The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 9


“Come over, girl! We are at the club. This is a serious issue that needs urgent attention. Come and let us decide how best we can solve the situation. You can’t lose your man to any stupid girl. We are all here waiting for you. No one messes with us!! Get here as soon as possible,” said one of Jasmine’s friends. She was nicknamed “Friendly Tigress” because of her ability to switch between being nice and unpleasant. She was also known for using her fingernails and other sharp objects to disfigure peoples faces.

Jasmine’s friends were waiting for her when she drove to the nightclub. They had managed to call other girls to come join them. “To touch one is to touch all” was their code. So they all joined to lend a helping hand when one member had an issue. Jasmine went straight into the club when she got down from her car.

She located her friends at the left corner of the club. Some of them had blacked out due to excessive usage of narcotics and alcohol. The ones who were still conscious waved at her to come over to where they were. Jasmine quickly made her way there and took a seat.

“Jasmine!!… Jasmine!!!… What were you saying on the phone!!!?” One of the friends screamed trying her best to make her voice pitch go higher than that of the loud music.

“You said what!!!?” Jasmine asked in a loud voice.

Since they couldn’t hear each other due to the loud sound from the passive speakers and subwoofers, they decided to take their discussion outside. When they got out of the club, they decided to hold the meeting at the parking lot of the club. They all went to where Jasmine had parked her car.

“Girl, we are all here now. Let your problem be known,” said Friendly Tigress.

“Girls, you wouldn’t believe it. I went to surprise my bae today and I got surprised. You know how our business is like. After we have been roughed by those men, it is necessary to go back into the arms of a loving man to fill the emptiness. I went to the supermarket the other day and chanced upon one guy that had been after me in school. He proposed several times and I rejected him. When I saw him, I just knew I had come across what I have been looking for. I looked at his finger and realized there was no ring on it. I was excited. Fortunately for me, he had just come out of a relationship. You know me girls! I behaved like a good girl and was successful in accompanying him home. I cooked for him and had a nice time with him. That was when I received the impromptu call from Madam Diaz to go to Paris with that man.

I came back yesterday and went to his house only to discover that another lady had come to take my place. Can you imagine!!?? She wants to replace me. Although he is so dumb to notice what the lady is trying to do, I have seen it all. I won’t allow that,” Jasmine explained. The girls listened with a rapt attention.

“Jasbaby! I feel for you. Don’t worry, we will fix everything. We are with you, dear,” One of the girls said.

“So is this the reason why you dragged us from the club to this place. Please, there is a customer waiting for me there. I have to go before someone takes him away,” another girl said and left. Other two ladies followed her and left as well.

“Jasbaby, don’t mind them. They are jealous of you. We will help you to deal with that lady. Come on girls, any suggestions?” Friendly Tigress asked. One of the girls lifted up her hand to indicate she had a suggestion.

“Yes, Sheila, we are all ears,” said Friendly Tigress.

“Let us organize ourselves, cross her path and beat her mercilessly. We will warn her to stay clear of Jasmine’s guy after beating her. I think that will put fear in her,” said Sheila.

“That is not a good idea, Sheila. She will identify our faces if we do that. The police will arrest us later on. We need a plan that won’t compromise us,” said Friendly Tigress. Another hand was lifted up and the lady was asked to speak.

“Why don’t we try an acid attack? With that, she wouldn’t be able to see our faces since she wouldn’t be expecting it and the acid will burn her face away after all. What do you think?” the lady asked.

” That is a perfect idea, Fatima. That is exactly what we are going to do,” Friendly Tigress said.

Jasmine stood there and listened to the suggestions. She was pleased with Fatima’s suggestion. The acid attack will make Sandra unattractive to Jesse.

“I know Jesse. He likes pretty faces. She won’t have a pretty face to compete with me after I am through with her,” Jasmine said and smiled.

“So when do you suggest we attack?” Friendly Tigress asked Jasmine.

“I will trail her and call you girls when it is appropriate for us to strike. So you girls should stand by,” Jasmine said.

“Alright, Jasmine. We will be waiting,” said Sheila.

“I am grateful girls for the support. You have made me aware of the great friends I have,” Jasmine said and hugged Friendly Tigress. The others joined the group hug. The girls later separated and Jasmine went back to her apartment to scheme.


Jasmine woke up early the following day. The evil plans in her mind wouldn’t allow her to sleep throughout the night. She thought about how to execute the plan the girls suggested without leaving any trace to herself. The main issue that got her thinking was how she was going to trail Sandra. She didn’t even know where she lived in the first place.

As she was pacing in her room, an idea came to her mind. She remembered Jesse said he worked with her when he was introducing them to each other. If that was the case, then she could start from there. She will follow her after work to her house. She smiled when this idea came to mind. Indeed, it is easy to device the instruments of destruction for the fall of another man.

She quickly got ready and left to the company Jesse was working for. She wanted to be there on time to see if they both go to work together. She sat in her car for thirty minutes when she spotted a bus stopping in front of the company. She became alert. Lo and behold, Jesse and Sandra alighted from the bus. They walked together to the building amidst chatting and laughing. This rather got her irritated the more. She was now more resolved than ever to go through with the scheme.

“I will stay here till they close. After all, I am free today,” Jasmine said and relaxed in her car. A lot of funny thoughts were occurring to her and she yielded to them. She now wanted to hurt Sandra so bad for coming close to her presumed sweetheart.

True to her words, she waited for Jesse and Sandra to close from work. She only got down from the car occasionally to buy food or pee. She watched them as they came to stand at the bus stop waiting for a bus. She just couldn’t stand the sight of them being happy together. Her jealousy knew no bounds.

Finally, a bus pulled up after ten minutes and they boarded it. Jasmine followed the bus with her car. She wanted to know where Sandra lived so she could make a call to her friends.

Sandra and Jesse got out of the bus when they got to their destination. Jasmine stopped since she didn’t want Jesse to notice her. She decided to follow them from a distance since they were on foot.

Jesse and Sandra parted ways when Sandra got to her junction. Jasmine was happy when she realized that Sandra was alone on the road. There was no one in sight.

“Or should I forget about these girls and run this stupid girl over with my car? There is no one around. I can quickly speed off after that,” Jasmine contemplated. Now, she was torn between running Sandra over with her car or calling the girls to go ahead with the acid attack. Both had their advantages and disadvantages. Which of them was she going to decide on?

Do you think Sandra will survive the diabolic plans Jasmine has for her?

…to be continued