The Hidden Heart Episode 8


With this new idea, I waited until I heard Martha turning on the shower. I quickly made it into her room. I didn’t waste time to locate the drawer I was looking for. I went closer to it and opened it.

To my utmost surprise, the diary wasn’t in the drawer. “What!? I thought I saw this diary in this place a couple of times! Where has this girl hidden this diary?” I asked myself rhetorically as I started to rummage through her things. I had to find the diary because time wasn’t on my side. Martha would be coming out from the bathroom at any moment. I had to find it before she comes. With that, I continued my search.

In the course of my search, I opened her wardrobe and behold, there was the diary. I quickly picked it and arranged everything well in the room as I saw it when I entered. I didn’t want Martha to find out I came to search through her things. That would raise a lot of questions I wouldn’t have answers for. I heard Martha turning off the shower which meant she was done bathing. I quickly dashed out of her room and headed for mine.

I got to my room with a feeling of accomplishment. I slumped on my bed once more as I began to flip the pages in the diary. Before I began to read the contents in the diary, something struck me. “I need to lock the door. Martha can walk into this room at any time. It wouldn’t be cool for her to see me reading her diary,” I said to myself as I rose up from the bed and locked the door. Now, I could have all the luxury to search for the number.

The first few pages I turned contained several contact numbers. I painstakingly went through those numbers to see if I could find Susan’s number, but all to no avail. Her number wasn’t part of the numbers Martha had written. I turned again another page and something caught my attention. It was a title I couldn’t skip. My curiosity became intense that I decided to read it. The title was “My Life in School”. I believe Martha meant to say her life in Senior High School. The story Martha wrote in her diary was so important. It made me have a deeper understanding of what happened between Susan and Ethan. Why they separated and the reason why Ethan was still searching for her. For you not to be lost in the fun of knowing the details, I will summarize the story Martha wrote in her diary.

My Life in School

My joy knew no bounds when I had admission into my choice school. My parents and sister, Olivia came to escort me to my new school. I actually had mixed feelings when they had to leave for the house. Part of me wanted to stay while another part wanted to leave with them. “Oh God! I will miss them so much!” I said to myself as I hugged them with tears flooding my cheeks.

“Don’t worry, little Sis. You will be home before you know it. Enjoy your experience in your new school,” My sister Olivia said to me. I really love her because she is my only sibling.

I located my dorm room when my parents drove off. I searched for my bed immediately I got to my room. Actually, it wasn’t what I expected. Looking at the architecture of the school and the beautiful buildings erected on the compound, I at least expected the inside of the buildings to complement the outside. But, I was very disappointed when my hope was deferred. As it is typical in my country, most institutions pay more attention on the exterior looks of their buildings rather than the interior. There was nothing I could do than to cope with the situation. I finally located my bed since there were lots of beds in that room. It was there I met my friend, Susan. She was also new to the environment as myself. Just that she arrived two hours earlier than me. Since our beds were opposite each other and we were greenhorns in our new environment, we immediately got acquainted. Soon we were laughing and playing with each other. It was as if we knew ourselves before coming to the school. Within a short time, we learnt we had a lot in common and that sparked our friendship with more flame.

In fact, Susan is a sweet girl. She is very pleasant to talk to and that made me want to talk to her frequently. Soon, our friendship grew to a level of sisterhood. I mostly refer to her as a sister and she also did same. We were inseparable.

On one of our indoor games in the school, Susan introduced a gentleman to me as Ethan. Ethan was our senior. Susan introduced Ethan as a friend she had come to know in the school. I wasn’t initially happy with it at first because I felt he would come between myself and Susan. But, as the days went by, Ethan became my friend too. We actually enjoyed his company because he could make us laugh and always saved us from doing laborious work on the compound. Because he was the school prefect, he exempted us from most of the compound works. He specifically instructed the compound overseer who was his friend to exclude us from compound works. By the way, this friend of his was called Stephen. Stephen soon became part of our circle. Most of the girls in the school were jealous of us, especially the seniors. I think most of them wanted to date Ethan, but Ethan never responded to their advances.

Soon rumors had it that I was going out with Ethan and Susan was also going out with Stephen. That was a false rumor because we were just friends at the time. As the rumors kept spreading, I begun to think about it and actually consider it. In fact, who wouldn’t want to date Ethan? The fresh, intelligent and rich guy in the school. he was every girl’s dream. When the rumor started, I used to abhor it, but I began to enjoy it and actually wished it was true.

It was true that Susan introduced Ethan to me. But, as far as I was concerned, she didn’t tell me she was interested. We all spoke about him as a friend and an angel God had sent to deliver us from all the difficulties and maltreatments first years in Senior High School go through. As a matter of fact, I was closer to Ethan than Susan.

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I continued to yearn for the day Ethan would propose to me. I had sleepless nights thinking about him. I daydreamed being his girlfriend. Unknowingly, I had fallen deep in love with Ethan. All I wanted was for him to be close to me. All I yearned for was to hear his voice even if it was just a minute. All these while, I never made known my feelings to Susan. Not that I wanted to hide it from her, but I just didn’t think it was necessary.

I was lying in bed one night after preps when Susan rushed to my bed in excitement. She seemed enthused about something. The smiles on her face revealed that she was indeed excited about something. It was there she broke the news to me that Ethan had asked her out and she had accepted his proposal. Actually, I didn’t know whether to be happy for her or be angry with her. I concealed my true emotions and enjoyed the moment with her. I didn’t want her to feel bad because of the way she was happy. I love my friend very much. It was at that moment I decided to end all the fairytales in my head and heart. I had to let it go for the sake of my friend, Susan.

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To be continued….