The Complete Woman Episode 3


As the months went by, Isaiah and I became closer, expecially after we released his second album where he featured me. The song sold like wild fire. We started getting invites from one church to the other, we started going for music concerts. I was also happy , because I was making money from this. Since I graduated and finished my youth service there was no job coming forth. All the companies I had submitted my CV non has called me back and so going on this musical tour with Isaiah was actually a blessing for me.

Our travelling from one church to the other from one town to the other made us closer. We became close that feelings started creeping in. Whenever those feelings came I was quick to knock them off because in as much as I was quick to push Marvis’s words away I never forgot them.

One evening after our ministration in one of the big churches at Abuja, we went back to our hotel and as we ate and drank at the bar. Isaiah suddenly stopped and held my hand.

Isaiah: Daniella, you’ve been a blessing to my life, since you joined my music I have experienced the kind of growth that I have never imagined. Who would have thought that I will minister in front of great men and women around Nigeria.

Me: Isaiah it’s not me but God at work. All glory to his name. And thank you for believing in me. Everyone always laughed whenever I sang because they said I have a Man’s voice but you didnt laugh, you saw something I didnt see and you worked with it and here we are. (I started laughing, but I looked at Isaiah and he wasn’t smiling)

Isaiah: Ella, you’ve been my Blessing, God has used you to change my life and story, I do not want it to end, I do not want the blessing to seize.

Me: How do you mean? Gods blessing does not seize.

Isaiah: I know, but the truth is one day you will get married and then you won’t be able to travel with me as you are now. You are only able to do it because you are still single. No man will allow his wife travel with another man all the time in the name of singing or business.

Me: That’s true. But you have nothing to fear. Because God will give me a man who will understand that I want to use my voice to glorify Him.

Isaiah: that’s possible but what if he doesn’t understand

Me: (laughing), why is that even an issue right now. When we get to that bridge we will cross it. For now let’s focus on our music tomorrow and leave the future till it comes.

Isaiah: (even more serious) Ella, I do not want to wait till then, I do not want to have to face such trials. (he goes on his knees) Ella please be mine. Marry me so that I won’t have to worry about anything, so that you will be with me forever. Please Ella!

I was shocked and surprised at the same time, I looked at Isaiah as if I didnt know who he was. Although I had strong feelings for him but I was not ready to just jump into his arms. Suddenly I felt anger build up in me. I quickly snatched my hand away from him.

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Me: I see, you are asking me to marry you because of your selfish interest. So its true , all they said about you is true.

Isaiah: what are you talking about?

Me: you are asking me to marry you because you want me to always be available for you whenever you need me to travel with, so that you can use me for your musical career’. What kind of a person are you?

Isaiah: no no no dont get me wrong?/how can you say that?

Me: how can I not say that? You don’t want anyone stopping me when you need me and that is enough reason to marry me. Isn’t it Isaiah.

Isaiah: Why are you talking like this? Am sorry I brought it out like that u just didnt know how else to express myself. Over the time I have fallen in love with you and that’s the reason I want to marry you nothing else.

I started clapping for him

Me: clap for yourself. So this is it, this is the line you used on the four of them.

Isaiah: four of who?

Me: The four girls you slept with, the two you got pregnant. The one you abandoned with your child. This is the line you used on them right?

Isaiah: (standing up)/I beg your pardon. What in heavens name are you talking about.

Me: Brother Isaiah, please, I do not want us to cause a scene here. Thanks for your proposal but am not interested please. Let’s just be the way we are please.

Isaiah: (feeling hurt) you would have simply said that instead of bringing up hurtful stories about me. Excuse me! (He turns and walks away)

Me: Brother Isaiah, brother Isaiah, (I tried to stop him but he didnt look back. He just walked off. I could see he was really hurt by my statement. Then I began to wonder if what I did was wrong or right).