The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 22


Toun was waiting for me in the audotorium when i got to school. Timi had dropped me with his ugly looking car. The grin on her face when i stepped out of his car didnt go unnoticed..
Toun : did he sleep in your house?
me : is that the goodmorning you were supposed to tell me?
Toun : Oya no vex, goodmorning ma…so did he sleep over…did you people straff?
me : You be mumu, i swear…
Toun: Talk jor.
me : yes he slept over, and no…i am not that cheap…
Toun : so whats up with you guys?
In as much as i wanted to tell Toun about what happened between Annie and Timi, i couldnt…
me: We are taking things slow..
Toun : what of Naetochukwu?
me: i dont knw o…since you really like him, you can have him…
Toun : Loool…Jafar came to see Abayomi this morning..
i dont know why, but hearing Jafar’s name, made my heart skip..
me : what was his visit about?
Toun : i dont know, but Abayomi wants you to meet him at noon at the main- campus..
The classes we has that morning was a torture. Toun and i didnt understand a thing that was said, our absence from class was taking its toll. I spent the rest of my time day-dreaming of Timi, he had promised to come pick me up after classes…i had the butterflies in my stomach…
I was with Abayomi as he had requested by noon. we were seated in the law faculty library. That was one of the most private places one could be at the Main-campus.
Abayomi : Tana i have a problem?
me : does it have anything to do with Jafar?
I didnt want Jafar to have a problem with us..As regards friendship, i didnt want to have to choose between Abayomi and Jafar..
Abayomi: No… not Jafar
me: Then what?
Abayomi : I think i might be responsible for Kofo’s pregnancy..
i laughed…there was nothing else to do than just smile…
Abayomi : What is funny?
me : i dont know…
Abayomi : she has promised to tell Toun about it..
me : Wow…i get,why you are scared now…
Abayomi : I need you to pay her a visit. i need you to convince her not to..
me : why me?
Abayomi : she respects you..she always told me so..
me : when you are digging her yh?
Abayomi : be serious please…i dont want Toun to break up with me…
me : she wouldnt jor…
Abayomi : she assured me that if my name was linked with kofo’s again, it would be over…
me : Okay, i will talk to Kofo…but we are not even sure that you are resppnsible…we all saw National pound her…
Abayomi : Please do it for me…
me : what did Jafar come for this morning?
Abayomi : He said Eli has been freed from Panti…and he was back in campus….
me : who is Eli…?
Abayomi : Like Jafar , he is the number 1 of another cult group…he had been arrested for possesion of weapons..
me : so why was he released and allowed back in campus?
Abayomi : He is important for the state Elections, his boys control Ijebu….Politicians payed for his release…
me : so how is that a problem?
Abayomi : He hates Jafar….
me : isnt that expected?
Abayomi : He is supporting National….Eli is very dangerous. Jafar wanted us to know….
Timi came for me as promised, he picked up Toun too, who we dropped at her apartment. I felt a bit uncomfortable keeping what Abayomi told me away from her. There were too many things i was keeping away from her, i didnt like it. I planned to visit Kofo later that night, but that was after i took a nap. Thoughts of Eli came to my mind on the way home..
Me : Timi, tell me about Eli..
Timi : What about Eli?
Me : i just want to know about him
Timi : First it was Jafar, now its Eli, whats up with you and this kind of guys?
Me : Abayomi told me he was released from prison and he is in National’s Camp…
Timi : serious?
Me : yep…so i need to know about him…
Timi kept looking sideways as he spoke…
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Timi : he has been in this school for probably 7yrs.. he is one of those guys that isnt interested in graduation. There was a gist about him having a problem with one of his friends, after his friend thought they had sorted their ish out, he burnt the guy’s car. That was when he was in 100 Level. Another incidence was when he visited a guy in his house, unfortunately, the guy wasnt home, but his girlfriend was. it was reported that he brought out his pistol and commanded the girl to strip after which he raped her. On his way out he met the friend coming back in and hugged him, thanking him for Lunch.
I was dumbfounded, but Timi wasnt done..
Timi : there was a party that he wasnt invited to, but he went anyways…the party was held in a hotel. After eating and drinking, he went to the female rest-room and waited. An unfortunate girl came in to ease herself..he was hiding at d corner when the girl bent down to pee…He was said to just appear and told the girl not to stand up…that she should just turn around in the same position she was. He straffed her on the toilet, holding his pistol. when the tears filled girl reported to the host of the party, he said he was powerless…Before then Eli’s notoriety had become known around the school. Then the attacks didnt stop. Especially between his group and Jafar’s. That was before Jafar was number 1, the number 1 then was Dante..
Me : Dante has graduated?
Timi : nope, after too many deaths off campus, a truce was organised by the student union government under kakaki. Eli and Dante were said to have agreed to no violence for the entire semester. Eli was said to have hugged Dante, and all around was glad. After the talks, on the way home, Dante was attacked at Ago garage…the first shot killed Muski, his body guard..Dante brought out his gun to shoot but they were too much on him. Eli noticed that the bullets didnt seem to penetrate Dante, although it weekend him. He tried running but didnt go far before he was brought down. Cutlass was used on him but they left blunt marks , his body was fortified. So Eli told his boys to hold down Dante, while he told others to bring a spoilt car engine that was lying idle in the garage. The engine was lifted just above Dante’s head, then it was released.
His head bursted.
me : oh my God…
Timi : yes, Eli is devilish….
me :what problem does he have with Jafar? Abayomi told me he hates Jafar..
Timi : it was rumored that he had led a squad to take out Jafar. Jafar had been cornered in class when Eli bought out his pistol to kill him, people that were there said he told Jafar to beg for his life, same thing he told Dante before he killed him, but Jafar didnt, instead he raised up his hand, but as Eli looked at Jafar’s hands, Jafar buried the pen he was holding in Eli’s left eyes. With screams of pain,Eli shot blindly as Jafar ran out of the class through a window..he was chased down to the basketball court, that was were Uche got to him. Uche was with a pump-action that scared the s–t out of the assailants. In the hospital,Eli was placed under arrest for possesion of weapons, he was transferred to prison from the hospital…with an eye.
me : Wow…all these is getting scary Timi….
Timi : dont worry, i would protect you…
me : thanks…
It didnt seem right for me to tell Timi that it was Jafar i was worried about. i didnt want anything to happen to him…
To be continued