The Devil Who Loved Me ~Episode 19


​Drinks were brought in buckets of ice but I was less interested, I didn’t like the way Fatima kept whispering in Jafar’s ears. It was not like I was jealous or something, but she should atleast say what she wanted to say loud and clear… oya I was jealous small. Just when I was calming down, the one called Mariam decided to talk. 
Mariam: Please you guys should spread the word to all the Kano students in your school, my dad is gunning for governorship. It was not like I was from a poor home and all o, but these entire politician’s children sef
 Toun: oh that’s nice although I have few Hausa friends… 
Fatima: but Jafar is Hausa and from Kano, isn’t he your friend.. There was a deafening silence, I wondered how Toun would have explained that our host, who engineered our being in Abuja, was not our friend..
 Jafar: I never told them.. Fatima looked at him and spanked him playfully like he was a naughty boy. He smiled at her too.. 
Me: he actually told me he was from Kano Jafar looked at me, puzzled with the point I was trying to prove. I smiled as I looked at Fatima. 
Me: we were preparing his favorite meal, Yam and egg when he told me.. 
Fatima: awwww, Jafar is such a homely guy. He seldom eats outside. I taught him how to prepare the yam and egg just the way he likes it. Did you know just the right amount of onions to slice? 
Me: yes! My answer was a bit too loud. Fatima and I were not fooling anyone around the table, this was beyond Yam and egg. Thankfully Uche broke the façade 
Uche: their peppersoup here is mad!.. cow-tail, intestines, chicken.. Abayomi and Toun that had been relatively quiet opted for cow-tail, Hauwa and Mariam went for Chicken, instead of Fatima to other for herself, she asked for two plates of cat- fish for her and Jafar
 Me: make it three plates, I want cat-fish I wondered why it didn’t come earlier but when it did, Toun’s laughter was sonorous. I was a little embarrassed but I kept a straight face. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, with all the Timi drama and having told myself that Jafar and I were in parallel universe, I didn’t like Fatima claiming him. The drinks were served chilled; the Hausa girls went for Malta-guiness while Toun and I took our normal Gordon-spark. The stupidly pretty one among them called Mariam gave us this condescending look as we sipped our drinks. Abayomi and Uche discussed about something that was very interesting to both of them. Sparrow and Aji were trying to impress Toun with the amount of bottles they could drink. The three Hausa girls were all over Jafar, telling him what has been happening to guys he knew who attend Nile University. I was left alone with my thoughts. Some minutes past 8pm, Jafar went to his car and came back with a shisha jar, chocolate flavor and coal were also available. Though I hadn’t smoked shisha before, I pretended I had. As we passed the pipe between each other, I couldn’t help but notice that after Jafar smoked, he passed the pipe to Fatima, who rubbed her lips on the mouth of the pipe. I wondered how nice it would have been if I was the one passing the pipe to Jafar. I wondered if he would smack his lips. Okay I was getting stupid and Toun’s disciplinary stare told me she could guess what I was thinking.
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 I held on to my Gordon-spark…I didn’t smoke with them anymore. ]Thinking that Cue-Lounge was going to be our final destination before returning to the hotel was short-sightedness on my part. I forget ‘Confra’ guys had their own modus-operandi.
 Jafar announced that our next point was Grillaz, also situated at Lugbe. The three car convoy sliced through the cold Abuja night like hot knife through butter. Uche and Aji were in the Hilux, Sparrow drove the Volvo with Abayomi and Toun, while Jafar the three witches and I were in his Benz. I thought Fatima was going to attempt to sit infront with Jafar, but she sat at the back with her friends while I sat alongside him. Unfortunately, she sat directly at his back and kept leaning forward to talk to him as he drove. I brought out my phone and pretended to browse on one new site called N——-d by an unknown programmer simply known as Seun. Most of the articles being posted were about the Presidential elections. Though unattractive, the site engaged me till we got to Grillaz. 
Apart from Kuje and some minor towns in the FCT, Lugbe was the closest to Gwagwalada, so it was not surprising that a lot of University of Abuja students hung out at Grillaz. It seemed we were being expected because a standing occasion welcomed us as we entered the place. Guys with hideous faces…some were alright sha quickly greeted Jafar and co in a way that showed that they belonged to the same Sect. a couple of girls were around too, some covered with tattoos and fake eye-lashes. I doubted if they were students. 
