Passion and Power – Monday (09-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Consuelo goes to see the judge with Erick and Augustin to appeal to them to help her gain custody over her son because Erick doesn’t allow her to see him as agreed and he even made her pay for it at a very high cost and that is raping her which Erick denies it. The judge asks her if she did report the incidence when it happened that day and she says NO because she felt so helpless since the mere thought of it made him feel so awful and Erick says it’s not true. The judge then states that in case of rape one has to report for the necessary action to be taken but since she never did it that day, they have no evidence to take her child from his father for her and Erick looks very happy.
Ashmo tells the truth about Daniela’s secret dealing in drugs to Eladio and she actually becomes shocked with the news.
Daniela meets with a friend of hers to buy some drugs from him and the guy thinks it’s very small yet Daniela states that she needs just that because she is trying to quit but she can’t resist. Right after the guy left, Arturo arrive immediately to ask her to tell him the truth if she has been taking drugs and she tries to deny it but he tells her Ashmo told him and therefore he wants her to go with him to Mexico to have a test. David arrives and Arturo explains things to him about why he needs Daniela to go with him to have the test.
Consuelo arrives to tell Regina at the office that the judge never took the rape into account in the trial since she never reported it immediately and unfortunately, Miguel arrives and overheard it and quickly he runs to Erick’s office to give him a nice beating for raping Consuelo and very lucky, Augustin was there to stop him and Consuelo and Regina then arrive to calm Miguel down.
David meets with Daniela to ask her to go with her dad to Mexico to have the test to calm him down and Danny accepts.
Erick goes to press charges against Miguel at the police station for beating him up for saying that he had sex with his ex-wife by force and the police think they have to pursue the case.
Consuelo is still haunted by the rape but Regina and Clara stay with her to calm her down.
Erick arrives home and he tells his mum that Miguel beat him up for having sex with Consuelo by force in exchange to see her son and Nina asks if that is true 
Arturo takes Daniela to the hospital together with her friend Lully and the test turns out positive thus drugs were detected in her urinal.
Julia goes to ask David if he will be hurt in case Eladio decides to give his family name to Franco and he says NO because Franco also has every right though having that family name will make him (Franco) very unbearing.
The police arrive to arrest Miguel for beating Erick up because he’s pressed charges against him.
Regina arrives home to confront Erick as to why he has to rape Consuelo and he tries denying it and suddenly Nina arrives to ask about their argument and Regina explains things to her but Nina thinks it’s not true and therefore Regina should stop defending Consuelo.
Arturo tells Daniela that he wants to take her to the best rehabilitation center to prevent future problems of her drug issue and Regina looks very
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