The Compound House 


Episode 6
There is several ways of punishing children in the compound house. But I will stick to only few ones in this story. 
Let me start with the boys in the compound house. 
They are made to as it were “sow pepper” and this is done by pointing one finger on the ground with the other hand up in the air with one leg also in the air. 
The other one is what is referred to as “Adanko maso 3den”. Literally, the ears of the rabbit is hard. It may sound funny, but those punishment were hard on our bodies. With this particular punishment attributed to the rabbit, the boy crosses his hands as he holds and pulls his ears. 
There is one for the ladies I would like to talk about. That is when pepper, ginger, onions are grinded and put in the vag**na of our ladies. To the extreme, they are put into their anus and hey, I never experienced some but with the looks on the faces of the ladies after it is put ‘there’ shows that is not pleasant at all. 
The story continues… You may want to find out how our mums fight with their in-laws..