The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 10


Jesse and Sandra parted ways when Sandra got to her junction. Jasmine was happy when she realized that Sandra was alone on the road. There was no one in sight. “Or I should forget about these girls and run this stupid girl over with my car. There is no one around. I will quickly speed off,” Jasmine contemplated. Now, she was torn between running Sandra over with her car or calling the girls to go ahead with the acid attack. Both had their advantages and disadvantages. Which of them was she going to decide on?

Jasmine looked into the side mirrors to see if any car was behind her. He looked around and the road still appeared empty except for Sandra walking along its lanes. “This is a blessing in disguise. I need not to bother myself to involve all these girls in this issue. This issue can be solved here and now! There is no one around to play witness if I run this girl over,” said Jasmine as she decided to hit Sandra with her car.

Meanwhile, Sandra was having nostalgia about her moments with Jesse as she walked. She wished she would be by his side always. She smiled and giggled as she walked. Jasmine on the other hand was coming at top speed towards Sandra. Her main aim was hit to kill. Sandra couldn’t see the car approaching her direction since she was so engrossed in her daydreaming about Jesse. The next thing she knew was darkness. Jasmine had hit Sandra with the car and sped off.

Sandra laid on the street unconscious. Her bag and the items in it were littered on the street with her shoes far separated from each other. Finally, someone came to the scene and saw the almost lifeless body of Sandra lying on the street minutes after the accident. He quickly called the attention of the neighbors and Sandra was rushed to the hospital. Sandra regained consciousness on the way to the hospital, but was still not able to move a limb.


“Girl! What is happening? We have been waiting for your call to come over. The acid is ready,” said Friendly Tigress over the phone with Jasmine.

“Don’t worry, girl. There is no need for the acid attack. God had indeed fought for me. He knows that Jesse belongs to me. He provided a way for me to deal with that rat! Opportunity presented itself from above, and I utilized it,” Sandra responded.

“What are you saying at all? I didn’t understand a sentence of what you just said,” Friendly Tigress lamented.

“Okay let me explain. As I was trailing the girl, I followed her unto a lonely road. There was no one in sight. It was as if nature knew what I was about to do and had planned and arranged everything for me. I thought about it and decided to run over that fool with my car. Girl, I did it and there was no witness. I am sure she is saying “hi” to her ancestors in the land of the dead. I am happy girl! I am taking all of you out today. Everything is on me. You can drink as much as you want,” said Jasmine.

“I see. Then this calls for celebration as you said. I will inform the girls immediately. Now, the threat has finally been eliminated,” Friendly Tigress said cheerfully.

Jasmine decided to visit her friends after she ended the call. She had to find a way to ditch the car she used for the crime and only one person could be of help-Friendly Tigress.


Sandra was taken to the emergency ward when the people took her to the hospital. The doctor attended to her to access the degree of damage. He realized that she was still breathing.

“You guys are lucky. She is still breathing and her pulse is okay. We need to do few things and take an X-ray of her skeletal system to know which bones are broken or not,” said the doctor to the people that brought Sandra to the hospital.


Jesse was in his house trying to prepare himself dinner when he heard a lot of noise and movements outside his house. He ignored it, but realized later that many people were pouring in and the noise was increasing. He opened his window and saw that all the people were coming from a particular direction. From the look on their faces, it looked like something bad had happened in the neighborhood.

He didn’t know what happened to him. He became curious all of a sudden. That had never happened to him before. He got out of the house to inquire. He saw a woman coming towards his direction and approached her.

“Please, why are you all coming from that direction? What is happening?” Jesse asked.

“Hmm.. It is very sad. I was in my house and heard that a car had knocked down one pretty lady in the neighborhood. She was rushed to the hospital before I got to the scene. According to the people who saw her, they said it was a sad scene. The awkward thing about the whole incident was that, the driver didn’t stop. No one even saw the driver or the car,” the woman reported.

“Oh, that is sad. Who is this girl?” Jesse asked.

“I don’t know her in person, but I heard some people saying she is called Sandra and lives in the neighborhood,” said the woman.

“Hmm… That is very sad. She even bears the name of a friend. I am really sorry for her. I hope nothing bad happens to her. Anyway, thank you,”

Jesse said and went back into his house to continue his cooking. To him, Sandra was coming over to his place in the evening and he wanted to surprise her with a nice meal.


Within few hours, the doctor came with the results from the X-ray.

“We are lucky she didn’t sustain major injuries. She sustained some fracture in the patella and tibia of her left leg. There were also minor fractures in the scapula and humerus of her arm. She will be fine in few weeks. I was happy the damage didn’t occur at her spinal cord area. She would have been left paralyzed. We will take her to a different ward by tomorrow,” the doctor said to the Good Samaritans.

“Thank you doctor. But, we are not her family. We found her lying on the streets and brought her to the hospital,” a man said.

“Do you know his family?” the doctor asked.

“No doctor. She lives in her house alone. She relocated to the neighborhood last year because of her work,” another man responded.

“I see. You should try to contact her family or anyone close to her. It is necessary. Excuse me, I have to attend to other patients,” the doctor said and left them. They all left the hospital when they realized Sandra was out of danger.

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Jesse had waited for Sandra for several hours, but she wasn’t showing up. He tried calling her, but her phone was switched off. He waited for another thirty minutes, but there was still no sign of Sandra. He decided to go to her house to check on her. Maybe she was so tired from the tons of paperwork they had to review that day and was sleeping. He dressed and headed to Sandra’s house.

He got to her house and realized the gate was locked. It definitely looked like there was no one in the house.

“Where could Sandra be? We have to go through the financial statements before tomorrow. Where could she be at this time of the day? Has she gone on a date? No, that is not possible. Sandra vividly told me she wasn’t having a boyfriend,” Jesse said while he still struggled to find the whereabouts of Sandra. He walked back to his house.

When he was almost getting to his house. He saw someone standing at the gate. Initially he thought it was Sandra, but realized the person had parked a car. He knew immediately it was Jasmine. Jasmine had come to visit him and he wasn’t even in the mood to talk to her. He was worried about Sandra. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him.

“When the woman I spoke to earlier today talked about the accident, she said the name of the victim was Sandra. Could it be my Sandra? No way!! Why am I even thinking this way? I saw Sandra this afternoon. It can’t be her. Let me not think about these things or it might happen,” Jesse thought about these things as he was approaching Jasmine.

“Hello, baby. I have really missed you. Come and give your honey a hug,” Jasmine said and went to hug Jesse. “I have a surprise for you this evening ?” said Jasmine.

“And what can this surprise be? I have a lot on my mind, Jasmine. I am stressed already,” said Jesse.

“Don’t worry, dear. That is why I am here. By the time I am gone, stress will be history to you,” Jasmine said and wrapped her arms around Jesse. “Let us go inside first. I can’t surprise you while we are still outside,” continued Jasmine. She entered the house with Jesse.

…to be continued