The Hidden Heart Episode 7


I was shocked and horrified about this conversation. What were these people talking about? What vow did my sister take? I became very curious and more interested in their conversation. I really wanted to know what vow Martha was talking about!

Their conversation went on and I continued to listen glued to where I was hiding. The position was becoming uncomfortable, but how could I have left?! Their conversation had become very interesting.

Ethan: Please Martha! Please!! Don’t do this to me, okay? I beg of you! Just tell me what I came here to hear.

Martha: You don’t give up eh? I don’t think you will leave this place if I don’t grant your request. My sister is in the room resting and I don’t want her to come out to see you. I will tell you whatever you need to know.

Ethan: Forget about your sister, Martha. We know each other already. Anyway, thank you, Martha.

Martha: I have even forgotten you spoke to her the day you came to church. Well, don’t thank me. You are making me break a vow. You know very well what happened between you and Susan. You forced her to commit an abortion which raptured her womb. Now, the doctor said she can’t give birth. That was the reason why she got angry with you. She said you have destroyed her life. She made me make a vow not to let you know her whereabouts. The truth is that, I don’t know her exact location. But, I heard she is in Kumasi. I have a number I used to call her with. I don’t know if it is working now, but I will give it to you. You may call yourself and know her location that is if she wants you to know. Wait here and let me go get you the number.

Ethan: Martha, I am very ashamed of myself about what happened. I feel responsible for ruining that girl’s future. That is why I want to make things right. I want to fix things, Martha. Thank you for your help that will give me a second chance.

Martha got up and walked towards my direction. I couldn’t stay at my position any longer. I had to immediately evacuate my position before Martha comes to see me there. I ran to my room as fast as I could. I barely got to my room when Martha got to my position. She got to her room and came out after some moment. She headed back to the hall with a piece of paper in her hand which I presumed had Susan’s number on it. Immediately she got to the hall, I tiptoed again to my position. I didn’t want to miss any part of what was going on.

Martha: This is her number. You can call to find out where she is exactly in Kumasi.

Ethan: Martha, I really appreciate what you are doing for me. Thank you very much.

With that Ethan got up and took his leave. I tiptoed back into my room and laid on my bed in silence and in thoughts. This whole time I have been angry at my sister for no reason. She is not my enemy, but the real enemy to my happiness lies outside my walls. I have been jealous of Martha for nothing. I felt ashamed of myself for harboring so much bitterness against my own blood sister for no apparent reason.

Now, this new girl that has come into the scene. She is my real enemy and I must deal with her as such. To tell you the truth, I was a little handicapped when I thought it was Martha because of the blood relations. As you already know the adage, blood is thicker than water. “This is water and I will have no problem dealing with it at all,” I thought.

I thought for most part of the day racking my brain to see the possible way out of the situation. I still thought of Rosaline’s solution as a viable option. But, I need to first find Susan’s number from Martha and then proceed to Rosaline’s plan.

“I needed to get to Martha’s room and get Susan’s number. But, how will that be possible? I don’t even know where she has hidden the contact. I am convinced it isn’t on her phone because if it were, she wouldn’t have gone to the room to get it. I am really sure the contact will be in a diary in her room. I will wait for her to get out of the room. I will sneak into her room and get hold on that piece of information.”

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While I was deep in thoughts, Martha entered my room without knocking. I was petrified when she touched me. I sprung unto my feet in shock as if I was being attacked by a vicious snake.

“Ah, Martha, you scared me!!” I exclaimed.

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“Olivia! What is the matter? You seemed horrified! What were you thinking about?” she asked me. Well, you know very well I couldn’t tell her the truth.

“Oh, it is nothing Martha. I was just meditating on the Word of God. You know how I love to meditate on the Word,” I lied.

“I see. I am really jealous of you, Sis. I like the way you love the things of God. I wish I had the same passion as you. I pray to God always that he will make me love Him like how you love Him,” Martha said.

I didn’t respond to that because I didn’t want to lie again. Within the past few days, lying had become so easy for me. It used not to be like that. I didn’t like what I was turning into, but passions and desires won’t have me do otherwise. I was like a sheep led to the slaughter. I had no say other than to follow what this frail temporal container was offering. I keep getting myself entangled as the days went by. Part of me was enjoying it and the other half abhorred it. But, to be truthful, I was much inclined to the part that enjoyed it. I wouldn’t know for sure if it was always the case for the flesh to outrun the spirit.

“Martha, will you be going somewhere today?” I asked finally.

“Why do you ask, Olivia?” she asked back.

“I just wanted to know, Martha. Why, is it out of place to ask?” I replied and asked.

“Oh, not at all. I don’t have anywhere to go today. I just want to rest. I am on vacation and I need to utilize it well. I am going to have a shower right now. I need to freshen up if I want to enjoy my sleep. See you later, Sis,” she said as she left my room.

I was thrown back into another series of thoughts. “Now, Martha is going to take her bath and go to sleep. If that happens, then I can’t get my hands on the number today. I need the number to execute my plans. It will be too late if I get the number later. I have to contact Susan before Ethan does. Think girl… Think girl…. What should I do?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yes, I know exactly what to do. I will sneak into her room when I hear her turn on the shower. I think I know exactly where the diary will be. I will take the diary and bring it to my room. I can return it later,” I concluded.

With this new idea, I waited until I heard Martha turned on the shower. I quickly made it into her room. I didn’t waste time to locate the drawer I was looking for. I went closer to it and pulled it opened.

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To be continued….