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When Love happens, it often takes a person unaware and leaves them confused because they couldn’t predict or control it. You might end up disappointed in life if you think you have the power to decide for yourself whom you would fall in love or end up with. One beautiful thing about love is that it doesn’t recognize class neither does it segregate between the rich and the poor, as it can happen to absolutely anyone. Love has the power to humble any man or woman and bring them down from their high throne. Are you ready to see the unconditional and indiscriminating side of Love? Well, let’s dive into it.

Naomi was an extremely humble and beautiful lady in her late twenties. She grew up without a father figure in her life and was introduced into struggle at a very tender age. All through Naomi’s life from childhood up until adulthood, she never really experienced what it felt like for someone else to take care of her, because she always had to work extremely hard for everything she ever had.

Being the only child of her mum, Naomi did lots of menial jobs so as to support her mum with the monthly bills that never seemed to go away. Despite all the struggles and difficulties they faced as a family, Naomi’s mum was determined for her daughter to be educated.

Fortunately, Naomi was able to go through school till university level. On the day of her graduation, their hearts were filled with unexplainable joy because they thought that their struggles were over at last. The plan was for Naomi to get a job at the bank because she studied accounting, but things didn’t end up as planned for the expectant family.

After graduation, the endless search for a job began but no employment was forth coming. Naomi applied to many banks and financial institutions but all to no avail and after over a year of being jobless and roaming about, she had to settle for a job of weighing luggage at the airport. Despite the fact that Naomi’s new job had nothing to do with what she studied in school, she was still grateful to at least have a place she goes to everyday that brought paychecks at the end of the month.

Five months into the job, Naomi’s mum became critically ill and was admitted into the hospital. Their struggle began all over again because the medical bills kept collecting every penny Naomi got from her job. She was devastated and broken because there was absolutely no one in her life that was capable of helping her out with anything.

Most days at work, Naomi will be completely absent minded and would end up weighing people’s luggage wrongly. Naomi’s boss queried her numerously and even threatened to fire her if she continued with her absent mindedness. Sadly, no one knew what she was going through and she never bothered explaining her personal business to anyone.

Due to everything that was going on in Naomi’s life, there was no space in her heart for anything love related at all. She had never been kissed or touched, neither have she been in a relationship with anyone. The truth is that Naomi secretly craved to be loved by someone special but just felt that no one wanted her because she wasn’t attractive enough by not wearing fancy nice clothes and changing hairstyles on a regular basis.

What Naomi failed to realized is that Love doesn’t take so much into consideration when it comes knocking at your door. Few months later, her mum got discharged from the hospital and started undergoing house treatment because Naomi wasn’t able to afford her stay at the hospital anymore.

Life just kept getting more frustrating for them as the struggle continued, but not for too long because her fate was about to be changed. One fateful day, Naomi had to hurry to work as she was already running late. She arrived 20 minutes late and was scolded by her boss and due to that, her mood was ruined all day.

Naomi’s shift ended by 3pm and she was discharged for the day. She carried her hand bag, went to the arrival terminal and sat down on one of the airport waiting seats. As she sat there alone, thoughts about her life’s situation began to pop up in her mind and almost brought her to tears. “Have I done anything wrong in this life? Why is it from one struggle to another? I’m just tired” she thought within as she held herself from tearing up in such a public place.

While Naomi sat there thinking about her life, a flight from London landed and everyone onboard started coming out one after the other. Before Naomi knew it, a handsome, neat and fresh looking guy sat beside her. Unable to start any conversation, Naomi respected herself and minded her business. After about ten minutes of silence, the guy spoke for the first time; “Please what’s the time?” the handsome stranger politely asked, “After 4pm” she replied and he thanked her.

The silence continued immediately afterwards and Naomi had to start pressing her phone just to ease off the awkwardness and tension. While she surfed the internet, the handsome stranger interrupted her again; “Please do you know where I can buy a sim card? I need to make an urgent phone call” he said.

Being a kind person, Naomi decided to offer her phone to him so as to enable him make the phone call. “Use my phone” she said, “Oh no! you don’t have to, just direct me to a place I can get a sim card here in the airport” he replied but Naomi insisted and told him it was all good and that he could use her phone.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate” he said as he collected the phone from her.

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There and then, he dialed a number and called someone that seemed like his driver, to notify the person that his flight had landed and that he was waiting at the airport. One thing Naomi was quick to notice in him was how soft spoken, gentle and easy going he seemed. One look and she could tell that the stranger came from a place of wealth and was probably born with a silver spoon. She quickly called herself back to order as she figured that there was no need liking a person of such social class because she wasn’t up to his taste; which was supposedly true because the guy wasn’t actually attracted or into Naomi in anyway, he was just being gentle and kind to a stranger and nothing more.

The call ended and he politely handed the phone back to Naomi and thanked her for being kind to him. “You are welcome” she said and collected her phone back from him.

At that moment, Naomi was about leaving but was stopped when two people that looked like they were a couple, ran and hugged each other in front of everyone at the arrival terminal. She smiled and her attention was quickly drawn to the statement the guy sitting beside her made.

“So stuffs like this still exists?” the stranger said as he chuckled,

“Why do you think it doesn’t” Naomi asked in a concerned tone,

“Well, because the new word for Love is Money, so why make an open show and pretend like you are in-love when all I know you truly want at the end of the day is money” he replied.
The handsome guy’s words were deep but not convincing to a naïve Naomi who hadn’t even been kissed before. She kept searching her mind for the perfect reply to give to him before leaving. After about a minute of being mute, she said; “Love isn’t all about spending money, going to nice places or showing of; It’s about being with someone that makes you happy in a way nobody else can”.

Immediately Naomi was done talking, she got up, bid the stranger goodbye and left. While she walked away, he couldn’t fully wrap his head around what she said. He was blown away and smitten at how gracefully those words came out from her mouth.

“I didn’t even get to know her name and didn’t even get the chance to tell her mine’ he said to himself as he watched her leave.

Ten minutes later, the handsome stranger’s driver arrived in the latest Range Rover and came inside the airport in search for him. After roaming for a while, they found each other and headed straight to his family’s house. On the ride home, the gentleman couldn’t get his mind off Naomi. He kept thinking about her till they arrived home.

“Sir we are home” the driver said,

“Thank you! Another thing, do you still have the number I called you with few hours ago?” he asked and the driver nodded

‘Yes’. The number was given to him and he excited dialed it there and then. Naomi had already gotten home by then and reluctantly picked up.

“Hello” she greeted,

“Hi, I know this is unexpected but I’m the guy you met at the airport not long ago” he said.

Immediately Naomi figured who was calling, she almost screamed and jumped for joy but had to comport herself. “Oh Hi, did you meet whom was supposed to come pick you up?” she asked and he replied

‘Yes’. Before things started getting awkward, he said; “I called because I didn’t get the chance to know your name, what’s your name please?”,

“My name is Naomi” she replied..

The gentleman smiled and said;

“Nice to meet you Naomi, I’m Richard Coker”.