The Compound House 


Episode 5
“But mama if you claim that these witches kill and drink blood of people, why is it that after they are dead we still see the bodies of the supposedly meat of the witches harmless, lifeless, mourn them and bury them.? ” 
This is what got mama angry and by the time I realised, I was shouting “aajjeiii!!!!”  with my hands on my head. That was a heavy knock on my head there. 
One thing in the compound house is that we do not challenge the elderly and that is the may reason why my mum knocked me on the head. She felt I was challenging her and that what she said was false. 
Hmmm… It will interest you to know that when elderly beats a child up in the compound house, no one will come to the rescue or fight for that child. So it is virtually like the child has absolutely ‘no say’ at all in all matters in the compound house.
In the next episode, I will give you the types of punishment metered out to children, that for the males and that the females in the compound house.