Passion and Power – Tuesday(10-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Arturo tells Daniela that he wants to take her to the best rehabilitation center to prevent future problems of her drug issue and Regina looks very sad.
Nina threatens Erick that if she learns that he actually raped Consuelo she is actually going to kick her out of the house and Erick still says he never did anything like that so she shouldn’t think of throwing him out but Regina wonders why she mum continues to back such a person like Erick.
Arturo takes Daniela home to tell Nina about Daniela’s test results and Nina agrees with Arturo that its better Daniela goes to the rehabilitation clinic since that will help her but she still refuses to go when even Arturo brings a doctor to take her to the clinic. So the doctor states that, since Daniela refuses to go they can’t force her against her wish.
Marintia tells Caridad that she wishes Eladio recognizes Franco so that her son will also bear that surname but Caridad thinks that would never happen and so it’s hard time she forgets dreaming about that.
Eladio calls Franco to ask him to look for his media guy because he has an agenda of publishing all the problems the Montenegro’s family are facing and Franco calls the guy to inform him but as to the particular news is untold.
Daniela goes to lie to David that her test results was negative but still her dad wants to take her to the clinic but David asks her not to worry since he will protect her. Immediately, Arturo knocks at the door to confront David to show him the drug test results which turned out to be positive and David after taking a look at it, he becomes so nervous and he tells Arturo that he never knew that Daniela was into drugs and Arturo states that he will take her to the clinic. Quickly Daniela enters to tell her dad that he can’t force her to go to the rehabilitation center but Arturo says that is yet to be decided.
David then asks her why she has to lie to him about the results and Daniela says she is afraid of going to the rehabilitation center but David thinks it’s for her own good.
Erick goes to see the doctor to plan with him to exaggerate his case thus to diagnose that the beating damaged his head and can even cause him to go into coma again so for Miguel to end up in prison and the doctor says the test results will prove it.
After the test, the doctor suggests to him that he has to be admitted in the hospital so he can be under observation and with this he (Erick) can exaggerate by himself that he has severe headache, can even lose his memory and Erick says he thinks the memory loss will help a lot.
Arturo visits Miguel in jail and he tells him that he is prepared to face his sentence because that was the least Erick deserved but all he wants from his father is to protect Consuelo for him so Erick never hurts her and Arturo promises to bail him.
Hector now stands in as Erick’s lawyer and he presents Erick’s results to Arturo and Augustin that now Erick now suffers severe injury in his head and he’s now hospitalized because it can compromise his health. Arturo then becomes nervous that Erick might end up sick again due to the beating.
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