The Candle In The Wind ~ Episode 2


“What else are you waiting for my daughter? You are well employed as a lecturer. You have a degree in Mass Communication and two Masters Degrees in Public Relations and Advertising respectively. What are you waiting for? You are our only daughter  and see how big you are. No one would even believe that you are not 25 yet.”
My mother complained bitterly the last time we met. My aged mother and father had been my specimen for a good marriage for many years now. Though it took about four decades after their marriage before they had me, the barren years really strengthened their love.
Though I am very beautiful, I have the dominant gene of my father. I am built like a man- with well-built muscles, a deep, bass voice and very hairy skin.
In my secondary school days, I was called ‘Miss Gorilla’ Although I battled with inferiority complex for a long period of time, I overcame because of my supportive parents, my choice of career (My radio voice was always being begged for) and my unit in the church (Bass part which made the songs beautiful).
When I wasn’t talking of any boyfriend, date or fiancé yet, it was very natural when my mum called for a dialogue with me. 
Jean was a single father whose wife had left him for over five years after he caught her in an adultery act for more than three times. I taught his daughter in her final year and that was how I got to know him well as he requested for a private lesson for her at home, during the holiday. Whenever I visited the beautiful house of his, the way he ran around to prepare food in the kitchen, set the house in order, pet his daughter to listen whenever I taught was overwhelming.
He was just too nice! When he sat me down to say all he had passed through in his marriage, pity rose from my belly for him and I opened my heart to him. I would buy him gifts, go on picnic with him and Sarah, his daughter and I would help in the kitchen- his skills of combining different ingredients to make something extra-ordinarily was highly touching! In fact, when I realized I was in love with him, I quickly told him about Jesus and he was truly converted as he wept for his sin.
When he proposed to me, I was shocked. I really loved him but never had I thought about getting married to a man in his late forties. I told him to give me some time and I really calculated the cost.
His daughter loved me He didn’t divorce his wife- she left him He is now a Christian He is good looking, accomplished and wonderful to be with What else would I need in a man? I said a big, fat yes! It all went well with us as we had reported at the marriage committee in the church and our meeting had been adjourned to next week. All seemed clear to me until I met Tony!
“I am going to teach you a song today. I told earlier that it’s a special service today so we are doing everything in another style. Who knows maybe it’s for someone her that this service had been designed?” the pastor said again and mouth agape, I nodded like an agama lizard
My pastor is truly anointed! He started singing thunderously I will wait, wait, wait on the Lord I will wait, wait, wait on the Lord Learn my lessons well In his timing he would tell me, What to do, Where to go And what to say
The pastor’s voice rung in the whole building as he sang till the whole hall felt that move and there was the outpouring of the spirit. I watched as people fell to the ground, raised their hands to heaven in total awe and surrender to God. I was too touched to pray! Suddenly, something struck my heart and as I held my chest to calm the pain, a force pushed me down to my knees; perspiration covered me from head to toes-

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I was dripping; I shook as if I had been suffering from fever for a very long time, the goose bumps that covered me and its tingling effects refused to leave me as I gnashed my teeth. No words proceeded from my mouth. I moaned and moaned again. There was a stir in my spirit – for the first time! I was praying in the spirit. Prayers that was too superb and extra- ordinary for my mouth to utter.
‘Many of us say that the Lord can’t speak to us and that we can’t hear him because we are not worthy to be spoken to by the immortal. We prefer the pastor to hear for us even when God is talking…He is speaking to you…”
The pastor emphasized on and on and I suddenly realized the pain in God’s heart when I limited His ability to talk to me. “The wall of partition is broken. Enter in before him and like Jacob, wrestle with Him in prayers. He needs who would dare seek His face. Wait no more, seek him! He wants to talk to you. Stop doubting His ability. He is the Lord God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Him? Is there anything too hard for God?”
the pastor asked with a stamp of his feet on the floor. I cried! My mouth opened and with my mouth filled with gratitude, I gave Him thanks for talking through me through the pastor Then I regrettably said I was sorry for limiting him. For seeing Him as being selective of whom he talked to.
“Who says there is no God?” I uttered affirmatively as if I had a sword to behead such individual. I stood up from my kneeling position and joined in the thanksgiving session that followed the message session, wiping my sweat off my face. The joy in the face of every member was unspeakable!
It was glorious that my heart kept stirring- the new spiritual experience that I have got from God during this service! Blessed is the woman that married this Pastor Idile! Just like a video camera, my eyes traveled through the church to look for where Mummy Idile was seated but I couldn’t sight her.
My searching job begun in earnest. I saw her briefly that morning clad in a blue suit gown and a gold hat. Where could she be? My eyes traveled to the gallery above me. There she was! There was a smile on her face but the smile looked somehow. Sad? Uncertain? Bitter? I couldn’t figure what was wrong with that smile but I knew it wasn’t a happy, grateful smile.
I looked on at her and as she nodded severally, the light above her shone on her and her face glistened. I saw it clearly- tears! Jesus! What could be wrong with her? Was God showing her a vision that is very saddening? What was bothering her Oh God? I felt she was supposed to be the happiest woman on earth for having such a vibrant man as a husband especially with this wonderful outpouring of the Spirit.
My spirit stirred again! Was God trying to tell me something? I placed my head on the pew in front of me. I didn’t even realize that the service had been brought to an end. I was overwhelmed within me. Something is just not right! What is it oh Lord? Talk to me please! I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything. It was just darkness I saw and I heard the hooting of car horns outside. Isn’t God going to speak?
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