The Loverboys Episode 14


Jeanne’s Pov:

Miss Beatrice sighed and turned back to us with an ‘I told you’ look.

“You see” she said.

“This is why you need to put in a lot of effort. The lovergirls are difficult to please. So you need to make sure you reach up to their taste before the end of the training.

“Megan, I love your dance steps, but you need to work on the eye contact. You need to create a form of communication or feeling between yourself and the audience.

“Tessa, you’re an amazing dancer. But you need to work on the multiple-Purpose step…”

She went ahead to lecture and point outout some of our errors and I got to learn a few things from her that day.

When we were done, we started dispatching from the room and on our way out, I overheard Tessa making a call.

“You wouldn’t believe it bae. That proud peacock actually said I, Tessa, was boring” she said with a huff while walking out and I sighed.

Why does she have to speak so ill of Kim?

When I got outside and was about calling the driver, I saw them walking towards my direction.

Yes! The lovergirls!

My heart beamed with joy and ecstasy as I watched them walk majestically with Kim in their middle.

They were so adorable.

They were chatting lightly and a thought suddenly niggled at me.

They were coming towards my direction and this was the first day I was meeting face to face with my role model.

I wanted to talk to her.

They stopped talking as they drew close to where I was and I stood in front of them, making them stop.


Face to face with my role models.

I really love these girls.

“Uhm…good day, ma’am Kim” I said to Kimberly with a bow.

My cheeks were blushing.

They kept staring at me.

“Uhm…sorry to interrupt you, but…I’m Jeanne and…I want you to know I’m one of your top fans. You’re actually my role model and I admire you a lot. I love you and your songs, ma’am” I said with a smile and she scoffed.

“Really?” She asked and released a light smile and my heart leapt at that moment.

She rose her specs to her hair and I could stare into her big pretty eyes.

“So, what do you want me to do then?” She suddenly asked and I cringed.

“You don’t want me to jump up and catch the sky? You don’t even know how to dance. So, how come I’m your role model? Haven’t you learnt anything from me?”

And with that, she rolled her eyes and walked away and the lovergirls followed behind, giggling and chuckling.

I turned and looked at them as they walked away and felt a sharp pain across my chest.

Why was she being so mean to me? Why does she have to ridicule me?

She’s been my role model for years and I can’t believe she doesn’t like me.

Carissa was right when she had told me she was proud and all that.

But, I really liked her.

Why does she have to hurt me this way?

“You shouldn’t have done that, you know?” I heard someone say from behind and I turned to see one of the trainees coming towards me.

I think her name is Megan. And she was the one who had smiled at me when I arrived.

I sniffled and looked at her.

“You shouldn’t have tried talking to her. someone like Kim doesn’t know what friendship is all about. She only sees herself and her close friends” she said as she stood in front of me and I sighed.

“I…had no idea. She’s my role model” I replied a little ruefully and she smiled.

“I understand. Too bad you have a rude role model. But, don’t worry; someday, you might get to be greater than her.” She told me and I furrowed my brows.

“Really?” I suddenly asked, picking interest in what she said.

“Yes. I saw you in there. You were brilliant. You have an enchanting voice”.

I scoffed and bent my head.

“I…I don’t even know how to dance” I mumbled.

“it doesn’t matter. You can still learn. Don’t worry, I can assist you with some dance steps” she said and I looked up at her, surprised.

“You…You can?” I asked and she nodded.

And just as if she knew what I had in mind, she laughed.

“come on, Jen. Being competitors doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.

“By the way, I’m Megan” she said and brought out her hand for a handshake.

“I’m Uhm. ..Jeanne” I replied and took the handshake and she smiled.

immediately, a red car pulled over in front of us.

“Okay, Jeanne. It was nice meeting you. See you tomorrow” she said warmly and I waved at her as she entered into the red car and took off.


Quite friendly.

Then, I called my driver and after a short while, he arrived and we left the building.