The Hidden Heart Episode 6


“Oh my God!! Am I hallucinating or dreaming!!?” I exclaimed to myself. Can you imagine what it was? It was Ethan sitting right on the sofa in my house. I was so much in shock. “Did he follow up on me? What was his mission here?” These were the thought I battled with in my mind as I stood in the middle of the hall in so much shock. With our gaze fixated on each other.

In the middle of moment, I came back to my senses. “Girl, stop that!! You are making a fool out of yourself by staring at him like that!” I regain my composure. “Ethan, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I came to see someone. I am also wondering what you are doing here,” he said.

“This is my house,” I said with a smile. “Who did you come to see?” I asked.

“Oh, I came to see Martha,” he responded.

“Oh, God! Please help me!! I want to collapse!! What kind of favor at all does this girl have on her life that make guys chase her like that!? Look at the way I am even struggling to get his attention! Martha is just relax and everything seems to be coming to her without any effort. I need to execute what Rosaline advised me to do to take his mind off Martha! Martha is really a thorn in my flesh,” I thought to myself. All this while, Ethan was still looking at me expecting me to speak. I guess he was surprised at my sudden silence. If only he knew what was going on in my mind.

“Hello, what is the name again? Err… Err… Olivia, is everything alright?” he asked as he struggled to recollect my name.

“Oh, yes! I am okay. I am feeling tired. After cleaning all those mess in your house, I went to see a friend and I feel tired from all those activities,” I lied.

“Oh, that! Sorry for the way I behaved towards you back in my house. I should have been friendlier than that. I appreciate your effort to clean the mess in my house,” he said with a tone of appreciation.

“Oh, don’t mention,” I replied modestly.

“And about what you saw, I will discuss with you in details later. It is not as you think it is,” he blurted out.

“Okay, Ethan. Anytime,” I responded as I excused myself from his presence.

The thought of him visiting Martha instead of me generated a strange feeling inside of me. I have never experienced that kind of feeling before. A feeling of disappointment, anger and betrayal were mixed up in me. I didn’t know exactly which one was dominant.

I met Martha on my way to the room. Although she was excited to see me, I don’t think I felt the same about her. I actually felt jealousy for her.

“Where have you been all day, Olivia? I have been looking for you since morning,” she said.

“Why would you be looking for me? Why, am I your child!?” I asked her bluntly as I bypassed her to the door that led to my room. I opened the door and slammed it after me. Martha on the other hand stood there speechlessly. I am sure she was wondering what she had done to me to deserve the kind of treatment she received.

I slumped onto my bed and entered into a moment of deep thoughts immediately. The thoughts of executing my plans to capture Ethan’s attention flooded my mind. How could I lose this battle again to Martha? She was working for nothing, but seemed to be getting everything. Why is life like that!? That our wants seems to have wings that fly into the skies anytime we get close to them? I thought I was so close to win over Ethan, but now look? The journey to winning has yet increased once more.

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A funny thought came to mind as I was thinking about all these things. I thought of eavesdropping on the ongoing conversation between Martha and Ethan in the hall. The thought came as a joke, but within seconds I was actually considering it seriously. I was surprised at how childish I had become within a short space of time. The funny thing was I couldn’t help it. The feeling of knowing my position in the love battle made me want to hear even if it meant becoming or behaving like a child. I got up immediately from my bed, opened the door of my room quietly and tiptoed out.

Now, I was always in the house with Martha. My parents were both busy because they were all working. They leave very early in the morning and come back very late in the night. As meticulous as I was, they had no need to be bothered with the running and operation of the house. I had everything in control.

Now back to the story, I hid myself in a corner where I thought it was convenient for me to hear audibly what was being discussed between Ethan and Martha. Although the position I took was not a comfortable one, I had no other choice, but to endure. You know, nothing comes easily. The only position capable of making me obscure was not a comfortable one, but as I said earlier, I had to endure. Now, listening intently to what was being discussed, something caught my interest that caused a paradigm shift in this whole issue about Ethan and Martha.

I am sure you want to know what I heard. Don’t worry, I won’t drag my feet in telling you. To be precise about what I heard and for you to get the whole picture without any distortion, I won’t paraphrase, but, I am going to present to you exactly the discussion between Martha and Ethan.

Ethan: Martha, why are you doing this to me?

Martha: Ethan, I don’t get you! You know I can’t give you what you ask of me!

Ethan: Why not? I don’t think I have asked a difficult thing! Just this favor. Do you know what I have become because of that particular incident? I am now a drug addict, a smoker and a drunkard. I don’t know how to feel the void that has been created in my soul. I try to feel the void with all these things. I can’t sleep without them. Please Martha, help me out here? Agree to my request!

Martha: Ethan, I can’t believe what you are telling me!! You are now what!!? A drunkard? A smoker of marijuana and a drug addict? Where did all those things sprung up from?

Ethan: Martha, you can see for yourself how serious this problem is for me! I have been searching for you all these months. I bumped into Stephen last week and it was through him I got to know where you went to church. It was actually the only lead he had on your location. That was why I came to church. I came just to look for you and was very happy when you came to sit by me. I think it was designed for me to meet you that day. Please help me here, Martha. I am a lost soul twined with complication of complicated emotional stress and problems. You are my hope in this confusion, Martha! Please don’t turn me down!

Martha: Ethan! Hmmm… I understand your predicaments. But, I made a vow I can’t break. And as you already know, I am very particulate when it comes to vows. I can’t imagine myself breaking a vow I have kept for such a long time. Please also understand where I stand on this issue!

I was shocked and horrified about this conversation. What were these people talking about? What vow did my sister make!!? I became very curious and more interested in their conversation. I really wanted to know what vow Martha was talking about!

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To be continued….