The Complete Woman Episode 4


The next morning I waited for Isaiah to come so we can have our normal rehearsal before the program would start but I didnt see him, I waited for some time before I decided to call him. I called and called but he wouldn’t pick my call. Then I sent him a text.

”Brother Isaiah hi, where are you? Please pick my calls”

After the text was sent, for the next 15 minutes I waited but no reply so I sent another one. ”Ain’t we rehearsing today? What about the program ?” I waited for another 30minutes and still no reply. I became angry and just went to my room.

All through the day I didnt hear from Isaiah. In the evening of that day, the program started. I had given up that we won’t be singing and so I just sat like other invitees in the congregation. And then suddenly the pastor announced our names and invited us to the alter. I put my head face ground because I didnt want anyone to know I am the one the pastor was inviting. And just then I saw a hand stretched towards me, I raised my head up and saw you, with the sweetest smile ever.

Isaiah: Are you ready? Let’s go.

I stood and looked at you like an image, and then I followed you behind. And we did that song together.

”You are the love of my life”
”You mean more than this world to me”
”I won’t trade you for silver or gold”
”You are my everything”

We sang for God, and as we sang I watched you so closely, I saw the passion you out into the song, I saw how deeply you meant every word you sang. I saw you truly loved God and at that instant I fell in love with you. I decided I was wrong to just conclude on you without hearing from you.

And so after the ministration, and the entire program, you turned and walked away from me, but I wouldn’t let you go. I held your hands and stopped you.

Me: Am sorry Isaiah, please dont walk away from me.

Isaiah: its okay Daniella, you made your point yesterday that we are and can only be singing partners. I understand and respect your decision. I will not force you to love me just as I do you. But I will have to keep my distance from you, so that I can teach my heart not to love you the way I do.

Me: Please stop talking like that. I said I am sorry.

Isaiah: Dani trust me, it’s okay.

Me: And since when do you now refer to me as Dani. Only my friends call me that.

Isaiah : so what am I? Am I not your friend?

Me: Isaiah look, I am sorry, I was quick to judge you and I am sorry. There are things I heard about you, that I would have verified from you but I didnt I just believed them. And I am sorry.

Isaiah: what things did you hear?

Me: I heard that you are a chronic womaniser, and that you impregnated some girls, that you even have a child out of wedlock.

Isaiah burst out laughing and I just stood there watching him stupidly. I couldn’t lay my hands on what was funny.

Isaiah: I just want to ask you one question. At least you’ve known me for some time now. How many girls have you seen me with? And do I strike you as a womaniser?

At this point o felt stupid before him because he was telling the truth. Apart from me and some of the choir sisters, Isaiah bearely spoke to ladies. And the few sisters he speaks to they even complain that he is a snob. I immediately understood that everything I heard about him was a lie. But why would Marvis tell such a lie to me?
To be continue…..

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