The Hidden Heart Episode 9


I was lying in bed one night after preps when Susan rushed to my bed in excitement. She seemed enthused about something. The smiles on her face revealed that she was indeed excited about something. It was there she broke the news to me that Ethan had asked her out and she had accepted his proposal. Actually, I didn’t know whether to be happy for her or be angry with her. I conceal my true emotions and enjoyed the moment with her. I didn’t want her to feel bad because of the way she was happy. I love my friend very much. It was at that moment I decided to end all the fairytale associated with me and Ethan. I had to let it go for the sake of my friend, Susan.

Within a short space of time, their relationship become very strong. They were seen together most of the time. Susan became very engrossed in her relationship and started to spend more time with her new lover rather than me. Anyway, I had no problem with that because I was expecting it to be so.

Ethan on the other hand showed a lot of affection for Susan. He always said they were meant to be and he will marry her in future. Susan became very obsessed with this idea of marriage that she gave her all to the relationship. To elaborate on how serious this was, Susan could skip class and go on a romantic spree with Ethan in the bush or outside the school. They were both having the moment of their lifetime and nothing could separate them. Anyone that spoke to them about their new way of life became an enemy.

I almost lost my friendship with Susan when I confronted her on the issue, especially the skipping of classes. She had fallen so deep for Ethan and there was nothing I could do about it. To prevent another misunderstanding, I kept mute on the subject.

With that, Susan continued with her adventure on love with Ethan. Skipping classes and breaking bounds became a normal thing for them. Because Ethan was the school prefect, he had the liberty of making excuses to explain his absence from class unlike Susan. The teachers in the school started noticing her absence and the decline in her grades. She was given a query letter and even suspended on one occasion. As if that would deter her from her unsatisfying adventure, it rather made it worse. Susan was just out of control.

Someone tried to push my door open, but couldn’t since it was locked. I immediately closed the diary and hid it under my pillow.

“Olivia! Can you open the door,” Martha said. I was feeling uneasy as I went to open the door. “What was she going to say? Is she going to ask for her diary? Has she recognized that her diary is missing?” I thought about all these as I opened the door.

I opened the door still with the feeling of uneasiness.

“Why did you lock your door?” Martha asked. I didn’t answer her because I had no tangible answer for her. I opted not to talk as I could give myself away by doing so. “Anyway, I am going to town. Just wanted to inform you,” she finally said. What a relief!! The feeling of uneasiness sublimed and I once again had my composure.

“Okay, Martha. Please be careful and return early. You know the time mom and dad return from work. Don’t let them come and meet your absence,” I told her.

“Okay, big Sis. I won’t keep long,” she said.

With that she left and I closed the door again. I really wanted to return to the story I was reading in the diary. I sat on my bed and took the diary from under the pillow. With Martha out of the house I wanted to take my time and read the story well. I opened the diary and continued.

I was lying on my bed on the night of 15th November, 2009 which was a Sunday when Susan came to sit by me. She had a fallen countenance. I was surprised since she had always been in a good mood since her relationship with Ethan started.

“Susan, what is the problem? Why do you look gloomy?” I asked Susan.

“Martha, I am in a big trouble,” Susan answered me.

“Susan, go straight to the point! What trouble are you in!!?” You are scaring me!!” I exclaimed.

“I think I am pregnant, Martha,” Susan said to me in a shrill voice.

“What!!? You are what!!?” I shouted.

“Please, keep quite. I don’t want anyone to know about it. You know I will be sacked from the school if the authorities get to know about it,” she cautioned me.

I kept mute still aghast with the news of the pregnancy. “So what are you going to do about it?” I finally asked.

“What is there to do apart from destroying the pregnancy? I have told Ethan about it, but he looks unconcerned. I need to get rid of this pregnancy!!” She said sitting upright on my bed.

“You mean you are going to commit abortion!!?” I asked in shock.

“Yes! I don’t see any other option. I can’t drop out of school or let my parents know that I am pregnant. They will skin me alive!!” Susan blurted out.

“Please, Susan, abortion has a lot of bad consequences. Please don’t do it! Talk to your parents about it. I know they will be disappointed in you, but that is for a moment. It is better than getting rid of the pregnancy,” I continued to advise my friend. I have heard of a lot of fatalities that came with abortions and I didn’t want my best friend to be part of those statistics, but it seems Susan would have none of it. To her she had taken a decision and she was going to stand by it.

“Please, Martha. If you don’t have any better thing to say, please let me be!! As a friend, I thought you were going to suggest some medicines for the process, but here you are giving me useless and impractical lessons,” Susan flared up. I had to keep mute since I didn’t want to enter into another quarrel with her. Susan covered herself with her blanket and slept off while I still stared at her.

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I was from class the next day when a student ran up to me. She was gasping for breath as she struggled to speak. I was alarmed and required immediately of her what the problem was. She told me Susan was found unconscious in the school’s bathhouse and had been rushed to the school’s clinic. Upon hearing the news, I immediately took to my heels to a precise destination-the school’s clinic.

I saw Susan on a stretcher bed when I got to the school’s clinic. Susan was still unconscious as the nurses in the school were trying their best to resuscitate her. They put pressure on her chest, gave her mouth to mouth respiration and tried to stop the bleeding which proved to be useful. Susan started breathing slowing. The nurses immediately transferred her unto another bed. They wheeled her off into a waiting ambulance.

All this while, I couldn’t see Ethan around. Had he heard about the incident? Because I overhead a nurse saying Susan attempted to commit abortion. At that moment, I didn’t know what had become of my friend. I was so confused and lost. I watched as the ambulance gave off its siren and drove out of the school’s compound. All questions were now directed at me. Everyone wanted to know what was wrong with Susan. I was so traumatized to speak. I didn’t even know what to do at that moment. Whether to go back to my room or take an exeat to follow Susan to the hospital where she was being taken to.

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To be continued….