The Elite and the pauper episode 2


The mysterious and unpredictable nature of Love is what makes it absolutely interesting. Imagine waking up one morning with no hopes of meeting that special someone and Boom! It happens and you fall in love. The fact that you can develop feelings for someone you just met and suddenly picture that person as an essential part of your life, is a mystery that would never be fully uncovered.

There was no seer needed at that point to tell that Richard have already started developing feelings for Naomi; even though he hadn’t realised it yet. Those words she said back at the airport kept replaying in his head and prompted him to wallow in her thoughts. The fact that Richard called Naomi immediately he arrived his destination, left him confused the more as to why he was so concerned to know more about her.

After the name reveal between each other, Richard continued. “I would like to know more about you later on if you don’t mind” he said,

“There’s honestly nothing much to know about me; I’m just a regular woman, there’s nothing too extra-ordinary” Naomi gently said and Richard smiled. Apparently, Naomi didn’t understand the fact that less is more; that the less details you give about yourself, the more mysterious and interesting you become.

Unfortunately, Richard had limited time to interact with Naomi on the phone so he had to end the conversation, as his sisters were already coming towards the car to welcome him. “I have to go now but would talk to you later, have a nice day” he said and ended the call.

Immediately the call ended, Naomi held her heart and took a deep breath afterwards. She also pinched herself just to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. The way she felt after talking to Richard was unexplainable and she kept blushing all through that day.

On the other hand, Richard received a surprise party from his family to welcome him back home. There were lots of food and drinks to consume with music playing in the background. Some of Richard’s old time friends were present, including a girl he used to date way back in the private university he attended. Everyone was happy to see him again after over two years of being away in London for his PhD.

The sad thing about that day was that while Richard had lots of food and drinks back at his house, Naomi was struggling to come up with something her mum and herself would eat before going to bed. There was nothing to cook in their house except some tubers of yam that was gifted to Naomi by their landlord. With the yam available, Naomi was able to use the small money she had for transport the next day to buy the necessary ingredients for porridge yam. While they ate that night, Naomi was already warming up to trek the next day all the way to work, except a miracle happens the following morning.

While Naomi and her mum ate the little they had, Richard had a lot to dine with family and friends and even to spare. What an irony of life that someone somewhere could be starving and dying to even have the crumbs that falls off a person’s table, without the person even seeing how blessed they are to have more than enough that others wish to eat what’s left from their meal.

In Richard’s case, he was the son of an oil magnate and have never entered a public transport all his life. Wealth felt so normal to him that he felt that life was fair to everyone else, at least to the extent that they have food to eat. Richard had no idea that there were people that slept under the bridged, people that struggle all day long without resting, people that have never experienced what it felt like to never have to worry about where their next meal would come from, and people like Naomi who started struggling even before they had the ability to make a choice of the kind of life they wanted. What an irony of life indeed!

As everyone was having fun back at the party, Richard’s ex girlfriend couldn’t get her eyes off him because he had matured the more and looked even 10 time more handsome than he used to be when they were dating. Just so you know, the lady’s name was Annabelle and she is from an equally influential and wealthy family too.

Now, if love was choosey and did segregate, Annabelle would be the perfect fit for a person like Richard because they were both born into wealth and privileges; but love isn’t all about that and it doesn’t care to know what your social statues are. When love happens, it wouldn’t bother to take into consideration what the eyes can see, but rather what the heart wants.

Unable to hold her feelings and amazement anymore, Annabelle walked up to Richard and they both hugged each other. “Wow! Look who’s here, you look gorgeous” Richard complimented and she blushed.

“Thanks dear, it’s so good to see you again after such a long while” Annabelle said,

“Well, same here too, What have you been up to?” He asked,

“Nothing quite much, I have just been helping my dad run his company” she said. They talked for a while and tried to catch up with each other’s lives. Deep down in Richard’s heart, he actually cared less but just had to keep the conversation going as a gentleman that he was.

While they conversed, Annabelle said something that made Richard remember Naomi over again. It all started when he jokingly told her that he wanted her back and Annabelle laughed and said; “Then get ready to take this baby girl on a trip to Paris to show how serious you are”. That harmless and playful statement actually got Richard thinking deep; not because he couldn’t afford the trip a hundred times, but rather because of what Naomi said at the airport that day.

