Today is a day of love,
Not a day to brag about the things you have
But on this day I wanna talk about the love of my life
The person who has relieved me from a life full  of strife
He proposed to me on a sunny day
I was unwilling to accept but he urged me to leave my fears at the bay
And walk with him to a lovely love life
Oh how His voice cut through me like a knife
My! He was handsome
I had some doubt about giving my life as a ransom
A ransom which inwardly I knew he would pay
Cos he was proving to be a gentleman each passing day
He was caring, lively and lovely
He could talk to me and make me laugh, my honey
His smile could cut through the ice
His arms, always protective and nice
Then I pulled away from him
Carried my stuffs and walked away leaving him
With his handsome face staring at my back
But I was sure without him I still wouldn’t lack
He kept reaching out for me
I thought he was disturbing, whining like a bee
Years came and went, but he never left my side
Even though I was talking him for a ride
But I felt empty inside
A part of me kept craving for him, a gap so wide
Then on me it dawned
He’s irreplaceable like a new dawn
I held out my hand
He touched me and gave me a smile so bright like the sun
The warmth radiated through my heart
Instantly I felt the empty feeling run like a rat
I’m happy with him because he completes me in every way
I’m indebted to him,a price I can’t pay
He says I’m royalty and he treats me no less
My name is  Princess
My love is no other than Jesus
The Only sweetheart I have
My life, my Lord, my love