At Grillaz, it was more of standing than sitting; luckily the interior was air-conditioned so it was alright. The speakers were blarring and before long, salutations turned to dancing. The tattooed girls were trying to out-dance each other, Abayomi and Toun danced at the corner, though Uche interfered once in a while, I danced with a guy that would remain nameless for the rest of my life. I didn’t bother getting his name, his breathe stank of Shepe, while the sweat from his body was noticeable. The Hausa girls sat down at the only available sofa, while Jafar and some other guys stepped outside. I was glad when Toun came to meet me, hence ending my dance with Mr nameless 
Toun: that guy just dey gum you for body… 
Me: I don’t know o, like say him neva see girl before. 
Toun: anyways, I need to leave very soon, I feel it coming?
 Me: what? 
Toun: my period, ode..the sharp pain is occurring at quick intervals.. 
Me: you carry pad come? 
Toun: Yeah, e dey room. 
Me: have you told Abayomi? 
Toun: lolz, the poor boy wan die. Said he has been preparing kama-sutra styles for me
 Me: eyaa…but him suppose fit do am like that now, this time you don’t even need to be wet sef, na safe journey. 
Toun: you are a fool, I swear 
Me: oya now lets go.. 
Toun: you can stay behind, I will be aii..i told Abayomi to remain behind I ignored her and went to meet Sparrow, who was smoking probably his 50th stick of the day.. 
Me: bros we need to leave now.. 
Sparrow: hope no problem? 
Me: no 
Sparrow: you sure? Cuz if na dat guy wey been dey dance with you, I go quickly mend him yansh for here..
 Me: no need for yansh mending Sparrow looked at me for a while to ascertain that I was sure of what I was saying, before leading Toun and I to the Volvo. 
Driving outside Grillaz, I noticed a group of guys talking, in-between them was Jafar and Aji. The discussion seemed to worry Jafar, as his right hand was at the back of his head and his left on his waist. Toun tapped me on the shoulder. 
Me: what? 
Toun: I am stained. 
Toun: Tana, what is going on in your mind? 
Me: what do you mean? We were having this discussion as she fixed her pad on her black laced panties in the room’s bathroom. I always told her I liked her c——s, this night was no different. 
Toun: stop looking at my p—y and tell me what is wrong with you 
Me: I still don’t get… 
Toun: you were all over Jafar’s matter, you were almost biting Fatima. 
Me: hmmm, mrs Exaggerator. 
Toun: stop it at once. It is Naetochukwu for now, you say you want to avoid drama, you are acting like a drama queen! 
Me: ok…I don’t know what is wrong. But I think I just wanted Jafar’s attention. With everything going on with Timi, I needed someone’s attention. 
Toun: forget Jafar dear, I know you are vulnerable now, but focus Tee. 
Me: thank you.. While she settled to take her bath, I went back to my room to have mine, I promised to come back to her when I was done. As I went to my room, I wondered what was happening with Jafar and Fatima. Toun’s voice echoed in my head so I blanked the thoughts and tried thinking of Timi, but Annie appeared, so I decided to do what I do when my head is filled. I sang a gospel song… You are the lord….. That is your name… You will never share your glory…. I sang on as i stood beneath the shower, and allowed the water clean my soul…but after a while Timi and Jafar’s faces penetrated the song…they penetrated the water….i admitted to myself, I was attracted to Jafar and inlove with Timi. And I must eliminate both feelings if I was to be normal again.. 
Toun was in her pink nightie when I got to her room, she was watching an episode of Jerry-Springer, I joined her while we muched pringles. It didn’t bother me that I was missing lectures, I knew I would cover-up…what bothered me was National and the fact that we might lose the election. Toun started laughing at something Jerry was saying, that broke the spell…I decided to relax…Abuja was for relaxation. 
At almost mid-night, Abayomi staggered into the room, smelling drunk and singing songs that only he must have written. I stood up to leave..
 Abayomi: don’t have to leave, you can stay with us tonight.. Without looking up from the television, Toun smiled. Abayomi was a h—y goat whenever he was drunk. 
Me: ode..goodnight jare..
 Abayomi: walahi…you go like am.. I laughed as I stepped out of the room and closed their door. Infront of my room was Jafar, he had a bucket of wine with him. 
Me: what are you doing infront of my room? 
Jafar: I came to see you 
Me: that you have seen me…you can go back to your room.. 
Jafar: can I come in? 
Me: I think that would be a bad idea… 
Jafar: for you or for me? 
Me: for us..
 Jafar: I like the sound of ‘us’… he smiled casually… standing infront of me, I could smell his sweet scent…my heart was beating fast. 
Me: only 15minutes…
 Jafar: cool… I didn’t say it out…but I like that sound of ‘us’ also… 
To be continued