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As Richard stood there deep in thoughts, he smiled faintly as he remembered Naomi’s words. He tried to keep up the conversation with Anabelle but honestly, his mind wasn’t there anymore.

The party ended few hours later and everyone retired back to their houses. Richard was very tired from his trip and the unexpected party that he just took his shower and went straight to bed afterwards. His family’s house was so big that there was really no need for Richard to move out too soon. His dad also had lots of real estates so he could always move out to one of the apartments whenever he wanted to.

The next day, the merriment started again and this time, Richard dad’s Big friends came around to pay them a visit and also welcome Richard. The visitors and greetings were getting out of hand that Richard had to leave the house to somewhere quiet to relax. He drove himself to one of the coziest place in town to get away from all the greetings and also to relax.

Richard arrived shortly and located a nice spot to seat. As he walked to the place, ladies couldn’t help but look twice because he was dripping in freshness.

“Wow, who’s this guy? How can someone be so fine” they said as he walked passed each of them to take his seat.

After being there for over 30 minutes, Richard felt bored and Naomi suddenly popped into his head. He smiled and picked up his phone to call her. Naomi was at work when he called and she smiled before picking up.

“Hi Richard, how are you?” she greeted,

“Oh thank God you saved my number. I’m fine and you” he said and Naomi blushed and said


Deep down, Richard was tensed and nervous just by talking to Naomi but tried to keep his cool.

“Can you meet me? I want to see you” He said,

“Now?” she asked and he said

‘Yes. Naomi’s heart skipped several beats that Richard wanted to see her of all people. She tried to maintain her self-confidence even though she truly wanted to collapse.

“I’m at work now but would be getting off in 40 minute’s time” she said,

“It’s cool, I’ll wait. Come to Eko Atlantic and give me a call and I’ll come pick you up” he said and ended the call.

Immediately the call went off, Naomi’s heart hung up. She kept wondering how she was going to meet up with him with her work uniform.

“And I don’t even have any fine clothe at home” she said to herself as she thought of what to do.

The time scheduled to meet up with Richard came and Naomi still hadn’t figured out what to wear. Frustrated, she finally decided to wear her work uniform to the place and luckily for her, the uniform was very neat and well ironed.

Shortly afterwards, Naomi arrived and gave Richard a call to inform him that she was at Eko Atlantic. In few minute’s time, Richard met up with her and they exchanged pleasantries.

“You look beautiful with your uniform, I kind of like it” Richard said and Naomi smiled,

“Thank you and you look good in your outfit too” she said and Richard smiled.

The simplicity of Naomi drove Richard crazy, as there was just something about her that he couldn’t wrap his head around. The way she smelled was pleasant and made her more attracting.

After complimenting each other, Richard asked her where she wanted to go to and she told him to lead and she’s follow. They went back to the hangout spot Richard was at and relaxed there.

Thirty minutes into their conversation, Annabelle walked into the restaurant and saw Richard happily talking to someone she didn’t know from Adams. The cheap hairstyle and shoes Naomi was on already gave Annabelle a clue that she was some broke and low class lady.

“What on earth is Richard doing with this lady?” Anabelle wondered but didn’t know the perfect answer. Confused and curious, she walked up to them and interfered in their conversation.

Richard was surprised to see her but didn’t let it show; “Hi Annabelle, what’s up?” he said,

“I’m great” she said and turned towards Naomi’s direction, “And you are?” Annabelle asked and Naomi replied with her name.

Annabelle requested to seat with them of which Richard agreed. “Oh Hi Naomi, what do you do?” she asked,

“I weigh luggage at the airport and I’m proud of it” Naomi replied,

“I didn’t ask if you were proud of it or not, I just asked what you do” Anabelle said in a petty tone. Naomi was crushed within by what Anabelle said but she tried her best to be tough so as not to look weak. “So how did you two meet?” Annabelle continue.

Before Naomi could utter any more word, Richard who was already getting pissed said “Annabelle Enough!”