me.

Oh, Jesus!

“Actually, sir Alex” he continued.

“The coffee was made by…”

Oh, God!

I’m dead!